New Moon Intentions Process

Note from Selacia:  A new moon like we have on Friday is like a blank page on which you can write your intentions for the next phase. The ancients knew this, using new moons for sacred ceremony. In our modern everyday life, we can forget how powerful nature’s cycles are – so here’s a timely article ahead of our new moon. I recommend starting the process before Friday, so you are ready to energize it first thing that day. May your day and month ahead be fruitful, joyful, and full of goodness!

Right now is the perfect time to prepare energetically for the next twist in our ongoing roller coaster ride. Radical change continues to be in the air, impacting everyone, and you will want to be empowered as you encounter more unknowns and shifts in circumstances.

After all, this is your role as a divine changemaker, bravely standing at the forefront and regularly finding new ways to balance. Speaking of balance, this truly is a quality you will want to discover and embody more over the next few weeks – as challenging planetary cycles continue their dance of bringing to light what’s unworkable.

Finding Equilibrium and Peace

With the moon entering Libra, focused on finding equilibrium and peace, this week’s new moon energy can help you to create some intentions of what you need for more balance and joy. This is a way of energizing your future potentials, too, for what you do now will create your future. New moons are a natural time to commit your energy to co-creating better relationships and more harmony in all things.

Ancient shamans knew the power of planetary cycles, including those of the sun and moon. In ancient Egypt, for example, the moon was considered a symbol of new life cycles and rejuvenation.

You may ask: “How can I have a new life cycle when the world continues to offer up a steady diet of chaos, uncertainty, and craziness?” To be sure, it’s understandable that you could feel like this. The truth, however, is that you are at the helm of your own life by how you respond to the outer world. In fact, your only real control is the empowerment that comes from stepping into your authentic power, sourced by spirit and your inner stability.

Move into your power now with this new moon intentions process. For most impact, it’s recommended that you write out your intentions. Then on Friday when we have our new moon, refer to your list, reading it out loud to help imprint energies of your intentions – sending them out into the universe to manifest.

New Moon Intentions Process

First, write down a list of 10 intentions for your life and the world you want to inhabit. Don’t overthink this. Invite your inner wisdom to show you what’s most important right now – things or qualities that are essential to your having balance and inner strength for the coming four weeks.

Be specific, except let go of insisting on timeframes – leave divine timing up to spirit. Examples of intentions:  “I intend to create a new balance with my partner, coming from my heart and being open to the gifts of the relationship.” * “I intend to embody my divine changemaker self in all business interactions, including at work with management.” * “I intend to move into a new balance with my emotions, calming myself before responding to stressful situations.”

Second, put your list on your altar or by your bedside – some place in plain sight where you will be reminded of your intentions. Each time you notice the list between now and the new moon, energize it with your mind and feeling. The feeling part is vital to success, your being able to connect with what it feels like to have the things in your life.

Third, remind yourself the day before the new moon that you will do your energizing process the next day. Commit to doing it first thing when you wake up. Your commitment adds to potency of the process and the outcome.

Fourth, on the day of the new moon, first thing, go to your intentions list to energize it. Still your mind and connect with your heart, tuning out the distractions in your environment and any thoughts about the day. You want to be very present, focused, and conscious. Pick up your intentions list, and as you read it, say the words out loud.

This combination of actions multiplies the benefits and helps you to connect more with the new potentials. Express your gratitude to the universe for the manifestation of what’s on your list – doing this “advance gratitude” reaffirms your belief in your true power to co-create your life with spirit. Then, place your list back where you found it, for added energizing during the month.

Fifth, consider for added benefit referring back to your list, paying attention to what is showing up in your life and noticing areas where you are enjoying more balance and peacefulness.


Deeni 2nd October 2013 2:29 pm

Thank You, Selacia.

My list is completed.

Much Love and Light to All : ))

withlove 4th October 2013 6:09 pm

Thank you Selacia, for this beautiful guide to create the life and world we want.


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