When the Past Becomes the Present

How to Work with Multiple Timelines and Dimensions 

Have you ever experienced something in the past - this life or another one - bleeding into your present? This kind of timeline interaction has always occurred, yet now in the more quantum energies, people like you with expanded awareness are beginning to have more tangible knowing of these things. 

Meeting Someone Very Familiar

Most likely, for example, these days you can sense possible past life connections when first meeting someone who seems very familiar. The person you meet may be brand new in a linear way, yet your comfort or discomfort when first seeing him or her is sourced from the quantum realms.

You can't know for sure, of course, but you can sense that you and this person know each other across time. Something about them seems familiar - it could be the eyes, a gesture, the way they talk, or the way they hold their body. As you connect with that knowing and inquire within for a deeper understanding, you may receive intuitive flashes of insight about past life connections.

This sort of time bridge can be experienced with people you are getting to know personally or professionally - it can even happen with strangers you don't expect to see again.

Understanding Multiple Timelines, Dimensions

You live in a quantum reality in which past, present, future, and parallel energies can impact your present. As you grow spiritually, you become even more aware of this and you seek ways to understand and appropriately respond in these situations.

Understanding is the first step. This includes a conscious recognition that much of what you see in the world - including faces of "new" people - is not exactly as it appears. Your brain interprets what you see, after all, and if you are looking merely at the surface level, the other dimensions will be hidden. Therefore, factor that in as you interact in the world from now on.

Common Misinterpretations

There are some common misinterpretations people make when sensing a comfort or discomfort with someone new.

Here are a few examples of what you might say to yourself in these moments:
1.    I must have met my soulmate.
2.    I don't like this person - he or she must be mean.
3.    This person is attractive to me - we may have good chemistry for exploring a love relationship.
4.    I don't want this person I just met involved with my work project - I just don't trust him or her.

If you find yourself responding to a new person with these thoughts, consider expanding your view to include the quantum.


1.    Feeling you may have met your soulmate? Inquire within about why you feel this, and how past lives or other factors could be influencing your feeling.
2.    Question why you are feeling an automatic dislike for someone new. The response could come from a host of things, including past lives and even visual reminders of other people you've experienced as mean.
3.    When you feel attraction to a new person, step outside the feeling long enough to question what's at the root of this feeling. Attraction, and even great chemistry, is no guarantee of a successful love relationship in the present. Find out how much of the attraction is present-time oriented and ask your higher wisdom to show you how to respond appropriately.
4.    It's understandable that you would want to avoid bringing a new person you distrust into your work project. Consider though, before acting on the feeling, where your feeling is coming from. If it's a past life bleeding into the present, and you address that life energetically at a DNA level, the issue you thought you had disappears into the clear light. Then you are free to choose in a brand-new way!

When Friendships Turn Rocky

These types of examples can also apply when you are in a harmonious longtime friendship that all of a sudden starts to go sour.  You may not know why, but increasingly over time you can feel distanced from your friend. It may feel odd to you, but the comfort you always had shifts into a scenario wherein some days you like the person and other days you hate them.

When this happens, it's common to assign meanings to the disharmony without a full understanding of the quantum factors. From a higher spiritual perspective, sourced from the quantum, you are wise to explore deeper reasons that include past lives. As you look truthfully at what is there - without judgment or expectations - and address past life disharmonies at a DNA level, your rocky friendship can be repaired. With things then brought up to date, your friendship will be richer and more satisfying and you will have grown spiritually in the process.

Being in the Present

Remember that in the quantum world - with so many timelines intersecting with the present - the most important thing is what you do in the present. It is your present reality, after all, that you are alive now to live. Only by operating in present time can you access your true power to create and fulfill your purpose.

As a divine changemaker your role is to master becoming whole, conscious, and present focused - being as loving and kind as you can be.


bluefeatheryone 25th July 2013 10:58 am

Thank you, Selacia, for this message. "...being as loving and kind as you can be." I know all I can do is my best each day. My best is not someone else's best & my best now is different from my best in the past & still different from my best in the future. The solace I have is that as long as I know I'm doing my best in the moment, it's truly all I can do & I have to let the rest go. I believe love heals so many things & trying to be as loving & kind as I can be in any given moment is my best & all I can do. Some days are more difficult than others, but I have to believe I'm growing in the best direction. Love to you! :smitten:

Angelika Lina 28th July 2013 3:02 pm

thank you for your post Selacia,

I enjoyed reading it and will raise my awareness to handle such situations and myself as loving as possible.