The Power of Changing What You Ask

Benefit More from Inner Work and Energy Windows  

With the Mercury Retrograde ending and some beneficial energy opportunities on the horizon, this is a perfect time to change the status quo of our lives and clear blocks that seemed unmovable before. We are changing all the time, of course, yet how we change and clear those blocks depends in large part on the questions we ask. Continue reading for examples and what this means for you now ahead of the upcoming Full Moon. 

Most likely, there is something you want more clarity about so you can move forward with a project, relationship, or other goal.  It's natural to seek increased understanding of your life path and how to pursue goals.  

Sometimes even a slight course correction involving what you are doing can make a huge difference in outcome and happiness. Wanting clarity and increased understanding is different from having self-doubt.  

Wise Part of You Questions

The desire for greater understanding comes from a wise part of you that consistently questions and looks deeper than what's on the surface. It catalyzes a process inside of you - questioning, exploring, and envisioning from a sea of quantum options. Oftentimes this shows up in dreams. It also can manifest as flashes of insight coming to you after you engage with the world and pay attention to the words of others. Something said could trigger your own thought process, tailored especially to you and where you are right now. Remember: you are part of the quantum connected universe. 

As a divine changemaker you are learning to master the art of inquiry. It is a developing skill to turn dead-end questions into ones that lead to breakthroughs. What's a dead-end question? Examples are "what if" and generic "what should I be doing?" The first example is fear-based. The second example is too general to reveal what you need to know.

For optimal results, get specific with your questions. If you wonder what you might be doing differently, ask a series of specific questions related to the issue.  

Relationship example: When there are relationship problems you cannot resolve, ask what you can do or avoid doing that will change things. Also, invite a knowing of what the other person needs but isn't getting, and how you can help.   

Life path example: When you are uncertain about the direction of your life path, or question if something's missing, get specific with your inquiry. Start with questions like, "What is the main thing I need to add, eliminate, or change to have more success and joy?" and "What learned coping mechanism am I applying that now is a hindrance and blocking my way forward?"

Factor in Ancestral and Past Life Influences

When you do your self-inquiry, don't forget to include the impact of ancestral and past life influences. Everyone has them. Just assume the potential that such influences could play a role in your life journey and progress. Therefore, invite a knowing of whether you have ancestral blocks related to your specific issue. Separately, ask to understand how past life influences could be impacting you now. You could have both going on. The DNA is a vast akashic record of your past, present and future - as such it holds vital keys to your self-actualization and happiness.

Making the Most of High-Energy Days

Make the most of high-energy days and energy gateways like Full Moons by being present with yourself. This includes being present to the questions you are asking out loud and inside your head. Do your best to avoid repetitively asking yourself dead-end questions like "when will I" and "what if." Be specific instead.

When you do inner work or attend healing meditations, apply the same guidelines. The more focused you are with your intentions and inquiry, the more that you can access deep insights needed for big life shifts. Trust that these insights are there already, swirling around in your energy field. Know that with practice, patience, and presence, you will be tapping into them more and more of the time. Enjoy the journey!



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