Tips for Accessing August Blessings

August is full of blessings but what are they and how do you access them? In this article, I give you a grounded spiritual perspective about optimal use of the available energies. I describe some unique opportunities of this month and how they can translate into a positive momentum in your life.

Regardless of how your August has been so far, consider that a number of your positive goals either stagnated or out of reach could receive a start-up boost when you act on your awareness of this cycle and what it could mean for you. Awareness is always a key – you cannot appropriately act on something outside your radar and self-understanding.

You could have an amazing new opportunity this month and not even realize it. It could be something so foreign to your thinking that you have not enlarged your view enough to contain it!

Knowing in advance what energies you have to work with is no guarantee of outcome, but you are better prepared to take advantage of positive potentials and to remedy possible conflicts. Awareness and being awake to your present and future potentials is the key! This is not magical thinking – it’s empowered thinking.

What to Pay Attention To

August is a powerful month to bring things to culmination and create huge life shifts. Many of the changes you want to make will involve relationships in some fashion. The very issue of relationships is being catalyzed in huge ways now.

Pay attention to your own relationships this month and do inner work plus 1-on-1 heart centered connecting with key people. Here are examples. Something you have longed to say may need to be voiced – appropriately of course. Something you have long wanted to receive from someone you may need to actually ask for – directly with your own voice, again appropriately. Don’t expect others to psychically pick up your thoughts – if something needs to be said, say it.

Sometimes we mistakenly put relationships second on our priority list, believing that the success in some other area matters more. Nothing could be further from the truth! Life is an interconnected dance with others – each step you take involving another person can either add to or take away from your vitality and high frequency.
The person you have marginalized in your mind, then, impacts your ability to function at your intended highest levels. This can impact countless things in your life, and not just the big stuff.

I’m not simply talking about your significant other here. The people you relate to run the gambit of roles, from the friend you hardly ever see and the customer service representative on the phone to your boss, roommate, and daily workout partner. All of them matter. Even engaging on social media with people you haven’t met matters.

Relationship Inventory

Take a moment and do your own inventory now, just for this week. Ground and center yourself in your heart, setting aside emotions and thoughts about the past or future. Inquire within with some simple questions like those below. Go with the very first answer that comes to you. Remember – you are intuitive!

Who do you communicate with directly or indirectly? In general, when you connect do you feel uplifted afterwards or somehow drained?

Be careful here. Don’t make this about the other person. It’s about you and how you interact – how you interpret things at your end, what kind of mind games you play perhaps subconsciously, and how you react. Take responsibility for your part in each relationship. Let the other person take responsibility for their part, realizing you can’t force this in any way or control how they respond if you bring up things and then feel unsettled afterwards.

If you understand your own astrology transits, take another look at them now. You want to take advantage of harmonies and work to remedy potential discord with active participation in your own life. Planets don’t hurt you. Cycles like transits don’t hurt you either. They do carry energy potentials, however, and research shows that they matter in your life. When I look at a chart, I am careful to walk a fine line and put things in a grounded spiritual perspective. I recommend against giving fantasy projections about everything ahead looking perfect. Likewise, I suggest looking at potential discords as a gift to understand in the present, so that energy and real life work-around measures can be found.

We have about a month before September’s Mercury Retrograde and Eclipse cycles stir things up – creating a more volatile energy than we’re presently experiencing.

Litmus Test for Relationships

Knowing this, I recommend taking care of your inner and outer Feng Shui. This includes updating your litmus test for relationships. Is your evaluating method new paradigm? Is it heart centered? Does it honor you? Does it honor the other person? Is it based on past hurts? Is it open to change and updating?

Ask to see things from a higher perspective, ask to know truth in your heart, ask to experience others as soul.

Remember that you are here for a reason. It’s not some random accident you are alive during this total revamp of how life is lived on Earth. It is purposeful – your soul knows that and a part of you reading these words figured this out when you first began awakening to your divine changemaker path. Trust this. Trust yourself. Trust that you can create an amazing life, wonderful relationships, and co-create a loving world.


keryndawer 20th August 2015 10:16 pm

Thanks Selacia! A very helpful information and morale boost. I appreciate it :)

Keryn xo