Blue Ray 2012 Cosmic Pulse Alert: Heavy Mutating & Profound Cellular Healing 333

"Number sequences that appear embedded in this channel are given to Shekina Rose by spirit to activate this transmission."

Blessed Blue Ray and Light Bearer, we share with you the upcoming shifts and transformations taking place to reassure and acknowledge what you already sense at your highest level. You have arrived, passed though the gateway to a new plane of existence. The Cosmos of Creation is in great anticipation, assured of your success, preparing every step of the way for your return. Your becoming is where everything has a purer resonance of enlightened spirit, a place of clarity; heighten senses with greater access to attuning to miracles and beauty. 13

It is why we ask you look upon these ascension symptoms from a place of honor and sacred reference that something truly amazing is happening to you, your star family of light and Gaia, the return to original divine blueprint. Some of you may feel that you have had enough and wish to be already at that place you think is the almighty place to be.

We wish to express the importance of where you are right now! You are now in the great purification, the great mutation of becoming God again, cellular healing at its deepest level, full enlightenment with source, the Cosmos of your origins. It is not only in 2012, it is right here and now and there will be verification of this through other sources, science, the Cosmos, the earth and through your indigenous peoples. Yes, they are all speaking and showing you the way.

Where you are now 55

You have a particular and specific rotation cycle that is all-inclusive to the cosmic pulse, stars, Light Source, the universe and Creation. Right now you are in the perfect holy process of rejuvenation, re-patterning of your light bodies to your divine Original Blueprint. 333 The holiest act you can do is honor the beauty of your sacred cycle. Allowing, accepting, and facilitating your process is a sacred act and great service to Gaia, humanity and all of Creation. 13

You cannot compare your journey to others. In generalities of your 3D system it may appear that you are weak – this is not true, it is that many of you are at a higher frequency response, you are becoming the new man of light. 444-10:10 You have new strength that is incomparable to what has been known and seen before.

No longer is your ascension just in the higher realms and in your mental body, it is full embodiment. This new space of cellular transformation has become a very physical process that calibrates your frequency to the universal Source and will stabilize soon.

Are they all Ascension symptoms?

It is suggested to consult a healthcare professional for symptoms, as not every symptom is from ascension. And though it maybe an ascension symptom you still may need assistance with the process.

Ascension symptoms of the new earth 13:13

Sweating and heat in certain areas of the body

Digestion issues, upset stomachs

Upper respiratory infections, colds, flu, coughing

Waking up in the middle of the night

Waking up in the middle of the night with anxiety in the body

Racing thoughts at night

Heart palpitations

Difficulty and heavier breathing

Not being able to sleep and yet being tired

Fatigue and tiredness is actually helping you to slow down

Coming in and out of the void

Heart awakening, heightened passion, emotions and appreciation 33

Itchy 3rd eye the lower middle of your forehead

Periods of needing more alone and quiet time

333 times of fatigue

Feeling weird, spacey, not like yourself

Feeling like everything is new and transformed

Not being able to articulate words, sentences or the new space you are in, with times of feeling very clear with your energy and who you are

Being more selective with whom and how you spend your time

Breakups and newer levels of higher vibration people coming into your life

Working very diligently at projects when spirit puts the brakes on. You will finish your projects in the manner of divine timing with Creation with the upgraded vibrational energetics that are required.

Crystalline matrix body re-alignment healing ~ This will assist with your ascension process and anytime you wish to be aligned.

Call on your healing light support teams, angels, your own personal ascension doctor of the higher realms and your body elemental to assist. When the physical body is transmuting negativity, heavily mutating with cellular healing and rejuvenation, you do not need to go into that trauma or anxiety.

Most times deep breathing as you say "I am letting go" will instantly give you release and divine alignment.

Say: “Only 100% unconditional love, light and healing may enter into any space of my being and energy in any form.

I am letting go to all that does not serve my highest good, not of God's desire."

Place both hands at heart, breathe deeply, keeping one hand at heart, place other hand right at belly button, thumb on belly button, breathe deeply; take

hand at belly button to 3rd eye, breathe deeply, then back to heart on top of other hand, where you say, "I love you and release you," until you feel a shift, usually you will feel lighter. Next, bring your divine Sacred self in though your crown, to your sacred heart, and to your earth star charkas, saying, "I anchor my holy Christed self through grace and ease, permanently, now and always."

More on how to empower yourself through cellular healing and light body activation


Get rest and alone time. Holy water is always in the equation of your transformation; try to obtain the highest vibration water of earth. Assist your body and being through holistic and loving ways, remembering to always seek medical care if you need to. During these shifts you may need more minerals, vitamins, herbs and plant medicine. Talk to your body or consult with someone with expertise in these areas. Use energy medicine, water therapies, cleansing, crystal elixirs, crystals, flower and plant essences, aromatherapy, sound and music therapy.

Times of the Void

There will also be times where you will be in the void of all energetic medicine, where your body and being will suddenly reject everything, where you will need a break from all energetics. This means aromatherapy and scents as well as these have energetic effects on your chemistry and are neurotransmitters. Many times as you are adjusting to the alignment of the Cosmos and new earth to your own, your personal signature frequency vibration will require a stillness and clearing of most all outside frequencies and energetics.

It is not always appropriate during these times of profound shifts and transformational cellular acceleration to be riding the highways of the higher realms going out to commune. Sometimes it is best to be at home to take a look around to where you are now, what you have created, what your life looks and feels like. To be comfortable being were you are, experiencing your divine powers. 44

These times serve to create a strong, solid sense of self, a renewed energetic template of your divine Nature. Take the time that you require to integrate, heal and align. Through and after these symptoms you will begin to experience a new vitality and strength in your energy, being and body that you have never experienced before. A feeling of being happier with a greater communion with nature and Source Creation will occur as you align to your signature vibration frequency of God Light. 22 This next transition for many will enhance your spiritual gifts and abilities with a renewed sense of purpose.

You are divine; we bless, honor and thank you. All of God and Creation are reaching out to you in the highest Light and Love empowering you. You see, we are One! 13

To help to clarify the above channel information and for all beings who will go through this I suggest you to read also The Void Christ Initiation 12:12 - Help I feel cut off.


rachelmagnus 19th April 2010 6:34 am

Dear Shekhina Rose,

everything you do is magic! Thanks s very much!

Sarah Shiddian 19th April 2010 10:52 am

I am curious...
Are there many Blue Ray people like me who have been experiencing (to say the least... :-\\\\ ) chronic fatigue syndrom and fibromyalgia?
If so, please accept my sincere and loving compassion.
I am still trying to figure out if it is "my fault".
Thanks to Shekina and our Light Friends, again.
Have a nice day.

Rainbow Princess 19th April 2010 1:13 pm


Dear Shekinah Rose

Thank you so much for this message.

Love and Light :angel:

susan wahl 20th April 2010 4:51 am

There are many now experiencing the overload associated with human body toxicity, some of these problems are including autoimmune function, cancers and mental health issues with everything from forgetfulness to manic feelings, as a Naturopath who is also a lightworker I help those by accessing them through bio-energetic evaluations and use herbs, nutraceuticals and homeopathy. IT IS ALSO IMPERATIVE THAT DIET AND WATER AND SUNLIGHT BE USED IN IT'S PUREST FORM, we teach DNA eating through the blood type diet.
I am Blackfoot by heritage, an O blood type, avoiding sugar and refined carbs diminishes my cravings and any imbalance they cause. Mercury in food, your teeth and vaccinations is also a giant issue that we help people clear. This really helps clear the overload, clay bathes also detox and ground the body. Hope that helps, Dr. Su

Auraengus 2nd May 2010 4:14 pm

I can only but agree with the previous posting. There are those of us with the remit of helping other lightworkers through this time and dealing with the toxicity of the modern environment and diet. has been specifically created to teach simple self help, with the backup of experienced professional help. You don't have to suffer there is always something you can do to improve your health.
Significantly as your body increases in vibration it also attracts the lower beings and entities, and becomes a target for negativity in general rather like moths around the light. The presence of these visitors can manifest in the physical as pain, aches, fatigue, moods, depression etc etc Keep cleaning - each and every day, removing the lower vibrations from your energy field. The worse you feel the more urgent it is to light the candle, say the prayers, do the cleansing, whatever methods you use. Most effective are ascension spheres - create a sacred space and call in the angels to help you.

Azure Prince 25th May 2011 12:14 am

You are my children if anything. I am the Azure Prince. I have water in my right arm and air in my left. Death in my left and life in my right. In my heart is the rebirth when these two powers collide I have a crystal heart . Above I Have fire and below I have fire.In the evolution of the elements and transmutations. It is the divine spark and magic which come together in my heart. The Fire of Adam and also The primordial form of magic before it was split and was one.I take death through my left into my heart, transform and give it life in my right.I know death and have felt its touch after I died when I was 18. I am now 3 years old in terms of electromagnetic vibrations finding there way back to rhythm of this body of clay.I am standing at the precipice, where only harmony is and silence prevails.I am even waiting for myself to catch up in this body. I am waiting there always, at zero point. I know this because my heart is zero point. The ever present now where harmony lies and the lines of good bad are blurred and right and wrong only exist.I am MMM .I was 3 then 4 now 5 and one.

Azure Prince 25th May 2011 12:22 am

I did die from an accidental overdose. But who is to say what is right and what is wrong when Harmony takes place. There is no chaos, only lack there of order when speaking in terms of the human condition. I am now on the road though to harmony. I have purified myself of the nature of want and do what is needed and take only what is needed. I have purified my body so that my mind can have more awareness so that I can learn and draw my circle. My circle that I draw is big, too big. That's why the people in that circle will give me the strength I need. Tis better to have someone besides you while pushing a big boulder. If not two then 4 or how many if they see you fit to help that is.


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