Why 2016 Wesak is Important for You

Feeling like your train got derailed or like your train is just out of sync with its usual schedule? You can thank our current duo of retrogrades - Mercury and Mars - for some of this disarray. Both communications and forward movement are impacted right now. Knowing we have those pesky cosmic energies at play can help you take snafus less personally. Besides, there is some very good news I'll describe here.

First of all, while the Mars retrograde continues until June 29, Mercury goes direct a week from now during Wesak weekend. We also have some helpful energy in the mix for this coming week - like a Sun-Moon trine May 16 that can help you take care of things that need to be done. This, combined with the Sun entering Gemini at the end of next week, can feel like a welcome cool breeze on a hot day.

Wesak Full Moon

This helps set the stage for our powerful Sagittarius Full Moon May 21 for Wesak. A key element of the Wesak Full Moon is mega transformation combined with a blast of light into dark corners where illumination must occur for positive change. This is on both a personal and planetary level - something to be aware of and take advantage of while the window is open.

This year's Wesak couldn't come at a better time. Our world is in chaos. Things we thought were certain before now have become question marks. At the same time, light is shining on dysfunctions of all kinds and more people are waking up to injustices, inefficiencies, and income disparities.

These things impact everyone, for on a spiritual level even the wealthy and power elite are only temporarily immune from some sufferings most people endure. Yes, they can insulate themselves with money and feel above it all. However, the elite as eternal beings are responsible for karmic implications of actions that dishonor humanity and the Earth. There is no curtain to hide behind.

Why 2016 Wesak is Important for You

Each year around this time we celebrate Wesak. This is when the Buddha became enlightened and also when we remember and connect with other Ascended Masters who long ago set the template for enlightenment on Earth.

Buddha, believed to have lived from 560 to 480 B.C., incarnated in India during a century of great turmoil. He is among many beings born on Earth during dark times. The name Buddha simply means enlightened one. Other enlightened Masters include the Christ, Kuan Yin, Mother Mary, and Tapihritsa.

As I've written about recently, the entire Wesak season is a time of immense blessings and potentials to accelerate your ascension and become free of very old patterns causing you suffering. However, Wesak weekend - with the actual celebration May 21 - is a key activation time. Taking part in this in a tangible way can truly jumpstart your life, in both practical and spiritual ways!

Celebrating has nothing to do with religion. The Buddha and others attained enlightenment by learning to remember their true nature, which is divine. At the core of every human on Earth is this divine spark - it is in your DNA.

Ascended Masters at Wesak celebrate their own enlightenment and also shower humanity with vast blessings to help people achieve self-realization. The site of the inner planes celebration is in the sacred Wesak Valley of Tibet. People with inner sight who have attended a Wesak event have seen Buddha's image in the sky. Interactions with other Ascended Masters in the Wesak Valley can open a huge door of enlightenment potentials. In the days and weeks that follow, people often notice big shifts in their life.

To prevail and thrive in today's world, it takes a growing bond and tangible connection to spirit. Worldly markers like your bank account or online popularity are temporary. You are an eternal divine being having incarnated now for a unique purpose.

Divine Changemakers

Part of that is to be a divine changemaker, on the leading edge of change and pioneering new ways of being.

The corresponding part is to be alive in circumstances fortunate for becoming enlightened. This is no accident and you must make the most of this precious opportunity. Through a series of past lives, you as a soul have placed yourself in a fortunate situation. You may not always recognize it as such, but it is true. Honor yourself, your soul, and your long journey to get to this juncture by taking advantage of this opportunity.

Helpful Daily Reminder

Remind yourself daily: "I am divine. I have the potential of becoming enlightened this life. I can connect with available blessings and energy of Ascended Masters to help show me the way. I will avail myself of opportunities I sense will help me stay grounded, connected to spirit, and hold an unwavering single-pointed vision on the enlightenment path."


MareGrane 22nd May 2016 8:57 am

Dear Selacia, Thank you for your guidance and wisdom. With the crazy things that happen and that sense of "not being in control of your life" this actually does make sense and helps us keep it together. This has been a good weekend for me and I truly felt the light bringing change into my life. I saw my brother yesterday 5-21-2016 for the first time in 8 years. That was no minor miracle. He is making breakthroughs and opening up to me that is clearing the path to a higher frequency for us both. I am truly grateful for this time. Your advice and insight have been especially rewarding. Blessings on the wings of angels :angel: