Soul Agreements and Living Now

With times this intense and next week’s fiery Equinox and other energy events just around the corner, you may have asked yourself more than once: “Did I really sign up for this?!” Consider that this question is much more than a rhetorical response to these crazy times. In fact, contemplate how this idea is coming from a deep place within you, a wise part of you that understands why you chose to be alive at this pivotal time in history. Consider that this quantum part of you, having boundless foresight, orchestrated a series of soul agreements that led you to now.

If this sounds too outside the box, continue reading for the bigger picture. Life events are not random – they often occur because of soul agreements you made long ago. These usually are not conscious and they cannot be analyzed or approached in a linear way.

Agreements Made Long Ago

Some of these agreements are made on the inner planes between lifetimes and others are made in past lives. Not all directly involve other people – some simply relate to your soul’s path and destiny. The journey of your soul, of course, is impacted by both your own agreements and those you make with others.

Examples: (1) if you lived in a previous revolutionary time, you could have made an agreement at a soul level to return to Earth to make changes through peaceful means; (2) before coming to Earth the first time, having foresight of humanity’s development, you could have agreed to incarnate numerous times to help create a loving world; (3) if you were in love with someone in another lifetime, unable to marry, you and the other person could have agreed to come together again in a future life; (4) if you were part of a group of people oppressed in a past life, you could have agreed to reincarnate together at a future time to reverse the oppression; (5) if your larger role this life is that of divine changemaker, being at the forefront of changes for a better world, your soul agreement could involve being born in a specific year to a certain family and with circumstances that help catalyze your beneficial connections and soul expression.

Why We Forget

These are just a few examples of soul agreements people have, played out in the background during everyday lives. Why don’t we remember them?

First, it’s part of the human condition to have amnesia about the past. No one really knows why that is. Perhaps part of the “why” can be seen at the end of the journey, when we are merged with the divine and our ego cannot get us off track.

Second, many human experiences cannot be fully unraveled while themes are playing out and people are becoming self-actualized. Certain things must be learned and mastered, and key qualities like kindness and patience are developed through experience over a number of lifetimes.

Third, soul agreements are made by the soul, not the human personality. They come from a higher place of vision and cosmic knowing that takes into account things a person cannot know fully during a human life.

Benefits of Understanding Soul Agreements

Soul agreements often are mysterious, but you can benefit from understanding the ones impacting you most in this life. This can help you to better grasp your larger purpose for being here. Knowing more about what is influencing you today can provide comfort and inspiration. You also may find it easier to connect the dots involving key relationships and life events.

Spirit works on a need to know basis. Remember this when you are exploring soul agreements. In a quantum sense, all knowledge about you and your soul’s path is in the akashic records stored within your DNA.

Typically how an agreement can come to light is through a life experience – some kind of challenge, issue, or big question a person cannot solve but is important to self-actualization this lifetime. When a person is actively engaged in self-healing of such an issue and the timing is right to discover an agreement, it will show up in the person’s field. It may surface to awareness through a dream or in a meditative process.

Connecting the Dots

Here are just a few examples of soul agreements people can have. As you read over these, and perhaps reread the ones cited above, invite your Higher Self to reveal things about your own soul agreements.

Birth Family: To be born into a certain family in order to experience an old dysfunctional pattern once more, during historical times when the pattern is easier to face and finally heal on all levels

Twins: To be born as a twin of someone who was a trusted loved one in another lifetime, the twin bond this life helping in some key way with the soul’s development

Best Friends: To be born in this pivotal lifetime, becoming best friends with one or more people playing key roles in the success of achieving one’s life mission

Colleagues and Bosses – Industries: To be born with skills leading to work with key people in industries needing changes, and growing spiritually through the interactions; similarly, to have opportunities to work within society’s dysfunctional sectors and industries in order to affect positive changes

DNA Healing to Identify Soul Agreements

A skilled DNA healing practitioner can help you identify such agreements. Remember: divine timing is a factor in the discovery process. You cannot force it with your human will.

Identification of a soul agreement can help you with self-understanding and accelerate your spiritual progress. Keep in mind, though, that soul agreements are different from belief systems and vows held within the DNA.

Example: A soul agreement that led you to becoming best friends with someone is separate from belief systems from your past that can hinder close bonding with that friend. Those beliefs need to be explored and healed separately within the DNA before you can benefit most from the friendship.

Keep in mind with all situations: You are divine and there is a divine plan for your life. Many things and relationships cannot be seen in their entirety while you are immersed in them. Learn to be okay with that and to let go of demanding quick results or instant answers. Trust that when the time is right, all will be revealed and you will be at peace.