Protection During Changing Times

During these tumultuous times, thoughts having to do with protectionof your person are never in vain. You are showing respect for the life you have been given. The energy of fear however, can replace the carefulness with which one regards life, and causing a chain reaction that can actually bring harm to the body. With that in mind we would like to provide suggestions for the protection of self during the upheaval of these changing times.

First and foremost, one needs to have Faith that you are never alone, and create a personal relationship with the ones who guide and guard you, no matter what you call them. Just knowing that you have a guardian angel who has been with you from your very birth into this life, can be a powerful antidote to the sorrow of feeling powerless and alone. Even in the psalms, it is said that  angels were given charge to watch over you. These guardian beings are waiting for your call. With a small amount of effort you can gain access to the angels so to create a closer relationship. Your intention and prayers to call your Guardian Angel into your consciousness are all that is required, along with an open mind and heart. You may decide to ask for a sign to show you they are with you, and then be aware. This sign may not show up in the way you imagine, because angels have a delightful sense of humor and are always looking for creative solutions.

Another guardian being worth remembering is the brilliant Archangel Michael. If you can imagine being surrounded in massive wings of Light at all times, you could consider this idea as truth at the core of your being. Archangel Michael is caring diligently for those who are working for the Light of Truth and Oneness during the changes occurring on Earth right now. He has been given charge of this eon of time as the planet and her people evolve into a new world of Peace and Harmony. Archangel Michael acts as an Archai who oversees the frequencies of change in order to manifest a more balanced world. He knows that large groups of people empowered to hold Divine Love can create Grandeur, and each person must participate individually in their own way. Archangel Michael has the energy of Protection and Divine Light available to call into your being with a special connection to your Manipura Center or Solar Plexus chakra. This energy center is highly vulnerable to your thoughts of fear and powerlessness, and will affect your ability to feel strong and confident. This chakra is also highly charged when you bring Golden Light, like the warm sun, into this center in order to create a strong core of protection within you. Archangel Michael is available to assist this process in a powerful way that has never been possible before. Even a simple prayer request can call the Light of Archangel Michael forth. Here is one example of a prayer that may be useful:

I call on the Light of Archangel Michael to empower the center of my being with Golden Light. Bring to me your Shield of Strength, Courage and Protection, so I may stand as my most empowered self during this time of change. Surround me in rings of Golden Light, aligned from Heaven to Earth, and centered in Peace, Harmony and Divine Love. I AM grateful for your Grace and Protection in my life. I thank you for the Light you bring to all beings and to the Earth at this time. So be it. Be it so. Amen.

It is time to call forth the legions of Angels to act in the world right now. This will activate a long held promise for this incredibly beautiful planet. The Earth is meant to provide the soil and the grounded impetus for the Era of Peace and Harmony that is beginning. This need within each being is what impels everyone to continue in the face of the greatest darkness and challenge many have ever known. You would never be left alone to face the magnitude of change which is upon you. You can trust this promise and let it empower your inner knowing so that you can gain more faith in yourself and those who guide your way.

Regard yourself as a holy vessel and fill your being with Light. Know you are worthy of care and protection. Keep your prayers high, as you do what you need to do in your physical world to feel safe. You are Beloved.

And so it is.

Shanta Gabriel
For Archangel Gabriel


geauxali 30th March 2011 7:58 am

thank you beloved your message shanta gabriel

maniktwin 30th March 2011 8:31 am

So soothing, so positive. Thank you.

misafir 30th March 2011 2:21 pm

Thank you AA Gabriel, AA Michael, and Angels.. Thank you Masters, all of the Paradise Matrix.. Thank you invisibles assisting humanity and earth.. Thank you Shanta..

sophstar 30th March 2011 3:16 pm

Perfect Timing..thank you for sharing and thank you Archangel Michael for Protecting us...Bless.X

Bluevirgo 30th March 2011 11:34 pm

Thank you very much to both of you. While reading this I receive a signal that my beloved Guardian Angel came in.

Love & Light

Bodhisattva1212 1st April 2011 12:43 am

Thank you so much. I feel so lost right now and am having trouble coping with all this intense energy i feel of despair, remorse, and hopelessness. I feel it all in my insides- and i don't know how to fix it- hopefully the angels will help.


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