Walking a Tightrope

Feeling like you’re walking a tightrope, perhaps still recovering from last week’s emotionally-charged full moon? You’re not alone. The intensity of recent weeks continues, and it will take mindfulness and inner stability to navigate the path. Even getting from point A to point B may be challenging on some days, your perhaps feeling you’d rather go back to bed than face the next task.

Because of planetary aspects stirring up emotions, you may feel challenged to remain calm. Also, if you responded to last week’s energies with emotional reactions, you may need to mend some fences with others now. Regardless of how you have been personally impacted by recent energies, you can be sure that some others around you have had a difficult time. Keeping this in mind helps you to have compassion for the people in your life.

Why, you may ask, are things still so intense, so difficult, and so uncertain? The biggest paradigm shift of all time is underway all across the planet. In process for a long while, it’s accompanied by the most radical revolution ever seen by a generation. You as a divine changemaker, of course, have a front-row seat and you will notice and feel things more than the average person. Your increased sensitivity and awareness means you will experience the intensity in an amplified way.

Tips for Walking the Tightrope

The following tips will help you to navigate your life with more ease. As you apply these concepts, you will be able to breathe easier and you will become a helpful guide to others. Some people less experienced than you may feel so frozen by fear that they don’t see the opportunities being created by society’s upheaval. You can show them by your example that there’s really nothing to fear – that the old world must fall away for the new one everyone wants.

  1. Change is something everyone wants, but the focus is usually on the outside world and what’s wrong. To be sure, plenty in that outer world needs changing and things will change. For that to happen, though, individuals and groups must have an attitude shift that is born of a consciousness shift. Trust that this is in process and remember that you are a vital part of the mix. The changes you want cannot occur without your active and conscious participation. Your involvement must include changes in thinking as well as changes in how you live your life – including what you focus on, who you spend your time with, and what you buy.
  2. As a spiritual being, you have “wings,” but you must also be grounded and present in your body. Without grounding you cannot walk the tightrope with skill and fearlessness. You need to bring spirit into your body, connect with your heart, and allow your inner wisdom to steady you.
  3. The old will die, but longstanding attitudes and superstitions keeping the old in place will take a while to dissolve. Don’t expect this to happen overnight. Any consciousness shift of today’s magnitude will be naturally met by opposition. Those at the helm of ego-centered power structures will want to maintain the status quo – until they are convinced that alternatives truly pose no threat. As a divine changemaker, too, you will have moments when it’s difficult for you to let go of old habits and dysfunctional ways of being. This is normal because of the learned tendency to resist change and the unknown. Do your very best, then, to say “yes” to needed changes as they present themselves.
  4. These unique moments in the Earth’s history are filled with illusions and manipulations of all sorts. Stay awake and conscious so that you remember to question reality. Be mindful of attempts to control you or to prevent you from accessing information. Avoid fear, however, as this will block your discernment. Remember: consciousness cannot be legislated; spirituality cannot be banned; truth cannot be hidden for long.
  5. Life is intense right now – give yourself more time than usual to replenish, self-reflect, and calm down. You deserve these extra moments of quiet. Indeed, they are essential if you are to find your balance and receive spirit’s input. You will need to access this tranquil state often now in order to have discernment.


Skyhawke8 27th September 2013 11:49 am

Thank you Selacia.
Beautiful and profound (and much appreciated) insight today!

keryndawer 27th September 2013 12:34 pm

Just super Selacia :) Yes , life is surely like walking a tightrope now. I do need a great deal of time alone to process and "decompress" after being in the world as it takes so much energy to stay balanced to walk that tightrope. Alone I feel peaceful and happy, yet being in the real world can really challenge "the positive me." I'm learning though and getting better at it all the time :)

The community of Spirit Library is my safety net!

Thank you to all.


Paula Deer Heart 28th September 2013 10:02 am

Thank you, Thank you! Your wisdom has helped me understand all that I have been feeling.
Love & Light,


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