Prepare for the New Ahead of Equinox 2014

With Equinox just around the corner, this is an excellent time to prepare for a brand-new cycle of energy. In fact, transformational seeds that you plant in the next several weeks can result in huge breakthroughs and successes.

If you have been waiting for more favorable energies, use these moments to get some things done. You can make progress now, even with issues and projects that seemed veiled or unmovable before!

To be sure, use common sense and tune into your heart’s wisdom before making big changes. Those guidelines always apply. What is different now is the more expansive energy in the air, helping you to feel more optimistic and to connect the dots in situations demanding precision and clarity.

After today’s fifth of five expansive supermoons and the first half of 2014 perhaps feeling like a wild roller coaster ride, you can regroup and rebalance now. Consider the areas of your life that got off track or were put on a back burner. Use this time to bring things back into focus, make plans, and take actions.

Equinox is about balance and a change in seasons. When it arrives twice annually, it is nature’s way of reminding us to restore right relationship with ourselves, others and the world. It also calls upon us to reflect on what needs to shift so that we can move forward in a balanced and heart-centered way.

Our light is always with us. It naturally wants to express through us – in boundless and quantum ways. When we connect with that light during these moments, allowing it to fuel our interactions with others, we have unlimited power to change our lives and the world.


ShelleyT 9th September 2014 10:54 am

Got through yesterday's full moon... Barely ....major feels sort of a relief ... Love Fall... I read your book a few years ago.... Look forward to another one... Possibly about these Equinox ?

FresnoHye 9th September 2014 2:37 pm

Thank Your for the "Heads Up"! I'll keep mine/mind Up too. :)