Processing Shock

How do you process the plethora of violent events like happened last week in Paris and elsewhere? How do you put perspective on such horrific things that seem to be endless across the planet – at the same time you have your own personal series of crises to move through? In this article I address some spiritually grounded remedies for coping with our ongoing avalanche of crisis.

First – Come Back to Yourself Often

The first tip, coming back to yourself often, may help more than any other thing. When you have had a shock, personal or involving others, your body and being need grounding and centering. It’s important to remember that you in this moment are okay. Things and people around you may seem shaky, like there’s been an earthquake, and you may feel that way too due to a personal crisis. In the present moment, however, know that you are safe and your light will show you the way out of the darkness.

Second – Stay on the Middle Path of Balance and Truth

When there is a crisis in the world, covered by the media, it’s vital that you stay on the middle path of balance and truth. Many things are not as they appear. The news, for many reasons, often has only parts of a story and may also contain bias. Avoid preoccupation with media coverage of violence and speculations about what might happen next. As a divine changemaker, you want to strive for fearlessness and heart-centeredness as you do your best to stay positive and see the good in all things. Be among those who are conscious of the creation process, remembering that on both individual and collective levels we create the future. When enough of us focus on peace and create peace within, terror and violence have no hold.

Third – Remain Connected to Your Heart and Feelings

Shocking or sudden events can be overwhelming to the senses. For you as a sensitive being, you will feel these things more than the everyday person. Sometimes when people feel deeply, there’s a tendency to shut down and become numb or disconnected – as though they want to shut out the feeling and the world. An optimal way to process this is to stay in touch with what you feel, when you feel it. Own that feeling and work through it. It’s okay to feel angry or sad, but process these emotions before you say or do something you may later regret. Endeavor to have increasing compassion for self and others moving through these tumultuous times.

The Good News

With intensity like we have in these times can come major leaps forward! Sometimes in fact the cosmic energies seem to coax us into the fire of our own transformation – and we must move through that fire for self-liberation.

Remember through it all – love prevails and it will prevail on the Earth. That love is at your core and it will set you free.