Wesak Blessings for Your Ascension

What if during these moments of rare planetary lineups you could begin tapping a vast energy field of blessings to accelerate your ascension?

With this week’s challenging grand cross bringing to light what needs to change, you could feel like you are doing a juggling act about now – self reflecting about your own life and observing a world already in crisis get even crazier.

Slow down your juggling for a few moments now and consider this. These moments of chaos indeed come with abundant blessings – so wonderful that not even your conniving ego-self could imagine them.

These blessings are in a different category from specific actions I suggested last week – things that you could contemplate or do to have breakthroughs during this week’s grand cross leading up to a powerful solar eclipse at the new moon on April 28-29.

Wesak Window of Blessings

The benevolent energies become available in part because of a synchronicity of having April’s transformative energies occur just before the opening of the annual Wesak window of blessings. That window, in fact, carries more beneficial transformative potential this year than it did in 2012 ahead of the December 21 solstice! While there is no linear date for when you can begin to access this window, in general it is for 6 to 8 weeks around the time of the Buddha’s birthday.

For 2014, this period begins in the last week of April and goes through solstice on June 21.

What is Wesak

Wesak is a celebration of the enlightened masters who walked the Earth before us, giving us the template for ascension. These beings include the Buddha, the Christ, Tapihritsa, Kuan Yin, and many more. At Wesak, too, we celebrate the Buddha’s birthday, passing, and enlightenment.

Wesak celebrations – such as those held with The Council of 12 on May 10 and June 21 – are opportunities to have tangible connections with these great beings and the blessings they shower upon humanity during Wesak season. Being in community with others also celebrating Wesak helps to amplify what you receive, too.

Even before a Wesak celebration, you can intentionally tap into the vast energy field of Wesak blessings to accelerate your own ascension. Wesak is not about religion. It is about enlightenment and the enlightenment potential of every being that walks the Earth. That includes you! This potential is actually encoded into your very DNA.

To benefit, you don’t need to have a personal connection with any of the enlightened beings associated with Wesak. Whether or not you know them or have had personal experience with them, these beings know you well. They are omniscient fully awakened beings who understand you and humanity as a whole. Most likely, you have had experiences with some of them on the inner planes during dream time. Some of you have tangibly connected with them at Wesak celebrations, too.

Connecting with the Blessings

During Wesak season, there are fewer veils between the dimensions and enlightened masters like the Buddha become more available to humanity. A palpable field of blessings is created during this time. If you have experienced this in previous years, you may find it is even more tangible this year.

Tap into these blessings by being in your heart and grounded, consciously awake to your own energy. Keep your focus positive and loving. If you are feeling agitated or angry, move out of those states before attempting to connect with the blessings.

Over the coming days, invite your higher self to connect you with these benevolent energies. Ask for insights and potent personal energy shifts. Be very honest with yourself about what blocks your awakening and full divine expression. Use this pivotal and precious time – between April and June – to do the inner work needed to benefit fully from these moments and the Wesak blessings. Looking back on this time years from now, you will be happy that you did.


bluedove53 3rd May 2014 2:12 am

wow the inner work for me, and relentless assault of energies from the world, has never been more intense for me. I am really looking forward to working through some of these issues finally, and standing on a tall, clear mesa of freedom and clarity!