Ride Positive Winds of Change Ahead of Solstice

A new lighter energy is coming in this week through Solstice. Take advantage of this by planting some new seeds in tandem with Tuesday’s new moon. Contemplate specific changes you want to see manifest over the coming weeks. Energies now support new approaches, new ideas, and unheard of breakthroughs. You must be present, mindful and heart-connected to access and act for optimal results.

New moons typically are like a doorway to new starts. This particular one is even more powerful, its energy reverberating for a couple of weeks.

Solstice and Post Wesak

Keep this at the top of your mind throughout this week leading up to Solstice and Post Wesak celebrations with the Masters who set the template for enlightenment on Earth. The beneficial energies of those beings is quite potent and palpable in these moments. Consciously tune into them and invite these blessings into your life.

Invite miracles, too!

Watchwords for the week are mindfulness and heart centeredness. If you become aware of anger, fear, or other negative emotional responses it is vital that you work through them and shift your focus to love. There will be challenging energies, as we typically have because of these tumultuous times. Do what you can, however, to avoid letting negativity poison your thoughts, actions, and new seed planting.

No anger or disappointment – regardless of reason – is worth carrying into the light-filled pursuits you want to create. None of these things will matter in the long term.
From that big-picture perspective, you are a divine changemaker who is eternal and a key player in shifting the scales from dark to light.

You are that light that you want to see prevail. Keep that mantra in your mind these next two weeks.

Set the Example for Others

Right now, so many around you are challenged and perhaps confused. Many may be unknowingly influenced by their fearful unconscious, unable to perceive things you understand. Be mindful of this when you encounter loved ones and even strangers. No one is exempt from the turmoil of our world being transformed out of the dark ages.

Remember that we are all connected – not only energetically and physically living together on this small planet – but we share common human stories through our lineages, past lives, and the mass consciousness.

Your pain is everyone’s pain. The pain of others is your pain. Similarly, your joy is everyone’s joy and you are influenced by the joy of others. Why not choose joy as your focus? It’s contagious and healing for everyone including you!

As you set the example for others – shifting into joy and doing your best to act from that place – you become an even more powerful force for turning our world right-side up again, into love.


keryndawer 15th June 2015 10:42 am

Absolutely beautiful and perfect Selacia. Thank you so much for affirming the powerful and Divine energy ( for positive change and new beginnings) that I've been feeling.

Blessings to You and All~~

COBALT 15th June 2015 11:27 am


ShelleyT 15th June 2015 3:14 pm

Selecia .....a much needed positive thought & inspiration .... So needed now....many thanks....!

MareGrane 21st June 2015 11:32 am

Selacia, thank you for the much needed word of love and uplifting thoughts.

Forever in the Light, Mary


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