Your Unique Enlightenment Imprint

Every past lifetime leading to this one has prepared you for these moments. Each experience you had, each time you learned to love more, and each time you let go of dysfunctional habits ... you were in preparation to benefit from the expanded enlightenment potentials available now.

Enlightenment is wired into your very DNA!

So is the memory of your past spiritual teachings and lessons. You have never forgotten precious moments from past lives when you sat in the audience of an awakened or awakening teacher. You may not remember that teacher's name now, or even having sat with him or her, but the beneficial energy remains with you.

Teachings of the enlightened Masters - including the Buddha, the Christ and countless other men and women - are within humanity's shared memory in the collective unconscious. You don't need to have studied directly with these great ones to have been impacted by their wisdom.

The path of enlightenment and spiritual awakening is integral to your overall journey. Your path and enlightenment potential are unique to you. No one else has had the same experiences in the way that you have had them. Even seemingly uneventful lifetimes contributed to your learning. The same applies to all portions of this lifetime. No moment was wasted, no experience fruitless.

You can access the light of Masters like Buddha more easily during Wesak. Indeed, the veils between dimensions are thinner and you are now more skilled in bridging dimensions.

Tips to Benefit from the Wesak Energies

First, ground yourself each morning and throughout the day. Only by staying present can you tangibly connect with all the blessings Wesak offers.

Second, spend less time watching TV or other media with fear-based messages. Use your time to ingest uplifting ideas and to be still enough to connect with your heart.

Third, walk gently in the world. These are challenging times with chaotic energies. People around you - especially children who soak up energies like a sponge - may be in turmoil and less able to cope with everyday tasks. Allow for this.

Fourth, be mindful of times when you are self-critical. Pay attention to what you are saying, but don't take it seriously. Most self-criticism in these intense moments comes from fear and learned judgment. If there's really something you need to change or do better, self-reprimand is an obstacle, not a solution. Replace the criticism with self-love.

Fifth, take time daily to be silent and meditate. At the start of your meditation, remind yourself that you are divine and in a process of awakening to your true self. Then turn off your mind and be as still as you can, for as long as you can. Each time you practice this, you open the door to deeper and longer experiences. Each time you turn off the noise of your mind, you are a step closer to becoming free.

As you do these things, you tap your own power as a divine changemaker - alive to be at the forefront of change and a pivotal force in changing the world for the better.