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#48 - Allow the grace of the Angels to work in every day functions.

Dear One,

The Angels are always available.  Their presence is blessing all that you do and say.  Their intention is toward Peace, Harmony and Divine Order.  When you call upon the grace of the Angels, all situations are blessed with their intentional energy.  This is a very powerful tool to use in daily life.

Do you want order in your work place so that all your work is done quickly and easily, so that all you need is available, and all your words and actions are guided?  If so, call the Angels into your work place.  Ask for their blessings and know divine order will be the result.  Allow the Angels to intervene on your behalf even with the smallest details that you feel you should take care of by yourself.  You will find your work flowing more easily and smoothly. Even more, Creative Solutions will abound.

Do you want peace and harmony in your relationships?  Ask the Angels to assist in your family and in all interactions with others.  More harmony and a new level of grace will be the result.

The Angels are here to bring more love, harmony and order into daily life.  They are here to demonstrate how much easier life can be when you allow a greater level of energy to work through you.  But they will not intervene unless they are asked, so there must be a willingness on your part to bring peace-filled energy into your life.

The Angels are messengers of God.  They are not here to be worshiped or to gain power over you.  They are here to assist you.  They are a part of the Divine Spirit just as humans are, so there is no need to fear when your intention is to have more miracles in your life.  Your willingness to have more love, joy and harmony will bring to you those very qualities you seek.  You can bring the Angels into your life to assist you in enhancing the energy you work with every day.

It is a great gift to have the Angels offer their energy for planetary good, as well as for the good of your personal life.  Allow yourself to receive this blessing.  Ask for assistance in all the mundane things that bring you stress.  Ask for angelic intervention in all overwhelming situations.  Allow yourself to feel this incredible level of support.  Be willing to have yourself surrounded in wings of pure love and see how much easier your life will feel to you.  Receive the love, light and wisdom of the Angels now.  And remember your message today:

Allow the grace of the Angels to work in every day functions.

Shanta Gabriel

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Light Seeker 29th November 2011 3:55 am

I opened spirit library looking for inspiration and found it in you message. Thank you very much. I will invite the Angels into my workplace to assist me and guide my thoughts and actions for the greater good.
Thank you once again.
May the Divine within always guide and protect you

Traveler 29th November 2011 9:10 am

Shanta Gabriel, Thank you so much! #48 is now my favorite epigram. Peace and love to you my friend!

LordJesusChrist 29th November 2011 3:36 pm

The Good Force be with you!
Excellent message, Shanta! Yes, we need the Grace of the Angels because they are wonderful creations of God to assist us in our daily living. It is good to discuss about Angels who give us Peace, Harmony and Divine Order. God bless you!
Live forever and prosper!
:thumbs: :angel: :coolsmiley :smitten:


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