Tap New Energies at Wesak

Wesak season is always a powerful time of spiritual transformation. This year it has even greater potential because of the unique energy cycle of the past several weeks – bringing to a head revolutionary shifting on a grand scale.

What does this mean for you as a divine changemaker? In this article, I will explain the background of how this year’s Wesak can be a vital catalyst for your next steps and enlightenment. For context, too, I give a brief summary of the energy passageway you have been navigating for the past several weeks.

Readjustments after April’s Energy Passageway

As you process the roller coaster ride of this past month, you may be feeling mixed emotions about the next steps. On the one hand, you likely have some new insights about yourself and what has been keeping you in limbo. At the very least, insights have been coming to you on the inner planes and in your dreams – even if some of them are not yet tangible.

Over the next few days, you probably will be more inspired and driven to act on these insights. You may even feel in a hurry to do so!

At the same time, since energetic repercussions of the grand cross and eclipses will take time to unfold, a little voice within may be telling you to tread with caution. Given this, consider taking one step at a time. You want to allow for the natural readjustment process after an energy passageway like the one you just experienced. Do not underestimate the importance of divine timing and the need to balance after big energy shifts.

Much more is going on within you – and in your energy field that can begin attracting new opportunities – than you can possibly imagine! There are subtle shifts still unfolding at a deep level inside of you. As these begin to surface and become available for tangible transformation, you may be pleasantly surprised at your new levels of energy and enthusiasm. Indeed, you will need those expanded levels in place to accomplish cherished goals and your growing plate of projects.

New Energies at Wesak

Wesak, an annual celebration of enlightenment, is your opportunity each year to connect with an expanded level of spiritual fuel made available when masters like the Buddha and Kuan Yin interact with humanity on more tangible levels. The purpose is more than celebrating these ascended beings – it is the acceleration of your own enlightenment potential.

Beings like the Buddha did not put themselves on pedestals or create religions. Their lives were meant to be an example to the everyday person. Within everyone at a DNA level is the seed of enlightenment. Stages of that enlightenment will vary from person to person – in a process that unfolds over lifetimes on Earth. At Wesak, beings like Buddha shower great blessings upon humanity – helping those who are ready to progress to the next stages of the path of awakening. It’s not about religion – enlightenment is a spiritual unfolding.

Wesak celebrations – like the May 10 global meditation with The Council of 12 – are your opportunity to put yourself amidst these beings already enlightened and to have memorable experiences with them.

More than any year to date, this year’s Wesak has a flavor of quantum. The masters are helping humanity this Wesak season by providing a bridge to the higher-dimensional energies of quantum. This bridge has been there in other Wesak seasons, but with humanity’s awakening unfolding to a new place an expanded level of help is available.

Mastery of Quantum Energy

This has particular relevance for you at Wesak because you are wired to lead humanity’s dance into quantum. To lead, you must master the new quantum reality – this mastery occurs in a process over time. You are knee deep in that process right now!

Since you have the same linear conditioning the rest of humanity has, some days it may feel like quite a stretch.  Black-and-white thinking, ingrained within you as a child, can cause you to doubt your progress simply because you often have no linear markers of what is evolving behind the scenes. The good news is that your wise higher self knew what these times would entail, preparing you for a series of wake-up calls to remember your divine changemaker role.

Divine changemakers are encoded at a DNA level to develop mastery of quantum energies and quantum perspectives. What this means for you is that you are a pioneer during these pivotal years, as humanity moves out of ages-old linear thinking and conditioning. This is a messy and often confusing process, especially because quantum perspectives are so novel and so confronting to a society entrenched in a dysfunctional status quo.

Being a Pioneer

Pioneers naturally experience things first. When you get nervous or uncertain about your pioneer role, remember the gifts that come with laying the foundation for a more enlightened world.

Each time you stretch beyond your comfort zone to meet a challenge seemingly too big to face, you enlarge your view and your ability to tap the more quantum energies. Each small step helps you to build confidence to travel the uncharted territories. Each tiny win helps you to build perseverance.

From these developing energies, your frequency shifts higher and higher. Each higher octave connects you more tangibly with spirit, with your divine purpose, and with the wisdom of enlightened masters who set the template for your enlightenment. From this, miracles can occur.


Peter fox 6th May 2014 10:32 am

What a brilliant and exciting explanation,Selacia- Thank you!!

johneblums 8th May 2014 8:07 am

Commemorates the birth, enlightenment, and death of Siddhartha Buddha. Having myself met Buddha in the spirit realm many years ago, I have since learned and experienced enlightenment, The word W-es-ak (Vesak) originates from ancient Hebrew Qabbalistic sacred knowledge and reveals the source and path of divine el-lumen-ation (EL-ATION from being United with the One-ness while still on earth) that is activated through the sacred energy of the divine Hebrew light scripts contained in the following three words:
TA-W(Tav) : Y-ES-OD : SAK-AN. These combined words as Vesak reveal one of the many names of the spirit heart realm within the kingdom of god-dess as “VESTA PETRA” – SAKAN (or shakan - meaning reside, abode) that is also the in-dwelling of the holy spirit life force within each of us, in nature that embodies and sustains all of creation. Furthermore the qabbalistic numbers in the festival period 9-12-5(may), code for the multidimensional realm and hierarchy of Divinity, the Holy Heart Sovereign Rulers of Creation and Love


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