Your Role in Earth's Tipping Point

The pivotal times you have long prepared for are here. You feel the transformational changes deep within your bones, and you are intuitively drawn to take part in them. You have a natural inner urge to participate fully in the dance of change now in full swing. You truly care about what happens next, and you want to feel tangibly connected to the birthing of a brand-new reality.

In these moments before 2011 ends, your full creative potential is becoming quite real - whether you realize it or not, whether you feel ready or not. It may feel scary to you at times - knowing you are moving into something amazing that you can't yet quantify, and also knowing how much still needs to shift before you can have the world you want.

Right now is a crucial juncture for you and everyone you love. It's vital that you be willing to move into your true power, learning to harness your own vast creative potential. Do not underestimate the importance of each day and your ability to remake your life.

It's normal to get into habitual patterns and to like things to stay as they are. Even things you don't like can somehow feel more manageable than venturing into the unknown. This safe approach won't get you where you want to go however. You aren't alive now to be normal or ordinary, satisfied with rehashing the past. Do not settle for a carbon copy of yesterday.

As a divine changemaker you learn from yesterday, live powerfully in the moment, and move fearlessly into the future.


Conni99 16th November 2011 11:06 am

It was such a great article, I was sad it ended! I wanted more! :)

Love and blessings,


k 16th November 2011 3:12 pm

The soul is held in bondage in this dimension, subject to the fate of the rulers. When I understand that this experience is not supposed to be pleasant, I can surrender to what is. Humans have been lead to thik of this earthly experience is all that there is, they cling to it, cry when it is terrible and wonder why me. They think it is supposed to be good and become angry when it is not, but we are just passing through. This existance is not all that there is and our not being able to look out side of the box keeps us in bondage, believing we have to hang on to this dimension, make it better, do what ever we have to, work hard so we will have a better future and be happy. But, this is hell and we are in bondage as long as we hold on to it as being EVERYTHING there is.
The great Lights in this dimension have not been the great scientist....Plato points out that science is knowledge of illusionary facts.
the great Lights have been the Buddha, Carl Jung, Basil Valentine, Plato, Manly p. Hall, and so many others who have been able to see belond the illusions to what is real.

k 16th November 2011 4:40 pm

Obviously, I disagree with the new age teachers that tell us we create our own reality. When we are purified, tempered by the fires of hell and become a body of Light, then darkness flees before us and we can control the elements, but by the time we reach that point we realize how very unimportant the material things and achievements of this world really are. Until we achieve our Chirst-Self, desires and attachments to things of this world will often cause us to suffer and we will not be able to "manifest" what we want, or if we do we will find after time they do not provide satisfaction. The path to true happiness is as the Buddha taught. Suffering comes from attachments and desires because they keep us in bondage to this dimension of form and illusion, they keep us thinking that what we want and experience in this dimension is all that there is. We allow the rulers of fate to play with us and cause us pain. To find peace, the soul, in my opinion has to understand they this is only temporary and it is not real. Thus, we look inside for the peace that can set us free.

k 16th November 2011 5:45 pm

Remembering Marilyn Monroe and so many others who have had fame and fortune. They had so much that many consider to be the ultimate, yet consider the fact that so many of them have died of Over Doses. What so many consider to be of such value in this world, was not enough. They turned to drugs for the peace and bliss that can come from Spiritual Enlightenment. It does not take fame and fortune or anything of value in the material world to truely be happy, but the ego does not want us to know that.

Simeon 18th November 2011 7:20 am

Thank you for this beautiful posting Selacia. My intention and reality is to become more soul infused each day, to co-create with my soul, my monad and with God. I am a nurse who works in a seemingly 3D world, but my intention is focused on achieving the best possible outcome in all of my interactions and tasks that I encounter, I seek to align with the highest perfection of each day and you know what... it works, each day magic occurs, I meet the most amazing people, I have countless opportunities to serve and I sense that my soul/ God is flowing through me. I have been on a concious soul path for many years, I do not get time to meditate or read very much as I also care for my mum who has Alzheimers. Except for the beautiful little posts on Spirit library and I do not align myself to any teachers, except my Soul/God. Life can flow with grace and ease if we hold that intention, thus create it.
Wishing you all a path of great joy.

COBALT 19th November 2011 4:26 pm

Nice! :angel:

Leila 21st November 2011 8:06 am

Simeon, Many thanks for your posting. My heart and soul resonates in your intention. It is nice to know that I have a soul mate in this reality. Thanks that you exist.