What's in Your DNA Akashic Records

Our world may seem turned upside down right now but your life doesn't need to be. In fact, some of your greatest breakthroughs and progress can occur during these uncertain times. In this article I'll describe the key resource that exists within your very DNA - connected to your soul's akashic records - that can help you break free from very old stuff and live more of your life purpose.

What's in Your DNA Akashic Records

Here's some background on the vast treasure housed inside your DNA akashic records. There is a field around the DNA that can be read like a map, revealing the akashic records of your soul's journey over time. Key events are there, as are your responses to those events. Key qualities like gifts for writing or healing are also recorded there. Key imprints of your soul's lessons over time are there too. Key tendencies and experiences - whether yours personally, your ancestors, or even those of humanity - are also there. Key encodements assisting you with your enlightenment, including your mastery of spiritual teachings, are also found there.

When I speak of your soul's journey over time I'm referring to this life, past lives, and even times in between lifetimes when you may have made soul agreements or vows. Your soul's journey is interconnected with the journey of your family or ancestors, humanity in general, and key people from other lifetimes who are showing up again now.

Here are a few specific examples of the types of things I intuitively see when I do 1-on-1 DNA intuitive healing sessions.

FIRST is relationships, a key issue for everyone alive now seeking to create a more loving world. That's often the best place to start and there's plenty there. Example: a woman came to me to heal an old relationship that she had difficulty letting go of to move on. As I worked with her, I could see a pattern that began long before this life and which needed to be cleared at its root in the past before she had closure. To clear patterns at their root in the DNA is what makes the difference.

SECOND is money, another key issue around in many forms over the centuries. Even wealthy people can carry vows of poverty or other limiting beliefs about money, the past patterns often arising when the economy tanks or when other key catalysts occur. The world's instability today is catalyzing money themes for many people. What happens is that an issue lying dormant within the person's DNA comes to the surface as a result of some sort of crisis - personal or outer world. To learn what is in the person's akashic DNA record, then, provides the starting point for healing across time. As with the first example, the goal is knowing the root cause and clearing things from there.

THIRD is trust, a huge issue front-and-center in 2017 as themes of distrust and division have escalated to crisis proportions. The trust themes could be personal - as in self-doubt and distrust of personal decisions or life direction. The themes are also between people in all kinds of relationships - whether they are 1-on-1, in groups, or the individual vis-a-vis government and other authority figures. At a DNA level, many people have a conditioned distrust of certain people or groups of people. In fact, the roots of racism are typically at the genetic level of DNA, passed down over the generations.

FOURTH is life purpose, many people these days feeling either lack of clarity about their path or blocked from fully expressing the gifts of their soul. As with the examples above, keys to self-understanding and healing are found within the DNA itself. Example: when a person gains the quantum perspective of their soul path including key gifts and talents from past lives, a current interest or career direction can begin to come into relevant focus. Simultaneously, as the person becomes aware of and clears DNA-level blocks to manifesting purpose, brand-new pathways forward are created. One example of a DNA-level block could be a past life experience of rejection or persecution involving the use of talents. Abilities needed this life to express life purpose frequently were honed over a series of lifetimes. Some experiences inspired confidence, others could have left problematical imprints in the DNA.

Keep in mind the big picture of this lifetime. This is no ordinary life and certainly no ordinary time frame. Whatever successes or challenges you experience, know that they are a part of your soul's path to find wholeness. There really are no random jobs, love affairs, or life circumstances. Each of these arises from seeds planted before, and you can grow spiritually from any of them.

You are a divine changemaker, after all, alive now to bring your love and light into this world. As you do this, you will naturally attract what you need and you will be a significant force for good. The ripples of this goodness have no end.