The Path of Enlightenment: What's Different Now

This month as you celebrate Wesak and the Buddha's birthday, you are also remembering your own potential for enlightenment. Yes, each one of you has that potential-it is your destiny to become self-realized. Enlightenment is your true natural state, encoded within your DNA.

One reason you are alive now is to accelerate your enlightenment process-in a greater way than was possible in any other historical period. People who lived in earlier times had enlightenment encoded within their DNA, too, of course.

The difference between then and now is humanity's awakening. There has been a progression in the awakening process - with many more people like you on the path. Humanity now has a long history of moving towards this more evolved place where you now stand. Much has been learned over time. Vital qualities and skills have been developed.

A remembering of humanity's divine heritage has been occurring, a bit at a time. The wisdom of your ancestors is in the energy field of humanity's mass consciousness. Lessons learned over the centuries are encoded within the DNA of every person who walks the Earth.

You have access to great wisdom keepers - both physical and nonphysical. One purpose of gathering at Wesak is to access their wisdom in a more tangible way than is typically possible.

Crucial for Humanity

You desire this wisdom, of course, but do you know how crucial it is to humanity's survival? You face greater challenges than encountered by some of the great enlightened beings of history - like the Buddha, the Christ, and Kuan Yin. During their lifetimes, the planet was not at the tipping point you now face. If the Earth had been at such a juncture, most people's knowledge was limited to their own corner of the world.

The Buddha did not wake up in the middle of the night worrying about polluted oceans and disasters half way around the world. Thanks to technology and other factors, today's aspiring Buddhas have a global perspective about the state of humanity.

The Earth is at a vital juncture now that will determine the future of the next generations. You can feel this juncture deep within your bones; it may even keep you up on some nights as your mind races back and forth about a growing list of concerns.

Your Role

Those of you alive today are playing a key role in catalyzing positive changes that will lead to a more loving world. The leaps in consciousness you personally achieve - along with your light-filled actions in the world - are the key to the planet's future.

The revolutionary changes now unfolding across all continents are occurring because of divine changemakers like you. It is easy to forget your own power to change your reality. On an intellectual level, hearing this now, you likely accept this idea.

The subconscious level is another matter. It is your subconscious-impacted by emotional responses and past conditioning-that determines how much of the time you feel empowered and able to respond to life's chaos in an enlightened way.

The healing blessings of Wesak are designed to cut through the illusions your subconscious presents. As you connect with this energy, you have assistance in dropping illusions in the way of your full divine expression.

You likely have many questions these days and much to be uncertain about. Sometimes in the chaos of not knowing, you can forget just how powerful you are. As you walk on the unstable ground, you may doubt your ability to find the way home.

Your Shining Light

Forgetting and doubting come with the human terrain, but these things are not who you are. Underneath the amnesia and doubt is your shining light. Your light shines brightly and is never extinguished. If you could see this light shining back at you in the mirror, it would amaze you. You would need to step back from the mirror, it would be so bright. If you could feel the love that indeed lies within your core - underneath your fear responses - you would simply melt. Your love is that powerful.

You are in the midst of a revolutionary undertaking, participating in a mass awakening of humanity across the planet. You came to be a key player - a divine changemaker. This was to be no small task, but you had preparations and you were willing to take the risks to join this experiment. A wise part of you knew that at crucial points along the way, you would connect with reinforcements of divine energy, helping you to dismantle obstacles and to see your existence with clarity. You knew that Wesak was one of those times when you could connect with an expanded level of spiritual fuel.

Over the coming weeks, you may notice new people coming into your life to help you with unfinished business. As you respond positively to the gift in those interactions - taking a deeper look within yourself and clearing past patterns - you can accelerate your progress in significant ways. You will begin holding and broadcasting more light.

In this expanded stage, you have the ability to touch and be touched more tangibly by the force of the divine-connecting you with an unshakeable inner guidance and a knowing that you are safe and okay and will succeed, regardless of outer circumstances. As this process occurs in stages, your awareness becomes deeper and more luminous, and eventually boundless. When that happens, you experience pure joy and you see your world through the eyes of joy.

On those days right now when you feel you cannot find your joy, remember this truth. Remember that your eventual destination is to hold and broadcast the energies of love and joy. Meanwhile, you can discover how to be in those energies more of the time as you follow the enlightenment path that your wisdom keepers have modeled for you.

As you do this, you are a positive example to others. One of the biggest gifts that you can give is to be this example in the world. Your higher wisdom knows that this is why your presence is so pivotal on the planet now. This higher part of you is unwavering, for it knows how fruitful your journey really is.

Remember to call upon your higher wisdom daily - especially during those moments when disturbing news is announced and when you are presented with new information about the state of the world.

People have a learned tendency to go along with the crowd. These days with the Internet and so much information available, going along with the pack can get you off course and trigger needless fear and anxiety. You could take unproductive detours, add to the fear of those around you, and delay your own enlightenment. As a divine changemaker, you cannot afford to get caught up in pack mentality. In each situation, you must discover how to find your own truth.

Just because a story has appeared dozens of times on numerous websites, that doesn't mean it's true. Your truth barometer needs to be fully operational-based on your own reason, intuitive knowing, and grounded research.

Your Truth Barometer

When you have a well developed truth barometer, you can stay in your center more of the time and you will be of more help to others. As you do this, it will change your destiny and the destiny of those who you touch.

As you continue the journey of discovering your divine nature, we surround you with our love and blessings. We are The Council of 12.


Barbara 24th May 2011 2:09 am

Thank you Selacia.... Empowering.

SpiritHeart 24th May 2011 8:21 am

Thank you Very much for this beautiful and inspiring message. The truth - is no where else seaerchable - but within.

With Great Love xo