Inspiration for the Week - Gently and with Love, Honor Yourself

The Gabriel Message card for this week:

Gently and with Love, Honor Yourself

When I received this message from Archangel Gabriel in the early 1990s, I had no idea what honoring myself meant.

I was raised in a military family, and that patriarchal system had no room for honoring of the feminine. They had many strict rules that I rebelled against when I was there. Ironically, when I was no longer there, I found that I had adopted those same rules as my inner voice! I became a hard taskmaster, requiring perfection for myself. I was merciless when I failed to achieve that status...which was always. This caused me to continuously feel I was not good enough.

It was becoming painfully obvious by my late 40s that being hard on myself was not helping. After all, if I had not whipped myself into enlightenment by that time, it was clearly not going to work. It was only after a collapse of all the structures of my life in one tumultuous year that I began to discover the power of having compassion for myself.

The Angels said to me, "Allow yourself to be enfolded in Wings of Pure Love." It was so sweet sounding, and I had a very great need by that time to let myself surrender and be blessed. I started bringing more Light into my body and found to my surprise that allowing myself to receive Divine Love was the most nourishing thing I had ever done.

I was always one to give others kindness and compassion. Giving myself what I would give to others was a new experience for me. I found that Compassion has a very high frequency of energy that could empower me on new levels. This honoring of myself expanded my field of consciousness and created a greater connection to my Higher Self. It enabled me to hear the true, sweet and authentic voice of my inner guidance showing me new ways to live that honored who I am and the greater Truth within me.

The Gabriel Messages #1

Gently and with love, honor yourself.

Dear One,
You are sometimes kinder to total strangers than you are to yourself. You are a magnificent being of light. Honor and remember this, for it is not easy to be in an earth-body. There are many demands on you. You can be so involved with day-to-day struggles that you do not feel you have time to remember your spirit. And yet it is the focus on your spirit that will make your earth-walk easier.
Honor yourself in gentleness and love. You are not alone. The Infinite Presence has not placed you onto the earth plane without a way of receiving assistance when you most need it. That is why there are Angels. Angels are messengers from God who are here to assist in making your earthly life more effortless, to bring light into the darkness, and to remind you that you are incredibly loved.
We know of your struggle, and we know that you are making a valiant effort. We bless you and honor you for all that you have done and are doing. But more than that, we honor you for who you are deep inside. We honor that part of you which is the essence of the light of Spirit. We see within you a spark of incredible goodness and love. This we bless and honor and we urge you to do the same. The more you bless and honor this Divine Light within you, the more it grows. The more this light grows, the more love you feel and the more energy you have. The more love you feel within you, the more you want to give to others. In this way the world is served and more light is brought to your beautiful planet, which is in need of great blessings at this time.
We ask you to be gentle with yourself, to be as kind to yourself as you are to others. Without love and encouragement a little child cannot grow to be a healthy adult. Yet you never outgrow your need for love — and remember, it is important to give yourself this love first, before you can fully give it to others.


How does one love oneself? You can start with the small things. Say, "I love you" to yourself whenever you look into a mirror. Remember to give yourself daily acknowledgment for how hard you work, for how much effort you give to another, for how caring you are to your children. For whatever you can think of, acknowledge yourself. If you cannot think of anything, simply acknowledge yourself for getting through another day on earth and doing the best you can do. As simple as this may seem, it is very powerful.
The most important way you can love and honor yourself is by remembering who you are deep inside — a radiant spirit of light growing stronger and more whole every day. This is the truth of you. You can love yourself by eating in healthy ways and doing all that you know serves your body, but true loving and honoring begins with your thoughts about yourself. You are here on earth to express spirit in form and to learn to be loving, joyful and peaceful. It does no good to berate yourself because you are not yet perfectly expressing these qualities.  You were not given a manual for life on earth, so the only way you can learn is through trial and error, and by often painful experiences which encourage you to grow through the choices you make. You are doing just fine. Please honor this.
There are many ways you can gently love and honor yourself.  We ask you to give yourself kindness and compassion, to do the best you can with all aspects of your life, and to call on a Higher Power to assist you at all times, no matter how mundane the situation. The Angels are Divine messengers here to help you, bless you and most of all, love you. Receive this love and remember to:

Gently and with love, honor yourself.


Peter fox 11th March 2014 5:08 am

What a wonderful,simple and powerful message, Shanta.Thank you!

Paula Boylan 11th March 2014 5:27 am

Wow Shanta Gabriel

Now I think I understand a little better why your messages resonate. I was born into an air force family and then married someone in the army. I don't remember a time in the first 4 decades of my life when a plane or a tank weren't part of my every day experience.

At the age of 44, I began to live this life for me. I divorced my spouse of 20 years, left my childhood faith, and began to embrace with love and beautiful feminine nature.

I relate so well to your message. Honouring the self is hard to do in this society, especially for women. We are so used to giving, there is little left over. Learning love and compassion for self first gives us permission to take care of our needs above all else. I know that can sound selfish but it is not. This honouring of self nurtures the love and compassion within. We can then share with everyone else in our lives from a place of abundance and authenticity. We can't truly give something we don't already posses.

Thank you for this reminder.
Paula Boylan

bettina 11th March 2014 5:39 am

:smitten: Beautiful, powerful, Love(ly).
Thank you!

Brenda Hoffman 11th March 2014 3:20 pm

Thank you so much Shanti for your message and channel about remembering to love ourselves.
Blessings, Love and Sparkles,


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