12:12 Portal – Activating Your MerKaBa

Dear Ones,

Through the Grace of the ever-living Divine Presence within you, a portal opens on December 12 offering a new initiation into Light. As the vibrational frequency of the 12:12 resonates, your Merkabic field is activated. The MerKaBa is a vehicle for your ascension as a Light Being in human form. The magnificent sacred geometry of the Star Tetrahedron will be activated around you by the codes at the 12:12 portal. 

This Star Tetrahedron will create a powerfully-shining starry shield of Light that holds the resonance of your Soul’s Divine Blueprint. The building of your MerKaBa will be completed on the Solstice, December 21, 2013. Throughout those 9 magical days, an increasing resonant frequency will be present in your energy systems. You will feel moments of Brightness and Clarity, as if your very cells are radiating Light, and this indeed will be the Truth.

Your MerKaBa (Mer – Light, Ka – Spirit, Ba – Body) contains the new structure for your awakened consciousness. It allows your light body to empower your physical life so you can thrive as a fully blended Divine Human during this New World Awakening. Your Merkabic field holds the Divine Blueprint for your Soul’s Highest Destiny. As you create this new structure within the matrix of your being, you are opening new pathways for fulfillment of this destiny.

Throughout the recent years, the 12:12 activations have anchored new structures into your energy systems. The initiation that took place on 12/12/2011 brought the deep connection to Unity Consciousness through Christed Light. The 12/12/12 activation created the new 12-strands of DNA within your cells and opened the way for the 12-Chakra system.

This year the 12:12 activation builds on those powerful connections and brings forth a new level of empowerment for all those who are awakening in this expansive time. The potential of this new initiation into your Light Body vehicle allows you to align with the most authentic, eternal Divine Self within your physical being, so becoming the HomoLuminus – a Divine being of Light in human form.

There are many who have spoken of this MerKaBa over the years and it would be good to educate yourself. Essentially, this is an empowered structure of interlocking tetrahedrons that anchors perfect balance as they meet at the Still-point between your solar plexus and heart. The Star Tetrahedron connects all aspects of your being in perfect Divine Union.

Activation of the Codes

In the moment of time demonstrated by the clock at 12:12 all over the planet, alignment begins within the human heart connecting to the Unity Consciousness as a state of being. If you could only see from the Angelic viewpoint, it would appear that humans are acting as lightening rods when they receive this immense download of golden Christed Light and ground it into the Earth.

When there is no resistance, you open to this Grace-filled presence and spark the Divinity in every cell of your being. You are encouraged to take 12 minutes at the 12:12 hour on the day of December 12 to bring conscious awareness to that powerful activity of Divine Light and allow it to work within you in a state of Oneness with All That Is.

A Visualization

Visualizations are often helpful. The impulse of the Christ Light is like a brilliant Golden River that flows from Source energy above your head into the Earth, creating a bridge of Light from Heaven to Earth, connecting you to All That Is. Ask that this Golden Light permeate your heart with Wholeness and bring Divine Love into every organ and cell of your being. Allow it to expand outward into your energy fields, and see yourself as the Angels see you – a radiant Light expressing in the world as Divinity.

The Star Tetrahedron is an image that your Soul will resonate with. Hold the vision of your new MerKaBa in full activation of Light surrounding your physical as well as your blended mental/emotional fields. As you create an empowered vision of the Star Tetrahedron, the energy frequencies within the new light structures of the 12:12 codes will activate your energy centers in a new way. When you ground this energy you create a deep vital connection to an Earth awaiting this time of honoring.

You have unseen partners whose work includes your evolution, to assist in the creation of a fully-functioning world that operates on a higher frequency of Light and Divine Love. Breathe in this empowerment to the core of your being and allow it to anchor there. Have a sense of the powerful new place of Balance within you that is above your solar plexus and beneath your heart. Here is where your inner gyroscope will serve to keep you in a place of neutrality and equanimity so you can thrive in multidimensionality.

Know how important you are as a link in the conscious evolution of a new world, where Peace and Harmony can live in the human heart. As the Earth becomes sanctified, Balance, Vitality and Love will thrive once more within the planet and all beings that live here.

Divine Unity

Through the 12:12 portal, there will be a sense of being reborn into unity with all aspects of you. Greet yourself with a new level of respect and honor your commitment to this life. Your willingness to continue on the Path of Light throughout time has brought you to a completion of one aspect of your soul’s journey. Your new MerKaBa will now empower the next phase of your evolution.

Light alone cannot create the connection, even though the Divine Intelligence is there within the Light Force. Divine Love is required to awaken the coding of your Soul’s union with the completion inherent in the Twelve. Connecting to the golden light of Christed energy will awaken Divine Love within you.

Allow the Christ Light to permeate every cell and create a new healing force that will pervade your consciousness. When you integrate this alignment within you, the Divine Love in your energy fields will activate the magnetic fields around your DNA and become so pervasive that your world will literally begin to change around you. This connection to Christ Consciousness was coded at 12/12/2011 and is now available whenever you see 12:12 on the digital display.

Further evolution on planetary levels creates new openings for souls to step into. Those whose light-encoded DNA has allowed their energy frequencies to shift, now work in a multidimensional earth simultaneously magnetizing other souls. An entrainment of energy frequencies ensues as your own inner coding, firing in resonance, attracts more who are ready for the awakening.

You were born for this. Now is your time. Join with others in the 12:12 timings to assist the firing of new matrix energy codes. Hold and empower the image of your beautiful MerKaBa, a Star Tetrahedron radiant with the Golden Light of Oneness – true Unity Consciousness. This will be the structure that helps you thrive as you create a new Earth that is evolving – one where the spirit within all things in honored, and beauty and harmony are sanctified.

The use of your breath and prayer work are the most expedient ways to lift your energy frequencies. Here is a suggestion to empower your intentions:

Breathe in Alignment with Divine Union – Breathe out Balance
Breathe in Activation of Divine Light – Breathe out Radiance
Breathe in Anchoring of Divine Love – Breathe out Wholeness

Divine Presence,

During this 12:12 Activation, I invite the Divine Love and Golden Light active in the Christ Consciousness to flow gracefully through me and anchor upon the Earth. I now ask for an experience of the connection within my DNA to Divine Love, Compassion and Light from the Highest Source that I can receive. I invite an alignment with my Soul’s Highest Destiny for the good of my evolution and the evolution of the Earth at this time. I invite the assistance of the Angels, Archangels, Masters and all the beings of Light who work for my awakening to be with me in this process. I ask for a connection with my Highest Self so that I create more conscious awareness around my evolutionary process.

Within the power of this alignment, I now create a perfect MerKaBa field around me that most supports my evolution of consciousness and the fulfillment of my Soul’s Destiny on Earth this lifetime. I know that this beautiful golden Star Tetrahedron is being empowered by my Oneness with All That Is.

May all beings awaken to their Divine Potential and bring the presence of Divine Love into their hearts. May ever more Grace flow through us all to bless the Earth and honor her in a new way so all may thrive. May every heart feel the gifts of this loving Presence within them so Divine Love may prevail on Earth.

Thank you God. And so it is.

Shanta Gabriel for Archangel Gabriel


keryndawer 11th December 2013 1:31 pm

WOW!!! So Amazing to receive this beautiful message. Thank you so much for Your Divine and Blessed Guidance to allow me not only to meet my soul's needs but to help all of humanity, all sentient beings and our truly miraculous Mother Earth. Love and Blessings to All.

cyndy 11th December 2013 2:03 pm

The fusion of love within light. Light within love.

Sandra Smyre 11th December 2013 4:17 pm

Shanta, powerful message and so timely. The messages appear to be coming fast and furious----could it really be a big shift, finally? Hopes were dashed last year so maybe this year will prove the doubters wrong. :smitten:

kay 11th December 2013 7:10 pm

I know this is true. For me. I didn't have any precise words to express the connection between my knowing and my light body experience until I read your post. Thank you, Shanta Gabriel, for helping me find clarity.

kitegirlcoach 11th December 2013 8:58 pm

Well, there it is. I passed through the 12.12pm at 12/12/13 in meditation. I don't know exactly what time it was but there was a moment where I definitely felt like someone just turned the volume up on my senses. It will be interesting to see what effects I'll notice from here forward...

Connie 51 11th December 2013 11:06 pm

Thank you so much Shanta Gabriel! I've been participating in the triple numbers boosts and celebrations for several years now. You once more outlined and provided me the information. I needed to do this with the maximum amount of Joy and LOVE for Everyone and thing!

markshanghai 11th December 2013 11:36 pm

Dear Shanta,

I came across your post this morning at approximately 11:40am on the 12th December here in Shanghai China, so I immediately decided to meditate and go through the Activation of my MerKaBa. A few minutes later my wife contacted me to tell me her sister has just been told she has a tumour in her throat, so at exactly 12:12am I meditated, breathed as you indicated and stated my intentions to source re bringing me divine light as per your words. I felt a rush of golden light throughout my body as i went through this process, I said my own prays for myself, my family, my friends, for our world and for our environment and I asked source to gel heal my wife's sister through me using the divine light and healing energy. I started to cough and my through was very sore but I breathed it out, I felt a severe pain in my left side and breathed it out. I awoke from my meditation at exactly 12:24am. I feel great and full of positive healing energy, my skin is tingling all over :) :smitten:

Namaste with Love

orangeabundance 12th December 2013 6:37 am

Dear Shanta-Gabriel: Now in this moment is the 12:12 hour in Madrid Spain ...we have read your prayer and open our Merkaba to receive the Divine love Light and increase our consciousness awakening! Greetings Namaste!

zorro 12th December 2013 12:20 pm

This is the only place I know where I could share this. It happened to me last night. I meditated on the significance of the next few days and fell asleep. I felt a prompting to open my eyes and I heard a message that said " look at the clock now...now...now. I looked over and the digital readout said 12:12. I was utterly amazed and quited down to sleep again. This time something shook me and said "open your eyes" I resisted, and then I heard it again, "look at the clock now...now...now". I looked over and the readout was 2:22. I went to work and it has been puzzling me until I just googled 2:22. See Genesis 2:22 and put it all together. I am flabbergasted this actually happened to me.

cyndy 12th December 2013 1:12 pm

Yes, I love these times as we live more and more into them and have more and more of these experiences.
Zorro, I too was awakened and it was "look at the clock". It was 333 which I experience and so love the Doreen Virtue/Lynnette Brown Angel numbers meaning as : "You have merged with the ascended masters and they are working with you night and day-on many levels.They love you in all ways."

zorro 12th December 2013 2:14 pm

That is very interesting Cyndy and thanks for sharing you had a similar occurance. I took a look at Doreen's interp of 222 and it is about seeing the seeds we planted taking hold and seeing some progress; certainly true, for sure. I especially like the Genesis 2:22 as it makes specific reference to male and female and mentions the obvious DNA link, Adams "rib" (DNA). Nobody could make this up. I see the symbolism of the convergence happening in this regard. Very cool.

Liza Elliott 14th December 2013 3:12 am

Because of your article, I did this visualization. Thank you so much! What a gift I was given! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
Love and Light!

Shanta Gabriel 14th December 2013 1:47 pm

I am so grateful for the many beautiful comments that were posted after this 12:12 message. The experiences we shared will have a powerful affect on our lives and the world, especially in the magical days leading up to Solstice.

No matter how it looks in the world, we have made a difference, and have crossed the threshold into a new time. It seems important to not project what we "think it should look like", but to keep our focus on our intentions and a neutral emotional space in order to allow it to unfold in Divine Order.

We are in a co-creative process of New Life Awakening. More miraculous demonstrations will become magnified and clear as we choose the world we want to live in and assist in its creation moment to moment.

The amazing gifts that we each received on the 12:12 and the miracles that were reported are a clear demonstration that our Lightwork is assisting the transformation to a Love-based planet. Spontaneous evolution is a very real possibility, as is the slow steady momentum that is in progress.

A recording from this 12:12 now on my website.
Love to all, Shanta


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