Percolation and Perturbation – the 11:11 Codes

Dear Ones,

It is a time of percolation and perturbation. New perceptions of reality are percolating through the energy centers within your body. Perturbation occurs as these new perceptions hit the coding in the imaginal system of your DNA in ways that stir you to change, like the metamorphosis of the caterpillar to a beautiful butterfly.

The Universe will stop at nothing to get your attention and encourage you to fulfill your Soul’s destiny. Perturbation is uncomfortable in its various demonstrations, making you feel very agitated. But know that all such catalysts are designed by your Soul to bring you to a new level of evolution. Because the support of the Angelic Dimensions is so available, this portal in time offers you a more graceful transition so you can see more clearly the world you are choosing to create on Earth and assist its evolution.

The 11:11 Gateway offers a 5th Dimensional shifting that allows a harmonious flow of Divine Love into your being. This can impact the amygdala in the temporal lobe of your brain in ways that calm this flight or fight center and cause it to resume the dimensions of your original blueprint. Over the years this fear center has been over-stimulated by the pressures, beliefs and electronics of this age.

The Intention of the 11:11 Empowerment

As each person steps through the 11:11 Gateway it can create an expansion in perception, as though the veils have parted so that new clarity dawns for you. This willing increase in clarity incites a sense of liberation and the freedom of spiritual expression within your being. Your Soul’s gifts are coming into the forefront of your awareness and will be available for you to use in your new life. When you remember to include prayers for the Earth, the planet will also receive the Angelic empowerment from this moment in time and will be of great benefit.

The rewards from this time involve access to the exalted states that exist beyond the Gateway. The Archangels stand present holding the forces of Light as Pillars at the gate. There is an activation of Divine Love which they offer that you can claim and it will empower your heart with Wisdom.

The greater intention for this 11:11 empowerment has always been to bring Heaven to Earth. This means grounding Divine Energy into the depths of the earth grid so that planetary evolution will prevail. As millions of awakened people access the Divine Light as they step through the Gateways, Unity consciousness is the resulting force pervading the hearts of all humanity. Never doubt the miracle of Spontaneous Evolution as a creative possibility for the fifth-dimensional shift on this planet. Asking for miracles at this time is very appropriate.

 Union with the Self

The 11:11 Gateway opens the way to the Divine Union within your self. The Archangels stand ready to welcome you to the new creative power of exalted awareness – you can bring your most Divine aspects to blend with your human body through the power of this gateway.

Retraining and guiding the fearful thoughts that may plague your days are only a prayer away. Each prayer raises your vibrational frequencies and could be the one that unleashes the critical mass for Spontaneous Evolution within your life and on the planet. Imagine that your prayer is the turning point – the key that fits the doorway to your Crystalline Light Body.

Your willingness to bring the divinity of your Soul into your physical form is the key that unlocks the codes of the 11:11 Gateway. Walk through with full faith that you have all you need to thrive in the presence of new life awakening within you and on the Earth. And so it is.


Cheri 10th November 2017 12:51 pm

Thank you Shanta for your beautiful reflections and divine inspiration!!

I am really noticing time anomalies and fluctuations in space time as these old timelines collapse and the biology of the earths energy grids heal. Things gone missing, repeating something I just did, seeing things flash in front of me. Very strange and would be quite disturbing if I was not aware of all that was going on. Quite anxiety producing in the unawakened I would think as all these old controlling programs heal and we start to see the truly greater reality all around us as we are more vibrationally aligned to it.

I work on the earth grids and the energy was so very distorted that it has kept our biology resonating to very low frequencies evoking all kinds of lower emotions within us.

Once the earth heals it will take a great act of will to stay outside the natural organic flow of life as every fiber of our being will resonate to the higher frequencies again yay!!

We are getting there for sure! With love to all from my heart knowing to yours!

Toni 10th November 2017 10:28 pm

Well said Beautiful...U too Shanta. :thumbs:

I’ve been directing love & joy into Earths core of late…imagining the love filling every particle as it expands outward into her magnetosphere & I might imagine her contained within a pink rose while I’m at it next time. What I do for myself I also do for Earth. I figure if Earth is vibrating to love & joy, then all those controlling demon dudes won’t be able to handle it and leave. Love can’t be controlled.

From my Andromedan perspective Earth is a most beautiful crystal & the centre for the vesica piscis between the inevitable union (according to NASA) of the masculine Milky Way & feminine Andromeda Galaxies in 4.6 billion linear yrs. What we create here now has bearing on this union. Time & Space are irrelevant.



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