Inspiration for the Week - From Disruption to Clarity

The Gabriel Message card for this week:

A disruption of energy serves to bring clarity. Bless it.

Most of the time I have received this message with more irritation than gratitude. Usually this card comes at a time when something I consider disturbing has occurred.

I wish I could say that I welcome this message then gracefully begin to the bless the situation around me that caused my upheaval. Instead, I seem to need to grumble a bit, even though the mere reading of the card has already caused me to roll my eyes and begin to shift from my position. I cannot argue with the premise that certain situations — usually the most disturbing ones — act as a wake-up call to spur me back into alignment with my most divine self.

There is a certain element of freedom for me when I remember that my blessing the situation will cause it to vibrate at a higher frequency. To bless means to confer energy upon. When we bless something, it brings the energy of Divine Intelligence and Love into the circumstances. It also gives us the opportunity to ask for a Creative Solution when we are so confused we can't see our way through to a happy ending. The Divine always offers a solution inherent within every difficult situation, as long as we raise our vibrations to match our desired outcome. As Einstein said, we can't solve a problem from the place it was created, so we have to raise our energy frequencies in order to experience the solutions we prefer.

Our prayers act as a beacon to call to us the energy that we want to experience in life. Those who have had near-death experiences report seeing brilliant streamers of light shooting off the earth as people pray. They were even shown the angels waiting to fulfill those prayers. It has been said that there are many angels just waiting for us to ask for their assistance. It is their job to help us out, but since we live on a free-will planet, we have to be the ones to ask first. I find this promise of support very reassuring.

So when discordant situations arise in my life, I am committing to start praying for assistance and remember to bless the situation. This blessing, as soon as I become conscious that I need balance, starts the process of bringing some beautiful light into whatever is going on. I also choose to be grateful for the clarity that comes to me when I am shown what I do not want in my life. Even though it feels like a disturbance in the Force, it serves as a catalyst to make me abundantly clear about what I would prefer to experience. That is a gift.

My next step will be to write down intentions for what I do want to experience and send blessing energy to this clear awareness. I might even say:

Divine Presence, thank you for the clarity inherent in this situation that has felt so disturbing. I ask for your blessing in and through all involved so that what I need to know is available to me in graceful ways. I ask to come back into alignment with my Source energy and be receptive to the guidance I need to move from this place into more trust, wisdom and divine right action. Thank you God, and so it is.

I want also to remember that I need to give thanks in advance, knowing that all my needs are being met as long as I am a vibrational match for what I truly desire in my life. It is getting easier to trust this process because I have seen it work so often. Only now it is even more exciting, because the change that comes when I bless the uncomfortable situation is often amazingly quick.

There must have been angels just waiting for me to ask for help...

The Gabriel Messages #41

A disruption of energy serves to bring clarity — bless it.

Dear One,

Just as a storm can clear the air with its cleansing rain, a disruption of energy also serves to bring clarity.

This disruption is a blessing that may come disguised as that which you do not want in your world. Sometimes knowing what you don't want is the quickest way to knowing what you do want for yourself in all situations. Clarity of mind is necessary in order to bring about that which you would like to see manifested in every area of your life.

Daily life is the cosmic educational system. Every disruption of energy has something to teach. You are here to learn and to grow from your experiences. It's important to remember that it is possible to learn through joy as well as pain. This is your choice.

A disruption of the status quo creates change. Though change is often uncomfortable, it is intended to bring you back into alignment with your Source energy. This is your larger life goal, and it's helpful to remember this "bigger picture" when changes occur. It is often the energy from a disruptive circumstance that can propel you to your greater good. Changes are upsetting because you do not know what is coming into your life and facing the unknown may cause you to feel fearful. But please remember that whatever comes to you can be a significant opportunity for spiritual growth and that you have Angels to walk with you through these changing times.

You can ask for what you want. Claim the greater good that will come from the disruption that has occurred. Ask for the perfect outworking for all concerned in any situation. When you desire that which is for the highest good of all, you set in motion the forces of the universe to support you. All that you need is miraculously provided when you are in alignment with your inner being.

So when upsets happen, bless them. Write down what you want to experience, place your hand over the writing and imagine brilliant golden light, the healing energy of God, working through the situation. Claim Divine Order and know that there are Angels available to assist in the creation of a benevolent outcome for your highest good.

Remember your message from the Angels today:

A disruption of energy serves to bring clarity — bless it.


keryndawer 14th October 2014 12:38 am

WOW Shanta and Archangel Gabriel--Bless YOU for your amazing message and posting. I struggled so much with the disruptive energy from this recent eclipse and momentarily doubted that The Highest Good would ultimately come of things. But I see now (from hindsight and from your wisdom and teaching) why events needed to be so jarring and difficult for me: I required clarity to finally see what I needed and wanted and what I absolutely could not live with any longer. You have helped me learn a valuable lesson and I am profoundly grateful. Thank you.



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