Quickening Requires New View of Time

In today’s quickening of energies, time takes on a new meaning. You understand this, of course, but do you know that most people operate from very outmoded, fixed approach to time?

Old-fashioned notions about time need updating before you can enjoy living in a multidimensional state. An updating of approaches to time began in recent years as it became more commonly accepted to see time as cyclic rather than simply linear. Most likely, you are one of those at the forefront of the new thinking, realizing that there is more to a time span than what can be measured by a clock or calendar.

As a divine changemaker, alive now to help create a more loving world, you may feel frustration as the rest of the world catches up to your views. No worries, though, for even though change appears slow, it indeed is under way. Trust this.

To be sure, living during these pivotal moments can cause high-level stress for even the more seasoned spiritual practitioner. It’s normal that you would sometimes feel frustrated with how long it seems to be taking for people to awaken from their spiritual slumber and get on the same page with you. Frustration, of course, won’t cause people to awaken any faster. Every person has his or her own pace and circumstance.

When you remember that you are alive to be at the forefront of changes, but that you are not responsible for the spiritual path of others, it’s easier for you to coexist with others who have their own timetable.

Consider the following ideas of how you can update your view of time, having more compassion for yourself and others during this next phase. First, know that you still need clocks but you don’t want to be rigid about clock time. As soon as you attach a fixed time to something, unwilling to adjust to life events, you put yourself in a box.

Time really isn’t a fixed commodity. It’s a reference point, especially helpful when you are planning to meet someone or deliver a project dependent on timelines of others. From spirit’s perspective, there is a divine timing for all things; it is not static, but fluid and adjustable for energy shifts. To honor yourself and others during these years of mega energy shifts, a more flexible approach is required.


godling 7th September 2012 7:22 pm

I have always- during my whole lifetime as a young adult and older, worn a watch, I had many watches of different styles and metals and colors, I would say I spent a small fortune on my love of watches and obsesssion with time. Then one day about 6 years ago I had a very sudden and unexspected NEED to STOP wearing a watch and relinquish my need to always be aware of what time it was. I will never forget that day I was at a Spiritual event, the need came on very suddenly and I can remember removeing my watch from my wrist and I have never worn a watch ever again. I feel now many years later that I was following my inner quide and I have felt very free and I believe that after that I began to slowing live fully in each moment of my day.