Walk in Beauty, Live in Trust

"Walk in beauty, live in trust, and know the benevolent love of God guides your way." #46 – The Gabriel Messages

Dear One,

These words clarify the way to a carefree, joy-filled and peaceful life.

Walking in beauty means to look at all you see with your heart and mind.  This might mean to see beyond the surface appearance of disharmony and know there is perfection and beauty within a situation.  There is beauty all around you and sometimes it takes a prayer such as “let me see the beauty here, Angels,” to make this apparent.

Walking in beauty means to allow the awareness that there is beauty in this world to bubble to the surface, so you can be conscious of the great beauty of God’s creation.  One flower holds as much of the key to universal knowledge as does a whole field of flowers.

Do all you can to be aware of the beauty around you and to bring more beauty into your world.  Bringing that one flower into your home can brighten the day, as the spiritual essence in that flower permeates your world.  Look for beauty every day and be grateful for all that you find.

Living in trust means that deep within there is an inner knowing that you are never alone, and that the Angels are working for you in your life.  As you give your life to God and pray that Divine will be done, you can trust in the appropriate outworking in every situation for the highest good of all concerned.  Living in trust means accepting what is apparent in your life, and making a claim for the Divine Order which is inherent in every situation.  Living in trust allows the Angels to comfort and inspire you so you can receive support in every area of your life.

When you know the benevolent love of God guides your way, there is a beacon of light to follow.  This love is the most powerful force for good in the universe.  This love creates peace and harmony in the heart and soul of each person who remembers.  Allow faith in this statement to permeate every cell of your being.  You are always guided by God’s love and you are never alone.  You can call on this love at any time and know truly it is there for you.

So allow this statement to become your way of life.  Belief will create more love, joy and peace for you in every way.

Again dear one we say to you:

Walk in beauty, live in trust and know the benevolent love of God guides your way.




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Shanta Gabriel

Shanta Gabriel is a gifted author, teacher and healer.Inspired by her many years study of ancient forms of healing, as well as energy transference received from her master teachers, Shanta's gift is the transmission of divine inspiration into everyday life. She is also the author of The Gabriel Messages. A book of inspired communication from Archangel Gabriel, it ignites the spark of hope in the heart of those seeking peace in their lives provides practical suggestions for emotional and spiritual balance.

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