Trust as a Divine Attribute

Trust that the Source of all life is active within you. As you grow in this trust, the world around you manifests in new, more harmonious ways. Trust is an active principle of God. The freedom you seek to live in joy responds to this quality of trust. It takes active awareness to call in the Divine Light that activates this quality of trust within you. You can trust that there is a benevolent Source of Good active in the Universe that responds to your heartfelt call.

Allow the seeds of trust to sprout within your being. Nurture them with your loving attention and feed them with Divine Light. Trust exists as a quality within all beings. Everyone trusts in something. The question becomes, what are you trusting in? Clearly if you are imagining dire circumstances, worrying that you will not be able to do or be what you want, or thinking that things may work other than the way you prefer, all of these demonstrate your beliefs and what you are trusting as truth in your life.

As an active Divine principle trust exists. Trust is receptive to the flow of your desires. With the intentional awareness of your thoughts, trust can be used to sort out the tangled beliefs wrapped in the mind. Through the active principle of trust, an expansion can occur in your energy field that allows a greater flow of Divine Light into your thought processes. It is this expansive activity of Light that can clear away the alternatives that are not so appealing for your life’s path.

Divine Light carries an amazing intelligence as well as the blessing of God’s Love. This light is a continuous flow that unifies the field of consciousness to work in harmony with more expansive qualities of thought. You can ask for the Light of Trust to flow through your being in a Pillar of Gold. Anchor it in the earth, and feel its centering, calming influence within you building the energy of trust.

Trust is faith in action and requires your willingness to join in the process of creation. This time on earth has an accelerated energy available to be used as active creative forces. Use them carefully because as you become One with the Force of Creation, you will be manifesting that which most dominates your thought processes. This is not new information but the energetic activity is so powerful at this time, a cautionary note is required. There is an offering from the Angelic Dimensions and Angelic assistance is available. This is something in which you can trust.

Find many more things to trust so you can build this muscle and it can be serving you in daily activities. The more you rely on your trusting heart the more optimistic you will become. This optimistic nature trusts that Benevolent Outcomes are available in every situation. You can know and trust that there is a Creative Solution no matter how dire things appear.

Trust becomes a boat in which you can float down the river of your life, buoyant in the Divine Flow. There is no need for you to row upstream resisting What Is, or struggling to make things happen in a certain way. When you trust the flow of Divine Energy, there is a wind in the sail of your purposeful life. You won’t find yourself becalmed in the seas of doubt when you claim the quality of Trust as your guiding Truth. Doubt takes the winds from your sails by contraction of the natural life force given to you by God. When the river flows slowly, blowing on the sails is not helpful. All you can do is relax and trust in Divine Timing. Trust is the rudder that steers your boat, and worry can be like the weeds that stop your forward movement by wrapping around this steering mechanism. Be attentive to the insidious thought forms that keep your life’s boat from floating free in the river of Divine Creation.

You are not alone in your journey of life. The Angelic Realms have been gifting all of humanity with their accelerated energy presence. The Angels answer the calls of humans who remember and trust in the presence of God’s messengers. With this presence available and the active principle of Trust working within your world, all that you need is given with grace and ease. Opportunities are provided and expansive choices are offered. All you have to do is climb in the boat and keep your mind and heart open asking for the light to guide you as you allow yourself to float on these rivers of life. There may be rapids and sometimes steep falls, but with a trusting heart and a clear intention to stay afloat in the river of Divine Creation, a graceful flow will be apparent in every area of your life.

Bringing Heaven to Earth is not difficult; it just takes trust. Trust in the Angelic Dimensions working within you, trust in yourself as a vessel to receive Divine Light, and trust that as people work together in harmony with God, the way is open for Peace to manifest on Earth.

And so it is.

Shanta Gabriel For Archangel Gabriel



spring 27th January 2010 7:43 am

I absolutely needed to hear that today as life has been throwing me some challenging circumstances that I have no map to navigate - I shall be trusting the Benevolent Outcomes that exist in all situations....Thank you Shanta so much for the wisdom and inspiration. Bless you. x

missvindigo 27th January 2010 2:26 pm

that's wonderful!! I have been working hard lately to be more optimistic and to trust, so your message indeed verified my beliefs!!

Much love,

mifasolasi 28th January 2010 6:40 pm

Fear makes people hard these difficlt times !! Trusting is one more step closer to Divinity!!..indeed..!!
Thank You Arch Gabriel :angel:
Thank you Shanta :)
Love :smitten:


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