Past Lives & Your Intuitive Gifts

Since you are naturally intuitive, even without formal training, have you wondered how you developed this gift? More importantly, would you like to better understand how to master your intuitive gifts so that you can live a more authentic and empowered life?

In this article, I describe examples of past life seeds that are brought forward into this life – seeds of spiritual qualities and mastery that often were honed in ancient times.

You know you lived before, of course, but you may not realize how much your expression today is impacted by what you learned and experienced before. Indeed, those very past life experiences influenced the circumstances of your birth – including your birth family, location, and unique predisposition.

Past Life Imprints in DNA

Inside your own DNA is an amazing package of imprints. Some relate to beneficial qualities and connections you have developed over lifetimes on Earth! These include your deep bond with spirit and honed qualities needed for enlightenment.

Examples of beneficial spiritual qualities people develop in a series of lifetimes: kindness, patience, tolerance, persistence, curiosity, humility, and compassion.

DNA imprints of beneficial qualities and honed intuitive gifts can be psychically seen in the field around the DNA. Not all of them are active or accessible every lifetime, but they are there nonetheless.

You may have forgotten, but in your early life before you could walk and talk, you likely had tangible experiences with the subtle realms. As part of that, you may have remembered portions of your soul’s earlier journey, and even intuitions you had in your mother’s womb about your life path.

Talking with Invisible Beings

As a young child, not yet conditioned to see the world outside of you as separate, it was easy for you to commune with the magical realms of spirit. You may remember talking with invisible beings like fairies and knowing things no one told you. As the years passed, living in the more conventional way of your ancestors, you may have forgotten this early time.

Do not worry if you cannot remember now. Trust that you indeed have numerous intuitive gifts and beneficial spiritual qualities housed within your very DNA. You do not lose them and no one can take them away!

Even as you read this, your own higher self is working with you energetically, helping you to connect the dots and accept these unconventional ideas. A part of you already has the dots connected, but another part of you learned to doubt what you know. Some of that doubt comes from past life conditioning – from your own experiences or from your ancestors – remaining with you as DNA imprints.

These imprints are in your DNA just like the beneficial seeds for intuitive gifts. Everyone has them in some configuration: beliefs about being unsafe sharing psychic information, fears of witch hunts, and vows to keep spiritual gifts a secret – to name a few. The good news is that past life seeds blocking expression of intuitive gifts can be discovered and cleared within your DNA.

In no other lifetime has it been so vital that you remember your soul’s spiritual journey and master your intuitive gifts. These are challenging times to be alive. As a divine changemaker, you will need to develop an unbreakable bond with spirit and self-trust in the information you receive from your higher wisdom. Many times you will be required to take action quickly, with no one to ask about which path to take. You will be required, too, to serve in a leadership role – sometimes by being the very first to do things that no one dared to do before.

Trust that you indeed have what it takes to fulfill your purpose and in so doing, to be a shining example for others who follow. You will never meet most of them, for they are the next generations – inspired and guided by the light trails you left behind.


kitegirlcoach 6th August 2014 7:30 pm

Selacia, do you think it will be possible to draw in all those accumulated spiritual gifts into this lifetime?

spiritdiver 6th August 2014 8:59 pm

Hi Salicia,

Are there recommendations for discovering and clearing past life seeds blocking expression of intuitive gifts within our DNA. I understand it is a deep spiritual process and I am working with releasing and opening up, regaining self trust in connection to higher self. But I believe part of this is the Holy spirits work in us and is a gift to receive. Are you suggesting there any other tools you would offer that we can access for clearing blocks in this work?

Thanks you for your incredible gifts and inspiring work!


zorro 7th August 2014 8:01 am

For many, awakening is happening as neuro-genetic coding's are fired and recognized, with many of these originating from past lives. This is a leap from nero-emotional awakenings which assist in emotional clearings which may be blocking recognition and expression.

But now, as the negative grid which has held this planet in bondage for so long has been taken down, there is an on-going pneuro-atomic awakening happening, enmass, where consciousness is raised to the point of many having a "knowing" of their place in creation in real-time. Beyond this, many are experiencing neuro-photonic, or "creation particle" triggering, where awareness is activated in unison with the thoughts of the originating Source itself.

A thought:

"In a rising tide, all ships, rise together.

grammanet 7th August 2014 9:46 am

Thanks for the great post! Seems many are getting the same information - you will find deep healing in the book "The Kingdom of Heaven within The Holy Book of The Great Invisible Spirit: A spiritual Transformation.

grammanet 7th August 2014 9:46 am

Thanks for the great post! Seems many are getting the same information - you will find deep healing in the book "The Kingdom of Heaven within The Holy Book of The Great Invisible Spirit: A spiritual Transformation.

spiritdiver 7th August 2014 11:15 am

Zorro: Thank you for your addition and the info on the pneuro-atomic awakening. Please let me know if you have a good source to direct me to for further research/ reading. Or I can search for as well.

Salicia: is this the same thought and pattern awakening you were referring to? It would be great to have your further comment as well.

Thank you both! : )

zorro 7th August 2014 12:53 pm

Sure. My thoughts are extrapolated from Dr. Timothy Leary in his "eight-circuit model of consciousness". I believe we are living the expansion of this now into the partical intelligence levels.