Navigating January's Energies

As you settle into the first several days of 2014, you are likely feeling a combination of enthusiasm and uncertainty about what’s ahead.

Indeed, there is an expanded level of optimism in the air, helping you to connect with inspiration and a new sense of confidence about life. Last year’s roller coast ride had some challenging moments for even the most advanced spiritual practitioners. Indeed, you likely welcome the lighter energy tone prevailing as 2014 begins.

Drink it in, breathe often, and stay present. For success this month, you will need to maintain your enthusiasm and your vision of the kind of life you want to have personally and in the collective with others.

This year ahead comes with new opportunities to shine your light, and an expanded level of support that you can tap into with your conscious awareness and by being in the right frame of mind. If you had troubles in 2013 or are still dealing with an ongoing concern, it is vital to keep your focus positive and heart centered.

Doors will be opening. When they open, you may be introduced to new people, new projects, or new situations. If you get stuck in complaining or worrying mode, your frequency drops and you may not even notice the open door or what’s behind it. Everyone multitasks, of course, but 2014 is one year when you cannot afford to allow your mind to sabotage you.

Most likely, you spent some time at year-end focusing on your intentions for 2014 and clearing out old energies. If you didn’t yet do the “New Year’s New Moon Process” in my last article, it’s not too late. The energies right now, in fact, support continued work with that process to amplify the benefits. If you missed the article, see the link at the bottom of this one.

Right now is the perfect time to rethink what you before thought possible. Aim high! Take advantage of the lighter energies prevailing now, impacting you and the collective. Tune into these energies and don’t settle for second best.

The following are a few tips for moving ahead with skill this month. Work with these to set a beneficial foundation in place for the remainder of the year.

5 Tips for Navigating January’s Energies

First, keep spirit and the sacred in the forefront of your focus. When spirit is your fuel, everything around you lights up and you become a beacon of light to the world. When you view everything and everyone as sacred, you are invoking the power of love and a remembrance of essential truth. Everything changes in your experience when you operate this way.

Second, regularly invite spirit to show you the brighter path ahead, and to help you to stay on course with your New Year’s intentions by avoiding self-doubt and self-sabotage. Having a bad day? Ask to see the big picture and to remember why you are alive now.

Third, be mindful of energetic shifts within the general population, within business, and globally. In no other year to date will the collective be as influential as in this one. You cannot afford to isolate and imagine yourself doing what you do alone. This is an illusion – your dance of creation cannot and does not take place solo. Indeed, relationships and community are vital to your success in 2014. Also important is the pulse of feeling within society. When people are more optimistic and confident about the future, these feelings can be contagious and supportive of new directions and approaches. This means ideas no one would listen to before could become serious topics of discussion.

Fourth, watch for signs of your life opening up in new ways. Abundant opportunities can arrive in a flash at your door this year – you must notice them in present time to take action before the door closes. Pay close attention to the details, too, for sometimes only part of an opportunity is presented at once. There could be a reason for this. Mindfulness, spirit connection, and divine timing are keys to your success.

Fifth, remember that your best tool for measuring success is the higher view from sprit. As a divine changemaker you are a multidimensional being, creating your present and your future on a vast canvas that spans dimensions and time. Your own energy and how you apply it in the world is more important than your bank account or any other worldly measuring stick.

Along with good times, you will often find that certain information is veiled and certain outcomes seemingly delayed. Most likely, if you have done the inner and outer work to realize a dream, it’s your conditioned mind that senses a delay. Knowing this, be patient with circumstances you want to shift or create. Trust that your good indeed is percolating!



COBALT 7th January 2014 11:18 am

On that happy note, I will brew a fresh cup of coffee! :smitten:

spring 7th January 2014 1:31 pm

Marvelous!! Thank you for this :smitten:

Mizpahmoo 15th January 2014 12:21 pm

Thank you very much.x :-*


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