Remembering Loved Ones on The Other Side

When a notable world figure such as Michael Jackson passes, or you lose someone else very dear to your heart, know that the gifts and love they have given are eternal. You will not lose them.  You lose only the physicality of the one you loved or admired.  That physicality was only a spark of the greater being that they are. 

That spark -- whether it manifested as a celebrity or as more of an everyday person -- was all that you could really know on Earth in the physical.  If the person you love is now being talked about in a negative way -- perhaps being judged or criticized for some human error, remember to step back from the gossip you hear and remind yourself of the big picture. 

There is a human tendency, when people are not yet enlightened, to become petty and find fault.  Regardless of a person's mistakes, he or she is Divine at their core.  They can and will recognize and merge with this Divine essence at some time during their evolutionary cycle. 

The greater being that they are, now free from the the limitations of physical reality, has access to the vast resources of the non-physical world. This being has the potential, during the Bardo experience after death, to attain full realization.  All beings have this ability.

Know that the love you have for a loved one creates a bond that is eternal.  In the eternal realms of spirit, there is no time or space.

You can learn to tangibly and safely access those realms, and to connect with the spirit of your loved one, if you choose. 
Even if you are not certain how to do this right now, if there is someone you feel great love for, now residing on the other side, you can say prayers that will help them.  

As part of your prayers, you can send your love.  You can pray that this person be free of confusion, and that the spirit within them and around them assist in their achieving enlightenment. You can pray that they recognize their True Self when in the Bardo after death.  You can ask that they be assisted in attaining full realization, with freedom from the cyclic wheel of suffering.

As you say prayers for others, and their loved ones left behind, do not forget prayers for yourself and your own enlightenment this life. 

  • *Consider taking a few moments today to reflect on the precious nature of your human life.
  •  *Remember that your body is a temporary sacred vehicle for your soul.  Treat it with tender, loving care.
  •  *Allow yourself time to breathe and take in the beauty of your planet, including nature and the animals that also know the Earth as "home."
  • *Envision a peaceful and loving world.
  • *Know that whatever challenges you have, there are always answers.  Seek your answers from your heart, and from the Divine inspiration you can learn to receive from the world everyday.  *
  • Do not forget, for one moment, how much you are loved by spirit, and that you really are that love.  That is who you are.
We are The Council of 12.


ohmi 28th June 2009 10:16 am

A beautiful comment given to me by Emmanuel years ago, that I often share with loved ones who have recently felt the loss of a loved one : "Death is like taking off a tight shoe."


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