Ascension Symptoms Alert: I Want to Go Home and Ascend NOW!

Most star beings already have or will most likely experience this during their time on Gaia.

Many of the Blue Ray and New Forerunner Star Seeds may be experiencing ranges of intensity of emotions that can include sadness and frustration due to core structuring expansion in the crystalline light body and fields. As you are also entering new time lines and cycle of dimension this can create a sense the job is done and a missing of home—completion.

The endings and beginnings of the New Earth dimensions and vibrations can stir a deep longing for true connections and familiar landscape, as there seems to be no energetic place to go back to and yet not a visible recognizable future space. You, the New Earth Forerunners, Blue Rays, and Gatekeepers are the first to walk through these new parameters of dimension of time and space, decoding and surveying as you go. You, the divine designer, code frequencies carriers and change makers, are the transformers that make palpable a path and a way for others. Your heart spirit longing to connect with your star and soul family is the catalyst that will open these energetic pathways and opportunities for these sacred reunions to occur here on Gaia. 444

Wanting to leave the planet and go Home 11 11

Many of you have finished with long cycles, karmic and soul contracts worked through many lifetimes and spaces and wish for a respite and rest. You may feel you want to leave the planet and go Home. This may come as a surprise for some Star Seeds and Blue Rays who have already gone through these feelings of home and have worked to find your place and resonances on the planet to have this come up again. 33

I am ready to ascend now

Feelings of where do I belong on the planet and where is my home now and I am ready.  The increasing cellular light buildup of energies with a culmination of many soul dimensional and life time clearings, shiftings and endings can create a need to expand and ascend now. If you have not experienced this yet this may occur sometime this year and it may come out of nowhere that you burst with energies as a need to birth something new and a wish to ascend. Some souls will choose to leave the planet in the next three-year cycle, ascending through the gateways that have reopened.

New Earth Ascension symptom finding your anchor; where do I find home now

Frustration from increased cellular intensity of expansion of movement and to ascend, and at the same time wishing to be on stable ground your space of home. This is where you may find that you are leaving your body so as to find the space that is resonant and comfortable for you.

What you can do: Take time to stop for a deep, conscious breath. Knowing you are breathing the breath of life, place a hand at your higher heart center, feel your presence coming back to your body, and say, I am not alone, I am the breath of life, the breath of Creation, this is my home center. What happens is your true and higher self kicks in as well as your world showing and reflecting back to you home and your resonance field.

The ascension process is the expansion of your multidimensional beingness of shifting your frequency that goes beyond limitations of time and space, increasing your light vibrations. And as this goes through the body, cellular memories, ancestor earth grids and history and consciousness at different levels and rates at various times can create these shifts and tug and pull off your energies.

Where is home 333

Most of you have given up many attachments to the old world and 3D way of living and can experience frustration and resistance as to the last holding on of wanting a solid foundation in the way things have been. The wanting of a permanent home base, where you belong, and/or wishing to move and to create this home to anchor here on the planet can occur as you experience the levels of the ascension process. Know that you are creating a new home on Gaia, in unity of the Galactic Star DNA that connects you together, giving you a supreme divine power of the Universe.  A new earth in communion with kindred souls and star family for a greater foundation that surpasses the limitation of the past structures and belief systems is what you are creating and why you are here.

Home is here, just not in the place it used to be 333

The trueness of your being is still real, your purpose, gifts, your bodily vehicle are still here, the Earth is still here even though you may feel at times you are someplace else. The players and places may have changed and the true real you here has traversed the limitations of lifetimes, veils and consciousness. You are remembering what it is like to be in the space and how to integrate this into your life, world and the unity fields of soul consciousness and new light grids. 13

We, your star family and Blue Ray, align with you on Earth and in light fields and say you are not adrift; you are emerging past energy boundaries of resonances and constructs that felt safe in the past that can no longer serve, and as you create anew, ask how do I wish to play now as limitless being of eternal resources? 10:10

Your calling, your purpose your truth is your Home

Go into the calling of your soul, your truth, the Love of who, as this will permeate through all things and show you your home and center. Your home may not be able to be found in one small area anymore. Your home has expanded as Source is showing the greater you, the divine power to create and transform, to have the prosperity and abundant support in all your true heart’s desires to create the New Earth!

Your calling keeps you in center and connected in communion with life, Source and the light. The Universe is wishing for a grander relationship with you, to show you more of your true home. And to bestow you with bountiful beauties of love and supply in whatever location on the planet you reside. You are truly in the most amazing times on the planet.

Beloved New Forerunners, Visionary of the new codes, Earth Angels, New World Pioneers, thank you for your service in truth, love and light, your galactic star and light families are closer now than ever before as we await in knowing celebration our unity of homecoming is now!


zorro 13th February 2015 9:42 am

My home is heart is home!

cyndy 13th February 2015 12:57 pm

When I want to go home I am really trying to get here.
"Home is simply a vibration of resonance with the fullness of your sound. "
Meredith Murphy and Michael

zorro 13th February 2015 4:34 pm

How about a 432 Hz H-Ohm toning chant with Shelia Rose right now? I could use one!

zorro 13th February 2015 4:37 pm

That's "Shekina" Rose. My spell check wants to change every word it doesn't know!

keryndawer 13th February 2015 9:53 pm

Thank you Shekina Rose and The Blue Ray for bringing us this message. I have experienced such intense physiological change/symptoms in my body this last week I have wanted and asked many times to leave this Earth. I am hopeful now these physical ailments will pass and I will someday soon have a body more at peace.

~~Blessings and Love~~

LIsaM 14th February 2015 12:42 am

I have been noticing the numbers 11 and 44 more than frequently. Often when I glance at the time, I see the number 11 or 44 or both combined together. I am familiar with the numerology interpretation, but I sense there is more meaning to these particular numbers. Any thoughts on this are welcome :)

bettina 14th February 2015 9:00 am

Thank you for the timely and validating post. I was feeling a bit wandering, not knowing where I was (new pathways) as I left so much behind and healed. Not yet seeing the lay of the land...and that's okay, too. :)

Yesterday, while on the phone with a friend, my crown opened to the vastness of the Universe (never experienced this before). He had to take another phone call (Divine Timing) and I found myself automatically finding my higher heart and repeating the phrase 'I am home, this is my home'
Today, I am in a very different 'space'/time continuum. I'm at peace knowing I'm never alone due to the visitations and telepathic communications and the assistance is available.

It's an honor and a privilege to be here, to experience and to have served in my previous role. As I expand to higher realms of understanding I'm excited to watch and experience the unfolding of new pathways and relationships physical, mental, emotional, spiritual-'One'

Peace and Love to everyone.

Swirlie 4th March 2015 8:24 pm

I have felt this off and on through ascension but never so much as this past February. 'Going home' is all I can think about and yet no place feels like home. It is such an intense feeling that like Shekina says...I want to ascend and go home now. If I could step through a wormhole, I would. So I was very grateful to read this post, thank you.


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