2014 Predictions Ascension Symptoms, Galactic Star Family Arrival, New Technologies 333

Number sequences that appear embedded in this channel are given to Shekina Rose by Spirit to activate this transmission

This year brings exciting times with waves of new harmonic vibrational resonances where the center source is giving you the Galactic downloads of technologies from the higher realms. You can sense something on the horizon, something big is getting ready to happen. As the old resonances field of consciousness is collapsing, great change and movement will be occurring.

In your life this can create a move to another location, a re-visioning of who you believe yourself to be, and upgrades and new ways to do your lightwork and healing. Spirit may be asking you to expand your realm of thinking as to whom you believe yourself to be, and right when you may finally feel comfortable on your path and lightwork, a shift seems to come from nowhere. Know this is a higher soul calling that has finally fallen into place for you. The cosmos is aligning you to be in perfect harmonics for divine meetings, inspiration, opportunities, and for Creation to occur. 444

The vibrational shift is awakening your brain chemistry to evolutionary frequencies, expanding your field of perception to be unconventional and limitless, and at times can make you feel uncomfortable. Know this is your true essence of new awareness and spiritual abilities coming on line within the divine holy matrix. Be aware of others not on a conscious journey as this vibrational wave can feel threatening to their way of life and stability and could act in an aggressive and even violent manner. This is shifting your brain chemistry with evolutionary frequencies.

Working with the Starships and Your Galactic Star Family 33 33 33

Many of you will be seeing more frequency starships and the Galactic federations of light that are your star family and in particular the Pleiadian Peace starships. These galactic starships have been hidden from you in the dense planes. They are now visible and can be seen in the daytime, and appear as silver cigar shapes. These Galactic starship fleets are bringing star being awakening codes of unity and peace technologies from the higher realms. Many of you will be working with them alone and in groups. These new technologies will be opening new tools of communication and portals of higher frequencies from your star soul family. 22

New Technologies To Clean Up The Radiation and Environment

You are very important to the peace and unity process and cleaning up the environment. Your world now needs these extraterrestrial technologies that can transmute toxins, radiation and distorted energy wave frequencies. Already some of the animal kingdoms are suffering and are mutating. A call within the Divine plan has been made for these new technologies to come into being and others will follow that are too delicate to share at this time. And yet know that time has become and is becoming more dimensional and transparent for events to be able to shift rapidly and instantaneously.

We Wish to share Activation Code Resonances in the Divine Holy Matrix 333

For every discordant energetic frequency imprint that certain instruments can detect as sound waves and patterns created through disease, fear, technology, toxins, disconnection from Creator, a harmonic resonance frequency counterpart will always exist that can transmute and restore the harmonic attunement balance to God's creation. In ancient times your galactic self knew how to synchronize your energy wave configurations with the star rhythms of the Earth, cosmos and heaven in completely natural accordance with God's Source Creation. What is important to know is that these counterbalancing attunement frequencies exist and are available to you.

You, the new forerunners, are the frequency holders, bridge builders, Divine Architects paving the way and bringing in these new technologies so they can become stabilized here on the planet. Know you are becoming aware of these galactic waves on the planet first and assembling and directing them.

2014 Predictions and Beyond Ascension Symptom List

It is suggested to consult a healthcare professional for symptoms as not every symptom is from ascension. And though it may be an ascension symptom, you still may need assistance with the process. There will be cycles and time periods that you may experience these shift ascensions throughout the year and times to come.

Rediscovery of the Goddess temples and Goddess Star technologies

Opening of new and ancient star gates and higher realm portals: Don’t be surprised if some of these are not what you expect, small and energetic technologic devices.

You will discover and be reawakened to new ways of connecting, aligning to Source and maintaining balance.

Your venue, your healing, your path may shift and change this year. You may become more specialized in your healing lightwork and will be upgraded to reach a whole new level.

Dizziness, feeling as if the ground is swaying, and where you can hear a frequency tone, these can be electromagnetic planetary grid work adjustments. As a higher frequency empathic you are attuning to this frequency and adjustment. This does not last very long.

Higher sensory multidimensional hearing upgrade

You are being upgraded to higher sensory multidimensional hearing that is going beyond downloads that you hear as ringing or buzzing sounds in the ears. You are now able to hear and sense your own personal signature frequency resonance. Take note when you hear your energetic frequency of sound wavering or loud as this is when you are having emotional upsets and interferences in your field.

Higher Sensory Multidimensional Vision: Seeing and experiencing the whole picture and vision download at once and its full meaning.

New body movements, new upgraded body template: Your body will require new movements, rhythms and flow to adjust to the new galactic codes and New Earth frequencies for alignment.

Reawakening of the lost codes, Christ essence and technology of communing and working with the Sun, Solar Ray Deity.

Less tolerance for what is not serving you, especially the Blue Rays and extra sensitive empath angelics. Your emotions and energy bodies cannot withstand disturbances, energy drains or interferences any longer.

Leaving oppression of the group mind and consciousness 555

Facing and leaving oppression of past genetic, ancestral and human history of which you might not have been aware was still a part of your life. This is because that vibration resonance is leaving and lifting parts of the matrix. Many Blue Rays and empathic light workers are transmuters as this was part of the encodings of your planetary purpose. If this is affecting you personally, you will notice an increase in your personal self worth which will create an increase in prosperity, opportunities and success.

Greater connections with the higher realms and other dimensions, planes and nature kingdoms and fairy realms as in the little people, unicorns, mermaids, dolphins, and other worldly beings that will be revealing themselves to you in new ways.

Experiencing vivid, lucid prophetic dreams, going to other realms and dimensions, time traveling when you sleep.

Not feeling grounded and secure, letting go of old securities of illusion.

Feeling out of your field of reference, out of sorts, which occurs with increased shifts in the matrix and lifting of the veils, creating an expansion of who you are. The more one tries to grasp for old ways of security, the more it can elude you. Know this is a grand blessing, as you are becoming limitless in miraculous possibilities.

Heaviness in the body: Cycles of feeling heaviness in the body where you and the body do not feel in alignment, then times of feeling lighter. New movements that are coming from your indigenous and elemental self, the body then will wish to make alignment again.

Digestive issues: Getting sick after eating animals even if they are organic.

Experiencing cycles where you feel close to the other side and higher realms, and that you are in both worlds at the same time.

Light Language Re-patterning: You may find yourself speaking, singing, toning, writing and creating in the language of light and experiencing higher heart activation and upgrades.

Another level of leaving family and friends: A greater energy separation is occurring that is out of your control. This may happen naturally through events and you may find yourself acting differently and not trying to be the peace maker as you have in the past, as a neutralizer of energy. You may find self walking away, retreating or speaking up that creates this energetic separation.

The New Earth Unity Template Breakthrough Shift 333

What we wish to share is the most exciting breakthrough shift that has finally occurred. As you come together and are aligning in the unified Unity Field and are prompted to act for yourself and others, you will create amazing shifts and transmute like never before, for yourself, others and for the greater whole of humanity.

We wish for you to take notice of what we are saying as this is real and a part of your divine heritage, sacred lineage coming back and on line to you. In this new portal of unity grid alliance, together you will create worlds of change that are miraculous. See for yourself the profound changes that are occurring as you take these intuitive prompts from your knowing and spirit. We will share more about this exciting divine unity template that you are encoding for the New Earth. Enjoy these miraculous times. We are one with thee. 888


Peter fox 3rd April 2014 7:56 am

Brilliant- thank you!

Paula Boylan 3rd April 2014 8:47 am

Shekina Rose

Thank you so much for sharing a truly inspiring message. Number sequences and solar activity (son/sun of God) seem to be the ways in which new in-"form"-ation is being fed to us as we evolve and change our own form. Your explanation of the number sequence 555 especially resonated with me. Thank again for the confirmation of what my inner being is transmitting. :)

Paula Boylan
Cultivating a heart centred collective intelligence

cyndy 3rd April 2014 10:49 am

This was one of my favorite heartfelt lines.
"The cosmos is aligning you to be in perfect harmonics for divine meetings, inspiration, opportunities, and for Creation to occur. 444"

zorro 3rd April 2014 12:49 pm

Those triple 8's are a welcome sight, as well!

Sheena 3rd April 2014 3:25 pm

Thank you for the post, Shekina Rose and to all that have commented. I couldn't agree more and would just like to say,
"Oh, Happy Day!"

DAT 4th April 2014 4:23 pm

This is a blessing messages for humanity.

I love the synchronicity and your message arrival, the timing is perfect, when I needed most. :crazy2

Thank you beloved Shekina Rose and our beloved Soul family for your support all these years.

Love U ALL!

Kristi 4th April 2014 6:43 pm

"You are now able to hear and sense your own personal signature frequency resonance...."

I have the buzzing, tones and the last few months, clicking like a Morse code of sorts!
Anyone experiencing the "Clicks"?

This is an amazing adventure we're all on!

zorro 4th April 2014 8:45 pm

Huey Lewis and the News - Power of Love (Official…: http://youtu.be/KCkgYhtz64U

Kristi 4th April 2014 10:12 pm

Hey Zorro........This song has been in my head all week long!
Love the synchronicity!

cyndy 5th April 2014 9:38 am

Kristi, I too in the last few years have experienced what I thought of as Morse code clicking. Lately it has been mostly a single tone. Only in one ear at at time. I take note if it is on the left side,Yin feminine receptive side or the right side, Yang masculine action side. Sometimes just by the resonance of the tone I can feel it in my heart. I absolutely loved the experience of the last tones I had.

Kristi 5th April 2014 2:33 pm

Hi Cindy, Glad to know I'm not the only one with the clicking. Mine started out with the left side, but now the right side has started.
One weekend, I actually had both sides clicking, with that hissing sound. And on top of that, there was other tones. I felt like I was a radio being tuned! Luckily there hasn't been any discomfort.

We'll all get through this soon.

Shekina Rose.....Thank you for the post!

zorro 5th April 2014 3:23 pm

Kristi and Cyndy,

The right ear clicking has been going on and off rather regularly the last couple weeks. It's a thing that comes and goes but lately has been very active. If you decipher the code let me know, would you?


Kristi 5th April 2014 7:12 pm

I'm hoping for lottery numbers.

cyndy 5th April 2014 9:56 pm

Ha lottery numbers!
I think we are each getting a code specific to our own personal frequency.
The last beautiful tone I got in my left ear so perfectly clear, distinct and beautiful set me to thinking about the key of C. I believe the key of C to be the frequency of grace. Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah is written in the key of C and I am affected by grace when I listen to it.

Peg D. 6th April 2014 10:15 am

These sounds are from electromagnetic disturbances on the Sun and earth being heard with your new hearing. You are one. Morse code sound usually happens when there is a coronal hole on the Sun.

I heard the Russian meteor for around 36 hours before it exploded. An x flare from Sun, sounds like one long clear tone.

The brain will form a horizontal vortex within the subtle energy field that connects both hemispheres of the brain. Both hemispheres work together rather than either left hemisphere or right hemisphere. "Those with ears to hear let them hear."

kay 6th April 2014 12:36 pm

This was wonderful, Shekina Rose. Thank you!! And I love all the comments here. I've been so internalized the past few days, I'd missed this sharing. I've experienced the clicks, too, and tones now and again. And yesterday there was the most beautiful, other-worldly cloud formation. Not silver cigar shaped though. Thank you all for the conversation.

Baloneypants 6th April 2014 12:55 pm

Hey, just "chiming in" to say for about a year now I have also heard
the clicking and chiming, its gentle and cute sounding. I never mentioned it but Im glad to see it posted now officially and that you all hear it too.

I have also heard music within music, and beautiful color intensity,
sensory upgrades, that all fade and intensify in "waves," similair to a psychedelic drug I wont mention. I am excited for everyone else to experience these natural and beautiful changes as well soon if you havent already!

Was also hoping I would have a vision about winning lottery numbers, but no. :)

cyndy 6th April 2014 1:22 pm

I am GREATLY appreciating all of your comments.
So if the clicking and tones are related to solar flares and energy,
I associate solar flares with awakening of our cells and also catalyzing the process faster. From this I am getting to the feeling of a significant re-calibration going on.
Everytime I went to write solar it was typing out "soul"ar.
I know we know this but just helps to "tap" it out.

cyndy 6th April 2014 1:24 pm

Yes, and this is the line in the above channel."Reawakening of the lost codes, Christ essence and technology of communing and working with the Sun, Solar Ray Deity."

kay 6th April 2014 3:17 pm

I agree, Cyndy, big time recalibration going on. Since I read the articles earlier, I’ve been thinking about Amal who asked about handling the intense fatigue. I’ll respond here since this is where most of us seem to be hanging out today. Unless everyone’s napping by now.

Clearly, our fatigue has to do with processing, integrating, recalibrating--or resisting. What a strain on the body! And from Brenda’s article, many of us are experiencing the new information directly in the physical body, sort of bypassing the mental and emotional bodies. So I’ll just offer some things that work for me.

kay 6th April 2014 3:18 pm

Sea salt baths as Emmanuel said are great for purifying, and sometimes they make me even more tired. Or relaxed, so lying down is a lovely thing to do. But that’s not the same as deep soul level fatigue bordering on depression. Sometimes I just move one foot then the other and the day ends with me having done a few things that needed doing and often in the process really getting into the process—or just feeling cranky and irritable. I honor those feelings as well and then release. As far as I’m concerned, there’s nothing better than sleep when the edginess of being here and there wears us out, there’s nothing wrong with sleep as a time of deep connection, there’s nothing wrong with beer! Hiking and going to the gym would work too or getting that garden going.

That seems pretty contradictory, to move or not to move? I think simple acceptance is my best approach.

WhiteBird 7th April 2014 9:18 am

I also have been hearing tones for quite awhile.Last summer, I believe it was that I took a picture of the clouds and got these silver deals that showed up in picture,they look like cylinders.That is what I called them.I didnt know what they were but now I know:)Very cool to see them in my picture.There were several of these silver cigar type shapes.

Shafin Karim 29th April 2014 5:47 pm

I cannot believe that I found this post with these postings. I thought I was the only clicker. I have found that lower thoughts are clicked and I think that the clicks are assisting us in shifting our thoughts to higher more abundant and loving consciousness. Some clicks have resounded yes in my body and some no...but don;t follow this regiment. I really think its about where our thoughts have gone for we need to carry high vibrational thoughts to maintain the higher downloaded frequencies. If anyone else feels like commenting and sharing, I would love to hear! I am sooo glad to find click clckers...I have seen ships and beings and being guided now I believe to shift to a much higher vibration then where I am currently. Many many Blessings and thank you Shekinah for this post.

With Love,
Shafin Karim

Shafin Karim 4th June 2014 10:00 pm

So are their others at this point that are still experiencing extreme pain pricks in their bodies...still no sense of abundance and confusion about the future and the clicking morse code sounds in the ears constantly?

Many thanks,

Kristi 7th June 2014 2:51 pm

Pretty much Everybody are still experiencing the pain in their bodies and all the other stuff....it isn't over yet!

My confusion and "abundance" comes and goes but I know it's just a matter of time (and more clearing) that it'll all settle. Yes, the clicks continue.
You may want to put the word "ascension" in a search engine and see what else comes up. Besides Shekina Rose, check out Denise Le Fay and Brenda Hoffman.
Good luck on your journey! :)


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