Navigating the Eclipse Cycle With Skillful Means

You are now entering unchartered territory, although many times over the coming weeks you will feel things seem oddly familiar, but perhaps more intense. There have been cycles of change, with turbulence and chaos, many times before. Cycles, by their very nature, repeat.

You have experienced eclipse cycles before, too. These planetary movements have occurred as long as humans have inhabited the Earth. They are natural, and their energetic force stirs energies in your world and within you personally as well.

This happens whether or not you recognize the cycles, and regardless of whether you believe there is anything special about the movement of the Earth through space.

What does this mean to you? How can you navigate cycles such as this summer's so that you can move more fully into your mission of light and progress spiritually?

When there is a great shift cycle as you have now in the window 0f 2012, energies are magnified and accelerated.

At certain points along the way -- such as a significant eclipse -- there are opportunities for change of revolutionary proportions.

These can be global or more local in scale. They are also personal, you as an individual having a chance to look within at what has not been working and make changes.

As part of that, your relationships come under scrutiny. Your rough edges are more easy to spot, and you perhaps feel their harsh impact as you interact with others.

The more awake you become, the more you will feel the shifting. Remember that this is not bad. There is nothing to judge here.

If you were more asleep, you would still be impacted. However, you would then be at a disadvantage.

You would lack awareness of the opportunities right in front of you, most likely missing out on the synchronicities and more light-filled choices you could make. Likewise, not having full awareness of challenges, you would lack clarity and the ability to act with empowerment to change your life's course to something more positive.

Knowing this, you can right now set your intention about how you will use your energies during these next 6 weeks.

The following are a few suggestions:

1) You are here on Earth through a Divine plan, your incarnating now in order to take part in some very unique moments of time. Keep in mind that big picture when the problems of life seem more than the little obstacles that they really are. Step back for some perspective.

2) As you are taking in the media messages about Michael Jackson, North Korea, the world's economic meltdown, and countless other attention-grabbing stories, know that you are receiving only a part of the story. Your physical world is full of illusions, deception, and trickery that can cause you to place importance on the wrong things. Decide that you will become awake to truth and what is real, and base your actions and beingness on that truth.

3) Each day, find time to connect with your heart, and be still long enough for inquiry into the deeper questions of your existence. Remember to include spirit in your decision-making and actions.

4) When you are feeling stressed, move to another room or take a walk outside. Changing your location, even briefly, can open up a freshness within your mind and body. Allow the sky and the sentient beings of your natural world to speak to you. Listen deeply to the messages you receive.

5) If life feels like an emotional roller coaster, become the observer of how you feel. Develop the practice of naming your feelings. When you can name your feeling, it will be easier to tame. Once you know what it is, you can be more objective, and from a place of more sanity, do some inquiry to determine underlying factors. You can inquire within, for example, to discover whether what you are feeling is triggered by another person, the world in general, or by your own storehouse of unhappy memories. Knowing the source and becoming more neutral, it will be easier for you to avoid acting on emotions. In this way, you can avoid creating harm to others and yourself.

As you move through this coming cycle, know that many lightworkers around the world are also having their challenges.

You are not alone for one moment. Reach out to others as you feel guided. The connections you make with others during this window of time can be pivotal to your forward movement.

Use your energy for good now, and your future will be full of goodness.

We see the good in you. Allow yourself to see it too! We are The Council of 12.


MaryO 13th July 2009 1:51 am

Thank you for this message and these suggestions, I will try them.