Tips for Using Green Light Energy

Moving Your Life Forward after Mercury Retrograde

The last couple of months have been a wild ride of erratic energies, likely catalyzing some turmoil in your life. If you've been wondering when things would calm down and you could breathe easier, that time is now! 

Why? Planetary energies, including 2 eclipses and a 3-week mercury retrograde, are now behind us. And with mercury going direct this week, the energies are supporting more green lights for your projects and forward momentum. This includes things of a more personal nature like relationships and your home front. It also includes work and how you express your life purpose in the world.

If you've been feeling emotional ripples, or perhaps a tidal wave, in recent times, you're not alone. It is part of this current energy cycle to have these ups and downs. Some things - especially those involving communications and technology impacted by the mercury retrograde - can now dissipate with mercury having gone direct. Breathe and stay positive to move into a new flow.

When you have weeks of problematic communications or action steps that simply don't pan out, you can become complacent and forget you've been in an erratic and challenging cycle impacting everyone. Between the mercury retrograde and eclipses, it indeed has been more intense than usual! Now, however, you have a green light to move ahead.

In this article I give some spiritually grounded tips for taking advantage of this green light energy. Check in with your heart and inner wisdom as you read, paying attention to what's most applicable to you and your current situation. Keep this information handy over the coming days, too, returning to it as a resource for staying on track.

Tips for Using Green Light Energy

First - Update your perspective on this past cycle involving the 2 eclipses and 3-week mercury retrograde. Think big picture instead of the surface appearances.

On the surface, for example, there were communications snafus with missed calls and perhaps missed appointments. Some people had travel plans disrupted; others noticed that they had challenges with technology. Relationships, and sometimes life direction, came into question for many people, who were called to assess and perhaps shift things for the better.  

Looking at the big picture, the past couple of months have been a huge nudge to review life goals and specific plans for moving forward into a lighter and more productive way to be. Things that were energetically weighing you down likely came into your awareness routinely. Perhaps you felt driven to research a new self-care routine or to find a more effective way to heal longstanding issues. Cycles like what we just had - including the retrograde - are natural. The more you can apply this perspective during the cycle, using the energies to rebalance your life and refocus, the more productive you will be.

Second - Keep in mind that there's a 2-week shadow period before and after a mercury retrograde. During the shadow such as our current one ending November 27, stay present to the details of your life. Many things involving communications and technology may already be going more smoothly. However, you can still experience bumps here and there.

So double check times, meetings, and do your best to be clear and heart-centered in all communications. Also, for perspective, remember the overall time period we live in - a time of massive unrelenting revolutionary change. There will be ongoing ups and downs, even outside of retrograde periods. Your role as a divine changemaker is to become increasingly skilled in riding this wave of energies, finding your center and then becoming an example to the world of how to find harmony during stormy times.  

Third - Some people, challenged by the recent cycle, may have felt depressed, anxious, or simply angry. If you have felt like this, be sure to do an attitude adjustment now. You don't want to take lower-frequency emotions into your current activities. Being angry, even if you shelve your anger by not thinking about it, won't help you take advantage of the green lights.

After all, when you are angry, you become off center and less able to connect with your heart and intuition. The anger, then, becomes the lens through which you see what's in front of you. The anger sits in your energy field, even if you pretend it's not there. That anger becomes toxic to you in manifesting what you want. It can so obscure your vision that you may not even notice the green light right in front of you!

Fourth - Intentionally stay awake and present, being mindful of the need to shift when there are energy shifts. This means recognizing that you may have gotten in a rut recently. You could have become complacent, feeling that it was useless to even focus on your projects during the retrograde.

You could have fallen into bad habits, like sleeping late or not checking your emails. Don't judge yourself if this happened to you. Decide now, however, that you will shift your own energy back into an active and forward motion. You do this with your own mind with your focus, your intentions, and your actions - taken one step at a time. That last part is vital to remember. You don't want to go on overload now. Pace yourself. But do take action.

Fifth - Most likely the past couple of months you have contemplated some changes in your life. You may even have started to make some of the changes. Consider what your desired changes are now, updating anything that needs a refresh. Prioritize these things. Include them in your daily intentions and prayers.

Ask for dreams and inner guidance that will help you to sort out the complexities of your biggest changes. Then start where you are, with one thing at a time and give that one thing your consciously aware, heart-centered focus. Don't wait for an entire life plan to materialize. Certain actions indeed fall within divine timing right now - choose them. And trust that spirit is right there with you, gently and lovingly guiding you. 



queens4freedom 15th November 2013 10:58 am

thank you! PEACE, LOVE, & JOY TO ALL!!!

keryndawer 16th November 2013 5:39 am

Thank you Selacia. I DO feel spirit is right there with me helping and guiding me through challenging times and difficult decisions. I try to "exude" this faith to help others in my life trust their heart, trust Life and trust that the universe is working to help them :) :) :)


kdawn 18th November 2013 2:09 am

Dearest Selacia,

I don't think anyone wants to be angry. In the past 7 years, I've had horrendous things happen, including being exposed to toxic mold & slow carbon monoxide leak for several years in a rental home (resulting in seizures, "drop attacks", brain/spine injury, constant excruciating pain, etc.), as well as medical/legal malpractice. Add to the mix some "negative interference" from "imposter spirits" being controlled by dark forces (I worked with a shaman to help them). Plus I was forced to stay with family, & they have physically attacked me, lied about me, & sabotaged my efforts to get well & move on.

I've worked on forgiveness/acceptance/gratefulness & have actually come to a place of compassion for them, knowing they haven't had the easiest lives. I also believe we choose our family for purposes we take on in our lifetime (a LOT) ;D , & mine has played their role most excellently.:) Yet with all this, plus reversed polarity, past life stuff, the WILD energies, being extremely empathic, etc., anger comes up.

How do I best release it?

Thx Bunches & Much Love!