2014 Last Quarter New Earth Ascension Symptoms DNA Purification Gateway

Number sequences that appear embedded in this channel are given to Shekina Rose by Spirit to activate this transmission.

The soul powered cosmic gateways of truth, purification and freedom have opened a doorway to the ancient extraterrestrial history of the Akashic Records of humanity. The thoughts, ideas, and beliefs from the beginning of the year that rushed in about ascension are now culminating and surpassing what you have previously known and believed. 333

An appeal to the planet of Freedom is calling you to let go of psychological beliefs and structures, areas of your life that are holding you back, for expansion of the grander you. What has been your path until now has served you, and has been a stepping stone to see with new eyes, other worlds, other beings and realms that exist alongside yours. It is time to know, be, and break free, a new beginning, the new Earth.

You are going beyond the teachings of Earth and unveiling the higher truth and divine power that has not been exposed since the ancient Gods and Elohim left this parallel for humanity to discover and awaken to the galactic DNA divine source within.

New Earth Ascension Symptoms DNA Purification Gateway 13

It is suggested to consult a healthcare professional for symptoms as not every symptom is from ascension. And though it may be an ascension symptom, you still may need assistance with the process. There will be cycles and time periods that you may experience these shift ascensions throughout the year and in times to come.

Upgrades in your gifts and spiritual abilities. New ways to apply them in the world for yourself and others.

Middle of the year slow down, rest and rejuvenation. This occurs when you cannot go further with projects or putting ideas into action. A timeout is needed, a calling forth from within to unwind and rejuvenate from what has been. This allows the cosmos and more of the pieces and people to come together for these projects, ideas and creations. Important: Know that you need and deserve this respite and rejuvenation to continue with your sacred journey, lest you will be forced to take this timeout for your body and being by getting ill.

Not being able to hear your guides. It is not that something is wrong; this is a still point that is very important for a new configuration of upgrade frequency shifts taking place. Know if this has happened that you are upgrading and this is good news; your body and energy essence needs this time for the new DNA communications and increase in telepathy with your guidance teams to re-emerge in an expanded way.

Fatigue and exhaustion that can be caused by frequency overload and expansion. Again, timeout, rest and enjoyment are required here, so you can see what is working in your life and in your spirit, which in turn will create more clarity and an increased powerful stance for a happier you. A review of the past can surface, and this allows for grander understanding, letting go, forgiveness and love for the body and self.

Starry slug syndrome. Feeling heavy in the body and not being able to do much of anything, even simple tasks; this can feel like you are moving through energetic star sludge. The good news is you will come out of this feeling more centered, with new body connections and movements that accompany sound, vocalization and singing, and with greater mobility.

Past health issues may spring up or already have. Know that if you address this now and perhaps in a different manner than before, whatever issues you have can be eliminated completely from your life.

Weight gain, lower belly bloat and fat. This can translate to deep purification of cellular genetics, awakening new energy centers and connections with the cosmos and stargates to Source.

Diet frequency shift upgrade. Experiencing times of being hungry more often with cravings for different kinds of foods. Do your best to love and care for your body and being without over-indulging; you will require a variety of nutrients and cosmic light source at certain cycles for your DNA upgrades and shifting of frequency.

Intense physical pain and reptilian brain new energy pathway healing. Intense physical pain occurring especially on and/or around the face, teeth, jaws, gum problems, and headaches with strain on neck and shoulders, as well as a specific area at the back of head, the reptilian brain at the top of the spinal cord connection to other parts of your brain. This can occur when you are deeply expanding into the universal mind. Aches and discomforts at this area can ensue when deep ancient cellular healing is being released. Intense pain can also take place from being psychically attacked. Many light bearers and sacred code carriers are releasing at a group level frequency ancient traumas from the Akashic Record history.

This can also be a combination of psychic attack and ancient historic cellular release. Many on the path are experiencing the healing release of the fall of Atlantis in the body, spirit with Gaia, and the energy grids.

In using the term psychic attack, this is not in any way to create fear, but rather to steer you to greater awareness of your energy boundaries, to be in your Divine power and to take care of this pain. Pain is a signal and alerts you to take remedial action. Anyone experiencing this or any other symptoms mentioned herein, including DNA upgrade, will greatly benefit from the assistance of a healthcare or holistic practitioner, a trusted friend, an energy healer, healing group or circle, native nature healing, kindred spirit, etc. Listen to your body and intuition and choose from the many resources available in these times.

Dizziness. This can come from planetary electromagnetic grid adjustments. As a sensitive frequency empath, you are attuning and balancing with these resonances. Note: The dizziness does not last very long.

Dimensional time shifting. Can feel as though you are losing your sense of gravity and where you are now in this dimension, with a double take of seeing the future and viewing in the present. This can indicate that you on the right path and that you are ascending, and may also indicate a shift and choice point on your life’s journey.

Dimensional dreams and dreaming. Astral dreams, traveling in dreams, being awakened by your dimensional dreams, and other realms that you can see while awake. You are becoming more sensory, and when you are dreaming and sleeping, you are more sensitive. Certain astrological and cosmic alignments will increase these cycles of occurrences. This is something that you will get used to and will gain greater insight and divine power from. It is your teacher.

Losing friends and ending relationships. For many on the path, these are life upgrade cycles that occur when you are going through great shifts, frequency upgrades and choice points. This may come as a surprise, the people you thought would stay in your life and are leaving, and others may be crossing over.

Times of strange energies. You may feel you are in a twilight zone as you are moving through space and time of strange occurrences of people, places and odd happenings. Be mindful of these times and do your best to flow through them without engaging or getting involved in others’ dramas.

Heart fluttering and palpitations. Heart fluttering sensations that are not due to physical exercise, where many times you will be totally relaxed and experience new energetic higher heart expansion. The physical heart is integrating with the higher heart, awakening centers in the body and getting accustomed to a higher frequency and aligning to the energies of Gaia’s ascension.

Allow for this DNA expansion and purification to keep in the flow of merging into the expression of your magnificence. Choose Peace, let go and surrender more, yet don’t compromise your integrity, energy or truth. Know if it is not working or flowing, then you may not have all the information, pieces or connection required to proceed. Allow your creations to take greater form and beauty and know that you are provided for; it is all in Divine will and Divine timing—the Universe supports you!


LauriLumby 24th September 2014 6:26 pm

How about all of the above!? :) Thank you for the insights and validation of exactly what I have been feeling. Especially the head pain. I've been having very localized pain in the right frontal cortex along with the base of my skull. I have thought of it as an icepick going through my brain...but in a good way....lining up my pineal and pituitary gland. Reptilian upgrade feels accurate. And again....all of the above. Thank you!

Lauri Lumby

Vision Hawk 24th September 2014 6:42 pm

Hi, Yes...all of the above!! And more.....
Don't know about others, but for the last 3 years I have been hearing a two-tone sound like a truck idling a block away. Louder at night, and no - it's not tinnitus :)
When I am "busy" I hear it less, but at night it is quite distinct.
I've put it down to an Earth Tone - but open to other comments!
By the way, was listening to the Solfeggio notes one day and noticed that the lowest tone enhanced this sound I hear.....

Much love,

DAT 25th September 2014 6:53 pm

Lately, I've been experiencing a SHIFT and now your message has arrived just to validated that. Perfect timing as always.
Thank you beloved Shekina Rose.


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