Blue Ray 2012 Shift Alert: New Energetic Wave Frequency Revelations 444

Beloved Blue Ray, Angelic human, light bearer, YOU, we wish to address an energetic wave that is permeating Gaia. In some circles it has been termed as Revelations. We use the term revelations to show you what this term truly means energetically. It is not to be feared, as the true meaning is hidden. Truths and holy alignments of God will be revealed that have not been previously as a great cleansing of the light takes place.

Fight of Good and Evil 444 the Light will prevail

During these next two years and through the year of 2012 and beyond you will see what appears as negativity and dark energies prevailing in certain circumstances. This is not so; what you are seeing are the dark, denser energies feeling threatened by the light and not wishing to shift. Most all of these attempts to hold to ego and to not allow God in will be revoked and turn around to the light. Remember this is the fear stance, not the true power stance of God alignment. This is the old way and is not in alignment to the new golden age of light here on Gaia.

What may appear as two energetic waves that are opposing each other are actually the same energy frequencies being played out in different ways, according to one’s choices, consciousness and soul. Open to your higher vision, your full sensory awareness, when these shifts are taking place to see beyond. You will see that what appears as chaos and loss is light with the Angelic beings guiding the way.

You have prayed for assistance, to be released from the last impediments

for the embodiment of your ascension, to be fully aligned to your sacred powers of the divine. The universe always hears your prayers and directs the wave of light to assist you, though you may not recognize it at first, as it brings you back to old traumas and what you feared in order to allow you to feel that energy, and that you have shifted that frequency connection to a new plateau.

It is saying you do not need to respond in that way anymore - it does not have power over you, showing how in an instant you can rise to another light frequency octave allowing all that has been to truly serve you. It is how the cocoon becomes the butterfly. There is the perfect moment before one becomes in complete absolution. I am safe, I know, and I am ready!

As earth aligns to the galactic core, the wave frequencies are creating a greater Cosmic force of the universe of God Light, transforming all.


There are no victims, only beings that put themselves in certain situations and circumstances to experience God in form.

This is not saying that you do not need to care or be thoughtful of others as they go through circumstances that you may never have put yourself in. As an ultra sensitive empathy, it is also important to recognize and be aware to not take on the vibrations of others as they go through density and releasing.

Blessed Blue Ray and Light Bearer, know that being empathic is a cherished sacred gift of the Creator that awakens the codes of the divine blueprint, your God DNA. We are aware that your empathic sensitive natures have been challenging here on the planet; know you are now becoming skilled in channeling this most holy gift.

Goddess heart re-emerging on Gaia "13"

Being an empath has strengthened your ability to know, sense and direct energy. It is time to use this holy gift. All of Creation, the sacred teams, realms, high counsels, and planetary systems of ascended light, your star family, praise and thank you for not shutting down this most precious gift. You will see how it is fully a part of the divine plan and the return of the Goddess heart to earth and all mankind.

How can I be on a spiritual path when I have contradicting feelings and emotions?

Heart alchemy is cultivating constant forgiveness towards self, inner child, for the nurturer and Goddess to emerge. As you experience heightened sensory connection to God, Life and the light, and then later have emotions that you deem not as holy, you are instantly judging and being unforgiving to your inner self. This seemingly not important act (because you are doing it only to yourself and not to someone else) opens the door for negative attachments in your energy field.

Being on the path of self-mastery / ascension as a Light Bearer may present beliefs in the conscience that you should behave and act a certain way all the time. These beliefs have kept your societies from evolving in the way of the Goddess. The path of the ascended master in your times is through the way of the sacred divine feminine.

The Goddess heart is an energetic pathway that is asking to be received here on the planet and this is one of the ways it is planted. You have been in a process of purging the emotional body. For so long here on Gaia your emotional body has not been deemed as holy as the mental body causes an imbalance. From this vehicle of consciousnesses, the emotional body is the wellspring of compassion where Holy Communion for the care and love of all life can exist through the sacred heart. 33

We are in pure delight to be with you through this most dazzling revelation of your true essence, where your walk of life becomes a breathtaking path of beauty, you are the divine. We are in awe of your journeys, we rally in unison and accord in complete love and light of the universes, with you! 13


Cindy1950 5th March 2010 4:24 pm

I just 'happened' upon this site and was reading this article. I have not read her before and I am wondering about the numbers that are included in the article, especially the #33. This is my number, I get it all the time, I wake up and it's almost always 33 mins. after the hour, in other ways too. Can someone 'enlighten' me on this. I read from Doreen Virtue in an article that it means the ascended masters are near you. Why are the numbers used here?
Thank you for any help with this,,, I know it will be coming!

seeriuscat 5th March 2010 4:47 pm

Hi Cindy~

I recognize these numbers (333, 444, 33, 13) as sacred and power numbers. I cannot honestly or with any certainty say what the author's intent is by including these numbers after each paragraph, but it FEELS to me like the numbers somehow correspond to the information in each paragraph. 13 is an important number in the Mayan calendars. 11, 22, and 33 are master numbers in numerology, with each set of numbers having it's own meaning and of course frequency/vibration.

I don't know if this will make any sense to you or any of the other readers, but as I read each paragraph and noted the number following it, something in me, perhaps my Higher Self, 'nodded' in agreement, and I somehow felt comforted by seeing the numbers there.

Just my two cents worth.

Always in love and gratitude,

c 5th March 2010 5:17 pm

If you go to her website posted above, there you will find the meaning of the numbers. ;-)

Meaning of numbers Shekina Rose

Spirit will always find a way to communicate to you through your life. One way is through numbers. Notice how your life is filled with them.


Anytime the numbers appear and you have the feeling of the presence of Spirit, notice what is going on in your life.

The Goddess is present

The Angels are with you

A power house of Angels are available to assist you or try to get your attention

Archangel Michael is nearby

Archangel Michael. His energies of power, change and emphasis are put into service

Archangel Raphael is ready for help. He provides healing energies

Christ energies are offered to you

The ascended masters, higher beings and higher realms are available. Esoteric information is accessible

New frequencies are coming in. All past cycles have been completed

An opening to the higher reams is happening now. Star energies are coming in

The doorway to the higher realms are opening. Enjoy the journey

Shekina Rose 5th March 2010 5:41 pm

Blessings Cindy and thank you for being aware and asking.

The number sequences are apart of the channel when it is transcribed to shift your attention to your multidimensional awareness and higher knowing.

* There will be soon be upcoming channels on the Archangel & Esotoric number sequences.

The high counsels of Light and Angelic Realms are activating our sacred linage and communion through the number sequency vibration that is part of Sacred geometry.

"13" number sequences a very magical number for coming into the new earth along with 33 and 333.

"13" is the Goddess, the sacred divine feminine awakening with in you , estoric hidden information being revealed that you are ready for.

"33" is the sacred heart awakening, ascended masters and working with the New earth frequency.

"333" working with the teams of ascended master energies and essence and cellurar activation of light.

Feel in your heart as you are being acitvated and have the answers within.

love, light AhnaGodes :smitten:
Shekina Rose

johneblums 5th March 2010 8:34 pm


RE:Hebrew letter SHIN and Shekinah

The body has taken in the Fiery Spirit. This Fire or Shin is the dynamic movement in the Universe and its active and expansive forces. With this fire one dances on the World. Shin is the movement of everything that exists. Shin vivifies all beings great or small. It is the Cosmic Snake or the Cosmic Dragon.

The shape of Shin also refers to the Trintiy, here in its fiery aspect, the descending Dove. Its shape is composed of three Vau’s, placed next to each other, giving the number 666, which is the number of the Sun, and also of the Beast of the Book of Revelation of John. The number 666 is not evil as it is often thought, it is a number of mystery.

The three flames in the letter Shin are also explained as being representations of the Od or the active force of life, the Ob or the passive force of life, and the Aur or the balancing force of life.

Shin is the twenty first letter, and symbolizes the Spirit, the Spiritual Fire, The Flaming Sword. Shin also stands for the Shekinah

Mailena 6th March 2010 2:18 am

Approx. 10 years ago I heard very loudly a voice in my head saying "Thirteen" - just when I was waking up - and I was wondering since then, what it meant...
I am German and I made an anagramm of Dreizehn: Dein Herz ! - which means: your heart - and I was pleased with that.

Now this information above, also with the other numbers, now makes it crystal-clear...
Thank you !

johneblums 7th March 2010 7:08 pm

A Message I received from St Veronica (ie Sove-Reign Mary Rose) on 8-3-10, and its reference to 13, which also is the 13th letter as in "M-ary" and her mystical symbol as the "P-y-ra-m-id".

“ You have reached the spiritual peak of your physical limitations “
•the R-oze Pl-Ain : Eternal Buddic R-oze Hea-rt (1.3) of God-dess
•the St-ar of Ill-umination
R-Hea is another name for Mary 'Ver-gen' Isis.

It so happens that 8 March was the date of birth of my previous incarnation, in latvia.

butterflychild 10th March 2010 8:01 am

Hi Cindy,

the number 33 is Christ Consciousness, it is the highest number. I also have a strong connection with the number 33 - my house number is 33 and I see 33 all day long on the clock and elsewhere. I was guided to a site and told by the lady who runs it that I am a member of a soul group of 33 souls who will heal the earth in 2013. There are apparently 27 different groups of 33 souls to do this work. So maybe this is also who you are. I also think that I am a blue ray as I tick all the boxes:_)
Butterfly child (Marie)

butterflychild 9th March 2010 5:22 am

Hi shekina and blue rays,

I see the number 2 on the clock non stop all day. eg: 7.12 then 7.22 then 7.32 etc... I know about 222 (new cycle) and 22 but does anyone knows about 2. It is driving me potty but at the same time I am delighted that the universe is trying to convey something to me.

I was born on the 13th, am connected to the number 33 and my awakening started with butterflies and then the number 11.11.

Cindy1950 9th March 2010 10:07 am

Thank you butterfly Marie :)
I will check out the site your mentioned! I have met only one other person in my life who has the 33 fever..LOL (we have the same first name and number of letters in our names too..) anyway I wanted to tell you this is the 3rd time with the 33 fever in my life. For about 3 yrs. I was a waitress all through high school and my number was , of course, 33.
Then in the late 80's it began for several years with the noticing of the time on the clocks. Now this time it started I think it's probably been since 2005, it is more often now. I knew it must be something like an opening in consciousness.
I don't know about the rays thing, I am going to seek out some info on that.
Thanks, cindy

butterflychild 13th March 2010 5:32 am


the site I mentioned is been closed down. we are now joining another site called I am pleased to meet someone else who sees 33 on the clock all the time. I was starting to think that I was crazy.

IsabelAimee 24th July 2010 6:26 am

Also, you needn't understand all of the individual numbers, it's cool just to spot them and know, " ah, i am in alignment" there is no need to be anywhere else, or even think about- use it as a kind of check list that you are exactly where you need to be in that moment- less pressure in our oh so busy world and also quite a sweet feeling of being supported and protected, having friends about you, so to speak....x


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