This Is The Time to Let Go of Fear

Dear One,

When you resolve to let go of fear, an amazing energy is set into motion.  It is as though hands of Angels join together in circles of light around you, keeping you protected and nurtured.  When you walk, you are carried by these Angels “lest you strike your foot against a stone,” as is said in Psalm 91.

Sometimes letting go of fear can feel as though you are walking off a cliff.  It is often necessary to take this large step in order to make the greatest progress in your life.  When your intention is to serve the Highest Good in all you do, and when you have the willingness to move through your fear of the unknown, this step off a cliff will be into the arms of these magnificent beings of light.  Angels will assist you to fly to the heights of grandeur and to the depths of peace.

The saying “there is nothing to fear but fear itself” is true.  Fear can play in your imagination until you are immobilized.  From this place you can easily sink into the pits of despair.  It will feel as though you are not moving toward your destiny, and that is the most fear-filled place of all.  This fear will play upon your issues of worthiness, because in your heart you want most of all to add value to the world.

Know truly that you were created to be happy.  Feeling joy is one of the greatest tasks you have in your life.  You are here to do great things, and this can be as simple as loving others and bringing more peace and joy to the world.  When you have joy as your intention, you will be shown what you have to do.


Take some time to sit quietly and breathe in a balanced way.  Imagine that you are standing on a mountain top.  It is the highest peak around you.  It is so high that eagles are flying below where you are standing.  There is a magnificent sunrise lighting up the sky and surrounding your body with golden light.

From this pinnacle of light, you offer yourself to serve God in the world and you ask for courage to do whatever it takes.  Call on the Angels for assistance to be all you can be.  At this moment you hear the sound of wings and you notice the light becoming even brighter.  You are surrounded by Angels and you feel your fear melting with their love.  They are holding out their hands to you.  It is such a reach to touch them, it is difficult to keep your footing.  In order to touch the hands of the Angels, you know you are going to have to take a step off the cliff.  You feel all the old fears beginning to surface again.  This time, you will not give in to fear.  Your conviction to have love and joy in your life and to serve in the world is greater than the fear.  You take a deep breath, and look into the eyes of the Angels surrounding you.  You see a hand of light reaching toward you and a beaming presence of love smiling at you.  The Angels are saying they believe in you, they love you, and know you can do whatever you want.  In this moment you know that the safety of that which is familiar cannot bring you the joy and the power of love you are feeling from the Angels.  Looking at the hands being offered, you let the love you are feeling in your heart uplift you, and you reach your own hands toward the Angels of Light.  You take the first step.

In this moment of free fall, your heart begins to pound.  But it is only an instant before arms hold you and you feel yourself being transported into the light.  The Angels are taking you with them. Let yourself imagine what it would be like to fly with the Angels.  Feel the warmth of the sun, the wind in your hair and let yourself be held and led where they will take you.  Know in your heart it is to your greatest good.  Allow yourself to fly with the Angels.  Feel the freedom that is there for you and let Divine love fill your heart.

Take a look at where you are held back by fear, and see the darkness there.  Are you willing to have it be different now?  There is help for you.  Angelic assistance is available.  This simple visualization exercise can have miraculous results.  It is your choice to take the first step by being willing to have a miracle change your life.

It is time for you to decide.  Do you want to serve God and let the Angels help you fly?  Are you willing to have miracles and joy fill your life?  Do you believe miracles are possible and Angels exist?  If your answer is yes – know that…

#6 ~ The Gabriel Messages: This is the time to let go of fear and reach their hand forward to be held and led by the Angels of Light.

Shanta Gabriel, from The Gabriel Messages


zorro 2nd February 2012 7:55 am

Excellent! ???

grammanet 2nd February 2012 9:51 am

Stunning! Beautiful! Well Done! :smitten:

Love & Light,

Annette Moreland

k 2nd February 2012 7:45 pm

Dear Shanta, I made my leap of faith almost three years ago, I fell into the abyss, had a hard landing and fought my way through the darkness, naked and alone. Now, I like to spend my time in the other worlds, this one does not really matter much, but I tune into it once in a while just to be sure there is not something for me to do in this dimension. Every time I do tune into it....I realize there is nothing in it that I could ever want, and I understand again and again....I do not want to be a part of it. A quote on fb the other day from CS Lewis "If I find in myself a desire which no experience in this world can satisfy, the most probable explanation is that I was made for another world." I wish all on spiritlibrary the best, my beliefs and most of what I read here are becoming vastly different. It is time for the final closing of the doors to this reality, I do not understand it, and I do not even want to anymore.

Rose36 3rd February 2012 4:46 pm

Very motivational!!

learningtoflow 4th February 2012 3:03 pm

Thanks Shanta Gabriel. This message is perfect for one of my clients this week. She is on a path to Masterya nd one of the exercises she completed this week surfaced fears about moving forward and leaving her old paradigms behind.
I am taking this message to my class today to share with her and the others.

Jeffrey Scholl
Certified Spiritual Life Coach

CosmicGiggle 4th February 2012 3:54 pm


There is something for you to do in this dimension - give and receive love. Keep growing, keep reaching, and keep love in your heart - for yourself and for others. I truly believe that love is the answer.

COBALT 5th February 2012 4:31 pm

Divine truth.


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