Wise Use of December Energies

December is a perfect time to take stock of where you are and consider what you want to create next year.

Your understanding of December’s energies can help you make the most of this taking stock and planning. After all, each time cycle has its own energies. To be optimally resourced, you want to become mindful of this month’s opportunities and potential roadblocks.

The ancients knew about the power of self-reflection and inner contemplation this time of year. They had a deep understanding of the need to connect and work with the Earth’s natural cycles. They appreciated the value of taking a time-out before the close of a year to slow down and go on input from spirit.

Inviting input from spirit is something you want to do regularly, of course. At year-end, though, you benefit from expanding your contemplations to encompass deeper levels of questioning and deeper levels of listening.

You cannot listen deeply when your mind is busy and occupied with other things. Spirit is always there, right by your side – but this time of year you want your connection to go deeper. To accomplish this involves finding moments of quiet when you can turn off the noise and chaos of the world. Find as many of those moments you can in December – you will be happy you did when you begin 2014!

Background on December 2013 Energies

This December you have a mix of energies, many of them helping to catalyze more optimism than perhaps you have had in a long time. This means you may be feeling lighter and more carefree, hopeful that you can bring problematic situations to a close and open doors to happier circumstances.

The month started out with a new moon in Sagittarius, stimulating a fiery energy. Connecting with this energy can help you find a new passion for self-expression and for re-inventing yourself over the coming months.

The energies also support your year-end clearing of unfinished business. In fact, your overall sense of well-being this month depends in part on how much you heed the call to clear the slate of old energies.

If you have been feeling isolated or simply desiring to expand your social circle, December is a good month to reach out to new people and participate in group activities. Set your intention to find and connect with more people of like mind, make new friends, and create helpful alliances. Ask spirit to bring these people into your life, and to help you pay attention and act with divine timing on the new connections. Remember: people come and go from your life; sometimes a person appears on your radar for an evening and you must take action to form a positive bond.

As with most energy cycles, there are challenging moments intermixed with beneficial ones. Stay present and focused, therefore, to avoid fantasy and wishful thinking that can accompany this month’s energies. When you are grounded and connected to your heart – remembering to invite spirit’s big-picture view, you are less likely to take actions you will regret later.

Likewise, be alert to subliminal messages coming in 24/7 during the holidays – urging you to buy things you don’t need and to feel there’s something wrong with you if you don’t celebrate like others do. Invite your inner wisdom to help you confirm what’s best for you. You are not alive now to go along with the pack or to be a slave to out-of-date traditions. Update how you do things – including how you spend your time, money, and energy.

Take the time you deserve and self-reflect on your life, your goals, and what you need to clear out this month. If you know of a specific issue you want to resolve – but feel too close to it to facilitate the clearing – find a trusted healer or other skilled practitioner.

As you contemplate your life, focusing on key concerns like relationships and soul expression, ask the following five questions to help you uncover insights and new directions.

5 Questions for Self-Reflection

(1) Is this (relationship, job, lifestyle, etc.) sustainable?

(2) If not, what about it needs to shift or end?

(3) If something needs to end, what’s the highest way to do that?

(4) Who can be a supportive force to me during this time of clearing?

(5) How can I make peace with letting go and my process of change?

As you contemplate these questions, consider writing insights in a journal. Invite spirit to be with you as you write, helping you with additional clarity and energizing your positive momentum. Ask for help in finding and maintaining balance – becoming a light to yourself and others on the path of awakening. Trust that in your asking, spirit hears you – know that you are loved and supported.


Tiff 12th December 2013 10:26 pm

Great advice. Thank you Selacia.


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