New Times, New Priorities

There comes a time in the evolution of a planet when a new way of being must be found and lived. You live in that time. What will you do with your energy today to help create a more loving world?

Ask this question daily. Consider where you will place your focus. Remember - you can choose.

As the pace of life picks up, you cannot afford to be complacent or to retreat into old dysfunctional habits. When you question your ability to keep up or to make the best choices, remember that you are a divine changemaker. You are encoded at a DNA level to remember and live in a brand-new way.

Living now takes on a whole new meaning as you awaken to your divine changemaker role. Your priorities shift to include a wider view of reality and to allow for a more rapid spiritual progression. Changed priorities mean new action steps and different responses to ordinary tasks. Only heart-centered approaches will get you where you want to go. To have the most potency, your path must be in alignment with your soul.

What's New Now

First, as you awaken more to your divine changemaker role, you become more alive on all levels. Your passion is ignited, and it's infused into your daily activities. Your physical body signals to you its needs. Your emotions are felt more deeply. Your mind becomes more sharp, and you remember more of why you came to Earth.

Second, as you master living in the present, you have an ability to appreciate the gifts of everyday life. You notice things others don't see - like flowers blooming on your way to work, the love expressed between a mother and child, and rays of sun dancing on the water. When you are interacting with others in a more present state, it's easier to listen completely so you benefit more from each exchange. This helps you to grasp the blessings of relationships - both intimate and casual.

Third, you develop a more tangible connection and trust in your inner voice. This is what allows you to use your energies in the most productive way. As you listen to the wise counsel from your inner wisdom, acting on it in your life, you are able to use your energies in the highest ways. That's because you are guided to actions in alignment with your soul. There are no wasted energies, no side trips, and no need for regrets. This happens in stages - the deeper your bond with spirit, the more that you thrive and live in joy.

Changed Priorities

Your changed priorities must be more than mental concepts. They must be felt in your heart. They must be lived - fully and completely. No holding back. And here's the big challenge - your priorities need to be updated regularly to reflect where you are on the path. They must be fluid.

Look to your heart and its inner wisdom to help you stay on track with where you need to be.

As you continue the journey of discovering your divine nature, we surround you with our love and blessings. We are The Council of 12.


Leigh42 16th April 2012 6:09 pm

"They must be fluid."

Thank you for this message. I resonate with it. The most paramount, and challenging to me, is the quote above: The fluidity required for constant connection to inner spirit, and for staying in the range of what the body and life are needing in each moment is, literally a full time job.

In my world, this makes roles and meeting the whims and needs of others, when just outside my range of alignment, a REAL challenge. This is where the disruption comes in--so many people, starting to touch base with THEIR own NEEDS... and thus not able or willing to meet the demands of those around them. Fireworks go off, disharmony sets in, all in the name of HONORING THYSELF. This is the real difficulty in sustaining the new way of life. And yet, I and we continute to bring about the very CHANGE in these relationships and modes of relating that divine changemakers are programmed for.
blessed be