Navigating the Next Phase

As your world continues its great configuration, how can you find and remain connected to your Divine purpose? 
As you watch the outmoded structures fall, one by one, how do make sense of what you are meant to do next?
As the world economic meltdown continues to impact you and others, how do discover the optimal ways to be of service and simultaneously be prosperous?
As you consider the answers to these questions, remember that this is not your ordinary lifetime. Also, regardless of your age, the next several years will be unmatched by any other time period that you will experience this life. The changes you are witnessing and helping to create are vast, and also rapid.
What are the keys, then, to successfully navigating these times?
Checklist for Successful Navigation
Remember the timeframe. The years 2009 and 2010 are pivotal to your successful positioning ahead of and after 2012. There are planetary energies at work, and also factors that will be personal to you. As the unworkable elements of your society come to light worldwide, countries will be exploring new types of options that would have been unthinkable a decade ago.  On a personal level, your success will come from facing your challenges when they arise and discovering new paradigm solutions.  You will have opportunities to pinpoint and resolve many longstanding issues during this cycle.  The key here is staying in the present and addressing what is there, when it is in front of you.  This means avoiding the temptation to procrastinate.  It means developing more self-trust and more in-the-moment connection with your inner wisdom. 
Let the past be the past. In this cycle of energy, you will have most success when you can be really present-focused. To obsess about how difficult the past year has been-with its economic meltdown and various personal challenges-will not help you to create more light-filled experiences.  Likewise, to complain about how little progress you see will keep your creating in "little mode." 
Avoid fantasy thinking.  This is not easy, especially when you live in a world that is enmeshed in illusions of all shapes and sizes.  People around you are projecting their fantasies into conversations.  The media are saturating your senses with fictional tales and superstitious prophecies. A deeper level of questioning will be needed in this cycle if you are to stay sane. Practice being the observer of yourself and your reality as often as you can, inviting a larger view that can steer you out of fantasy and into truth.
Take better care of you.  Of any cycle in your life to date, this one requires better self-care and being more awake to yourself.  What does that mean?  It means putting into action the library of research you have inside of you from years of hearing about wellness and healthy living. It means paying closer attention to your body and what it tells you. It means becoming more aware of your thoughts, feelings and actions as you go about your day. It means making different types of decisions about what you will or will not do with your energy. That includes setting healthier boundaries.
Put spirit first.  This may mean reprioritizing some things. People have a learned tendency to focus more on outer world concerns and what they need to do, be or get. Your success will come when you discover how to more fully integrate your spiritual self with your human self. The two are meant to be joined.  This was always true.  The path of the Divine Changemaker™ involves the art of joining these two energies.  That path is your path, for you are a Divine Changemaker.™  You are one of those who have come to Earth now to create the changes involved with shifting your planet into light. 
Remind yourself of these things daily.  Accept the power you really have to change the course of your own life and the future of the Earth. 
As you continue the journey of rediscovering your Divine nature, we surround you with our love and blessings. We are The Council of 12.


Bright Sorcerer 24th September 2009 2:57 pm

I find that temptation to procrastinate is quite strong, especially when bills pile up and we have nothing more to give, short of going without necessities. So many of us are in debt and barely scraping by and we keep hearing these promises of a better future. I agree we have to do the work but Spirit could not fulfill Its role without us. Which means They have obligations to supply our needs. We are on equal footing with all of these Beings of Light but too often there's an erroneous message that we, as humans, are somehow inferior. The Creator's purpose could not be achieved without us and our efforts... that is something that we need to additionally remind ourselves daily of. We each have incredible and limitless value. Blessings, Nick