The Unique Window

Your world is now knee-deep in economic meltdown.  Every day you have reminders of the ailing financial systems of key countries such as the United States.  On a personal level, you likely have your own reminders of the fragile nature of the economic infrastructure of your now global society.  You have learned to depend upon these financial systems, and to expect that they would always be there in the familiar forms. 

To be sure, it's a big wake up call to discover that what you had thought reliable and strong is indeed crumbling beneath your feet.  There is a natural feeling of loss associated with this, regardless of how you are personally impacted right now. 

This feeling of loss can be overwhelming, and it can trigger a sudden episode of depression.  Even if you don't typically become depressed, you can feel like a black cloud is obscuring your happiness, hopes and dreams. 

The Tipping Point

While comparisons are being made between this current crisis and America's great depression of the 1930's, today's economic predicament is quite different.  The world has reached a tipping point, and the out-of-balance structures will need to be addressed in order for humanity to move forward. Band-aids will not suffice. The global distress cannot be resolved through local measures that are isolationist, protectionist, or elitist.

What you are witnessing and experiencing is part of the great reconfiguration underway as humanity births a new paradigm world.  Finances are coming under the spotlight first, as this sector is closely interconnected with society's other outmoded structures. 

It's really not personal, this crisis, yet it certainly can feel quite personal when your income, your bank account, and even your sense of long term financial security appear to be uncertain. Separate from this, of course, you may well have suffered economic losses on a number of fronts since last fall. In addition, you may be dealing with a variety of other types of loss, some already manifest and some possible in your near future. This is like a magnification factor, potentially heightening conscious and subconscious fears of the unknown. 

You may even feel anxiety when simply contemplating the prospect of how much really needs to change on the planet. 

A wise part of you knows that change and loss are normal elements of the creation process on Earth. You likely have witnessed or directly experienced countless losses - big and small - throughout your life. 

Most likely, you have developed coping mechanisms for handling loss.  Some of these you may be aware of, and others may be unconscious. 

Your wise self also knows that the changes happening now on your planet are a part of the great shift in consciousness you have come to witness and birth. The road now is indeed rocky, yet where it leads is a place in which you as a being can soar! 

The Unique Window

Right now, given the prospect of the unique window of time you are passing through, is an excellent moment to contemplate and perhaps update your responses to change and loss. 

As a reminder, this unique window of time involves an opportunity for you to catapult yourself into great lightness of being.  Your ability to shift out of past limiting patterns and to remember the truth of who you are is profound beyond measure in this lifetime, and especially in this particular cycle. 

The acceleration and magnitude of what is before you cannot be quantified in human terms.  Never before has there been so much cosmic assistance or such a collective global shifting in consciousness as you will witness now during this window of time.  

Therefore, taking a close look at your relationship with change will be well worth the effort it takes.  If you lived at the seashore and it was hurricane season, you would naturally want to take precautions to protect your home and family. You and your neighbors, certainly, would consider boarding up the house and packing the family car with provisions as needed. 

Similarly, right now with the massive reconfiguration happening in plain view, you and your human companions are being nudged to discover more evolved responses to change.

The typical human being has become like a fat man wearing a suit three sizes too small and trying to fit his oversize body on standard size chairs designed for people of his grandparents' generation.  His overweight body is causing a growing list of health problems too. 

This man, to be comfortable and healthy, has a number of options, each one of them involving some sort of change.  The key for this man is HOW he approaches change.  This has everything to do with consciousness, and where energetically the man sits in each moment as he responds to the happenstance of his personal life and events of his world. 

The energy of how the man sits is the key.  The man can choose what sort of cushion he sits on, impacting how he sees and experiences his world.  However, this ordinary man either tends to forget he has this choice, or perhaps he simply has not learned that he has a choice.  After all, this vital training is nonexistent in most cultures focused on outer world success.

Choose Your Cushion

If you sit on a cushion of fear and hate, you will face great obstacles during these times of massive change.  The old paradigm ways involving fear and blame will not get you where you want to go. Judging yourself and others for how things are will keep you in the negative spiral of energy you want to escape. 

Expecting others to rescue you, or to magically fix your problems, will leave you feeling even more disempowered.  Viewing the disassembly of your broken systems as disaster will add to your sense of loss and hopelessness. 

Each person, to thrive in the coming months and years, will need to learn more innovative and light-filled ways to respond to what's happening. 

Going Deeper

For you personally, that means getting to know yourself more intimately.  If you think you already know yourself, remember that the path of self-awareness is an ongoing learning process.  To succeed at the more advanced levels, one must be willing to go deeper and to look at oneself in new ways.  This sometimes means revisiting topics which seem like a rehash of old news.  Therefore, consider right now opening yourself to some radically new options and ideas.  Check in with your heart and begin the flow of a more positive energy that will begin shifting your experience of what's happening now. 

Some examples:

1. Decide today that you will learn a fresh approach to working with change and loss. 

2. Ask your Higher Self to help you become more comfortable with the process of change, and to stay more positive when you lose things and people dear to you.

3. Invite in the help of spirit to lovingly show you unproductive responses to change. 

4. Imagine or visualize regularly throughout your day, starting now, that you are surrounded and supported by a host of benevolent physical and nonphysical helpers.  

Remember that the changes needed on your planet will come from people like yourself who begin to make different choices and learn to find their center amidst the chaos. 

A part of you, now existing in the future, has already done this. Call upon this part of yourself now, and regularly, as you travel the uncertain road ahead. As you continue the journey of rediscovering your Divine nature, we surround you with our love and blessings.

We are The Council of 12.


Auraengus 1st March 2009 7:21 am

Thank you Selacia and the Council of Twelve for this message. It is good to have the feelings of hope and the great blessings in store for the future reinforced now and again! It brings us back to our centre where all is well, all is well.