Past Life Vows and You Now

Energy shifts like those happening now can be unsettling – so much changing so fast. One blessing perhaps percolating beneath the surface is a sudden flash of insight about a very old issue you have been unable to resolve.

Eclipse and even Mercury Retrograde cycles can trigger such insights. It’s like a spotlight shines on incongruences and old patterns previously undecipherable. Knowing in advance that the next couple of months offer this potential can help you get to the end of the road with a dilemma perhaps lifetimes old!

Awareness is like a key that helps you stay awake to a door just ahead. When you act on what you know, actively exploring things, the key opens the door.

Do you have one of those issues that just won’t go away – no matter what you do – impervious to any remedy you have applied?

DNA Healing

Consider for a moment that perhaps the roots of your issue are very old, going back centuries in time. If you have experienced DNA healing and related spiritual healing modalities, you are familiar with challenges a person can have over numerous lifetimes as his or her soul learns key lessons and sometimes takes on karmic patterns. Once in a while, a soul will choose to take on a huge karmic debt to both evolve and help humanity.

Choices like these oftentimes translate into oaths and vows – people promising or pledging to do or be something specific. For thousands of years, in fact, oaths and vows were common throughout society.

Religious Vows

Quite often there was a connection with religion – like oaths of poverty and vows of celibate chastity. Women entering monastic life, for example, commonly took over 300 vows to be fully ordained.

Secular Vows

Not all oaths and vows relate to religion. Some involve a profession, such as the Hippocratic Oath. Others from past centuries include the Pauper’s Oath, a sworn statement by a person that he or she has no money or property.

Individual Vows

Still others are those an individual makes, either during a lifetime or even in between lives, pledging to do or not do something specific. If you made such an oath or vow before this life, chances are you do not remember it today.

Vows from the Past & You Now

Why would you care about an oath or vow made long ago? To be sure, if you were a priest vowing poverty, you did not need money for secular things. Likewise, if you were a commoner taking the Pauper’s Oath, you were simply conforming to societal laws by stating your circumstance.

Fast forward to now. If you took such an oath or vow in your past life, it was recorded in your DNA and came with you over the lifetimes since you made it. Vows like that are not always active, but can be stimulated by situations – like an economic crash or losing a spouse who was the family provider. When that happens, even if you are good with money and never had money issues before, you could experience struggle with money.

Lifetimes-Old Patterns

Similarly, let’s say you had a series of challenging lifetimes with a certain group of people. Perhaps you were forced or otherwise convinced to go along with crazy scenarios of this group. Then, during one lifetime just before this one, you vowed that when you came across this group and its crazy energy again, you would be the one to step forward and stop the craziness for all time. Perhaps in this life you have encountered these people again, not understanding why you would be magnetized into their circle. Then, over time with self-realization and moving through energy cycles like we have now, you finally get the message.

You actively explore what that message means – the who, the what, the how, and the why. As you look at the bigger picture of your dilemma, you finally have a context for the craziness. You are encouraged to finally understand your long struggle and to see that the end is in sight. You have the key to the door!

Vows to Use Specific Gifts & Knowledge

Another type of vow commonly made before this lifetime is one involving the use of specific gifts and knowledge. Such vows can relate to a past atrocity witnessed firsthand. Perhaps you experienced this and learned from it, understanding how it could be prevented. If so, you may have vowed to eradicate such injustices you saw in the future. Today, perhaps not fully understanding why, you have been fiercely passionate about a modern-day atrocity. This may translate into a strong desire to do something – like working with abandoned animals or helping a certain group of disadvantaged people.

Vows involving use of specific gifts can also relate to something you mastered another lifetime – like singing or design. Perhaps in between last lifetime and this one, you on a soul level vowed to use your gift in this key significant lifetime.

Early this life you might have had an interest in developing this gift, but circumstances may have prevented you from acting on that interest. Today, perhaps you are at some kind of crossroads with your life work, in part because this past life vow is in your energy field awaiting your discovery.

If this example resonates with you or catalyzes other knowing, be sure to check in with your higher wisdom about the most appropriate next steps. Something wonderful could be waiting for you on the other side of the door!


keryndawer 17th September 2015 3:30 am


What you wrote about past lifetime patterns is exactly true for me I believe. I am/was adopted into a very dysfunctional family that, as much as I love my family members, I have always felt very different, disconnected and energetically dissonant from (them). This Eclipse unexpectedly brought a very harsh and I suspect permanent break. Deep down I know I am finally free and I need and want to be, but it has still been quite painful, upsetting and shocking. Although I'm feeling a sense of loss, and LOST, at this moment, your message greatly helped affirm what I feel to be true: IT IS TIME.

Love, Gratitude and Blessings,

MareGrane 20th September 2015 11:18 am

Blessings Dear Selacia,
This completely resonates with me. I have been working on cord cutting with the Archangels strongly in the last few months. In fact I did a meditation on cutting the cords last night and I woke up feeling great today. I feel fresh and excited about my future and know that I am being guided to my next step in living my life's purpose.
Thank you for being you.
Forever in the Light, Mary