Riding the Wave

Have you noticed people acting more strangely this month, perhaps saying or doing things out of character? Perhaps you feel you’ve had your own unusual moments, too, wondering how you could have said or done what you did.

It’s helpful in one of these challenging cycles to step back and get the bigger picture. To be sure, for example, there are things you would normally be sensitive about and perhaps annoyed by as you interact with other people.

Riding the Wave in August

This month of August, however, we’ve had extremely challenging planetary aspects that could trigger explosive reactions in even the most serene of people. One of them occurred last week around the time of the full moon – a harsh square between Uranus and Jupiter, one of several to occur between now and April 2014.

When these challenging energies are present, sudden explosive reactions can be catalyzed within relationships. This includes people you are close to, neighbors, and even strangers. Because of the suddenness of these energies, too, you may be caught by surprise. If you don’t remain connected to your heart when these things happen – reacting rather than first checking in with your inner wisdom – you could set in motion a negative chain of events for repair later.

Good News

The good news is that in these situations, even with a breakdown, you could have a breakthrough by getting into your heart and seeking your inner wisdom. As you get into your heart, you could find your compassion for self and others increasing by leaps and bounds. Your spiritual growth, therefore, benefits, as do your next interactions with everyone you meet – including people recently triggering discord within you.

You can take a deep breath today, the recent energies catalyzing challenging communications easing. In fact, with a rare planetary aspect involving Venus and Mars, you could find yourself feeling closer to others today. Yes, there’s a much lighter, friendlier energy in the air – helping you to see yourself and others in a gentler, more loving way.

Use today’s energies to boost your own level of joy and to reconnect with self and others from your heart. Remember that your heart is the key to having harmony with others. You cannot be in your heart when you are overthinking, worrying, or obsessing about how others wronged you. Do your best to move out of those conditioned states and find the sacred space within your heart. It will lead you where you want, and need, to go.

Relationship Repairs

If you sense that you have relationship repairs to attend to because of August’s challenging energies, first connect with spirit and ask to move into more self-love, more self-compassion. You will need to have those qualities in place to remedy discord co-created this month. Co-creation is the key here. Remember that you and others co-create situations together. There are no victims and there is no one to blame. Remember the love.

Did you recently say something to someone in anger, then wonder if you could have chosen different, less hurtful words? While words cannot be retracted, you can shift the outcome of words by what you say and do next. Prickly, untouchable things and situations can become smooth and touchable when love is applied.



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