The Council of 12's message on 11/11

A new chapter for humanity has been written this past week. Great numbers of people have chosen a path of change and light. Decisions were made within peoples' hearts to begin looking forward once again, rather than back.

It was the Americans at the forefront of this active decisionmaking. However, people in many countries across the world also voted with their hearts. Lightworkers on all continents have been energizing the positive winds of change for some time, and a crucial momentum has built.

The train of change is now in forward motion.

Imagine for a moment this train and see yourself on it. Notice what end of the train you occupy (towards the front, middle, or back). Who is sitting with you? How are these people related to your path of light? How much baggage have you taken aboard? What particular piece of baggage would you like to discard for the next part of the journey?

Consider that piece of baggage now -- the one that is heavy and weighs you down. It is the issue that is the greatest obstacle in your forward spiritual progression. Name that issue now, not with judgment or anger, but with compassion and a knowingness that this issue is separate from the essence that is you. Invite the assistance of spirit to help you dismantle this issue. Acknowledge that even as you are asking, you are receiving. Rest in that knowing.

See yourself occupying the train of change in new clothing and with a more enlightened approach to the human experience. Trust that each day's experience can lead you to greater clarity, more connection with spirit, and increased joy.

Visualize your beingness benefiting from this process and from today's expansive energies of 11/11.


Irena 11th November 2008 9:08 pm

Love Is All There Is

Yes! Everyone I know in Hong Kong have been wishing for Obama!

We are One and NOW, it's finally happening!

with Love,

Guzar 12th November 2008 12:54 am

I find it interesting that there are five or six channelings listed on this site on the 11:11 energy and not one is in sync with the others. Since August, so many messages from so many beings, and most of the messages contained “ego” interpretations visibly mixed in. So who speaks the real truth?

netdragon 12th November 2008 4:42 am

"So who speaks the real truth?"

Your inner self, since there is no "real truth" but only relative truth -- your truth.

Mariù 12th November 2008 4:49 am

...and it's even more interesting that you wrote the same comment on all of the messages! :)
As I said already in another one I think that everyone brings up a different aspect of these energies. Also if they were in perfect sync you wouldn't be looking for the truth. Use your discernment to find what resonates with you and which is the closest to what you believe is the truth! Through diversity we all evolve.

Shaun 12th November 2008 6:01 am

here's a link that I believe conveys the mesage of the "one" that we are becoming in awareness


Lindazkewl 14th November 2008 11:44 pm

As there are many possible futures and outcomes, so there also many truths.