Prepare for Chinese New Year - Thriving in Year of Earth Pig or Boar

As you prepare for the Earth pig or boar year and the next steps on your path, I suggest being mindful of breakthroughs available in these moments of revolutionary change. The current energies indeed support breakthroughs and shifts in outmoded viewpoints. Continue reading to understand how you can benefit most from this juncture.

About Breakthroughs

Since we are continually evolving, breakthroughs are a typical part of our process. Sometimes they are more obvious, other times more subtle. When we stay conscious and awake to what's unfolding in our lives, we learn the art of discerning our own breakthroughs. Examples: (1) waking up with the answer to a long-standing dilemma (2) engaging in a heart-to-heart conversation with a loved one after weeks of distance or combativeness (3) realizing when approaching self-care that all of a sudden it seems simple to do what's needed for optimal well-being.

Have you ever noticed feeling uplifted when you became aware that a challenging issue now has a solution? Sometimes the breakthrough is less obvious than this - like when you feel softer towards a person you have had words with, or when you reach an undetermined milestone needed to anchor a new habit and you feel less resistance to doing things the new way. Awareness is key to making the most of breakthroughs. When you realize you are having one, regardless of how small, this can encourage you to take the next appropriate steps. Being mindful of how you are shifting into a more positive direction can boost your frequency too. These responses can help you keep the momentum going.

Thriving in Earth Pig or Boar Year

Chinese New Years each have their own energy. The Earth pig or boar year officially starting February 5 has a focus on abundance and enjoying life. There is definitely a lighter tone in pig years. Playfulness and humor are often associated with such a year. For individuals, the impact depends on their own energy and approach to life along with level and application of spiritual mastery.

In general, to thrive in the pig year requires a certain skill set and mindset.

First, given the emotional roller coaster being experienced in 2019 - with lots of anger surfacing - it is vital to take the high road of spirit and stay in one's heart. Not always easy to be sure, but important. Words will take on more importance this year - the words used, the tone, the timing, and the delivery. Mindfulness with words, therefore, is paramount. When angry or just upset, calm down before you send that text or see someone. Consider the long-term consequences of your words and actions. Factor in energy cycles, too, because some of those can get you off center. More on working with the year's energy cycles in my new "Predictions 2019" eBook.

Second, use the abundance focus of this year to get your "house of money" in order. That means becoming more mindful and conscious about finances, income, spending and the priorities. Don't forget to factor in vital self-care like good nutrition, exercise, meditation, body work and inner work - these things will nourish you, keep you going and help you to maintain a positive flow. Get up close and personal with your money to make it work for you. If you realize you have "money issues," get help addressing them at a DNA level. Much of the dysfunction in our society regarding money has roots in the DNA. The dysfunction is typically on the following levels: early life conditioning, ancestral patterns, soul level themes from past lives, and the mass consciousness of humanity. Each time you heal a money pattern, because it will also be in the mass consciousness, you help heal humanity at large and so that society can change in big ways.

Third, invite a sense of play and fun into everyday situations - personal and work. This will help you enjoy even mundane things, raise your frequency higher, and bring in more abundance. As you become more abundant, connect with a knowing of how to grow your bank account or business and ways you can share your abundance with others. Sharing can be financial or through other means - like sharing of your time, expertise, and deep listening. Growing your business can involve updating how you do things so your approach fits with new ways people connect and do business. This updating can be crucial to success this year and beyond.

Remember daily the bigger picture of why you are alive and how you can be an integral part of humanity's awakening. Allow that higher awareness to sit in the forefront of your mind as you go about your day. Trust that in the simple act of doing this, you are helping to transform the world and contributing to your own enlightenment.



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