Trust in the Divine Plan - Guidance About Haiti

From The Gabriel Messages, the card I chose for the Haiti situation (as well as at the time of 9/11) was Message 9. I hope you find this message comforting. ~ ShantaThe Gabriel Messages #9

Trust in the Divine Plan, bless it and bless the Divine Order inherent in every person and every situation.

Dear One,

When you trust in the Divine Plan you are moving into the universal flow of good. You are acknowledging that there is an underlying energy within all things.  This is the energy of God, and it is part of the Divine Plan for all beings to live in harmony, love and abundance.  You can trust this.

When you bless the Divine Order inherent in every person and every situation, it increases the spiritual energy flowing through whatever you are focused upon. Blessing brings more love to the person or situation, which brings an immediate improvement.


Divine Order exists as the underlying truth within all beings and all situations. It is a powerful affirmation for life and can be used as a mantra to remind you of the greater truth within all circumstances. This means repeating the words “divine order” to settle your mind, and to bring you peace. When you don’t know what to do, claim “divine order” and your mind will align with this powerful reality. Divine Order is being in perfect alignment with God on every level of your being. Remembering Divine Order, and proclaiming it, assists the energy around you to fall into perfect alignment.

These very simple steps of trusting, blessing and remembering can bring you peace of mind in upsetting situations. The more often you remember, the stronger you become. Your inner sense of peace will become unshakable because you have aligned yourself with the ultimate truth at all times. Remember your message from the Angels today:

Trust in the Divine Plan, bless it and bless the Divine Order inherent in every person and every situation.

Shanta Gabriel, 2010


spring 17th January 2010 7:26 am

Thank you so much Shanta.
That was a fantastic message very loving and empowering.I shall do this, as instinctively I know this to be the most powerful way of assisting our brothers and sisters who undergo these fearful experiences for the good of us all. May their love and courage return to them a thousandfold.
With love, frances.

angelk 17th January 2010 10:57 am

Amen! Knowing all is in divine order is peaceful and loving. Sending love and light.

Shanta Gabriel 17th January 2010 2:26 pm

Thank you Frances. I love hearing that you felt this was instinctively the most powerful thing we can do to assist in a time of great need. God bless you. Shanta

Shanta Gabriel 17th January 2010 2:28 pm

Thank you Kathleen. Divine Order is a powerful mantra with so many applications. I appreciate your comment. Namaste, Shanta

missvindigo 17th January 2010 4:34 pm

I always love your channeled messages, they always bring comfort and love, they are always engraved with positive energy. Thanks so much!! :smitten: I love AA Gabriel, I hope to "meet" him (or her) someday. :)

Many Blessings, Love and Light,


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