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Help I feel cut off - The Void - Christ Initiation 12:12

My beloved Blue Ray and Light Bearer your absolute radiance and beauty of Creation have created holy light vibrations in the energy matrix of the unified field. Your light, your divinity, and your steadfast in the knowing of divine truth have changed the future of the world in bringing a Golden age on earth. 33

On your path of Light and ascension the spiritual frequencies of 2012 are increasing with velocity to the planet and your multidimensional self. These celestial vibration shifts will bring many of the Light Bearers Star Beings to experiences a place called the void and ground zero.

Keys of the Ascended masters 12:12

In the void you may feel cut off from your normal spiritual guidance, this is an initiation, a predatory stage of the way of the ascended masters. You let go of behaviors and believe systems holding you back that are apart of lifetimes and soul expressions. Your initiation brings you to ascension where you acquire greater love, humility, and integrity to your internal power source of the divine I am presence.13

In the times of Christ, ancient Egypt, Atlantis Lemuria, Tibet traditions and the other ancient cultures they had full knowledge and awareness in the transitions and purification process of illumination. In your western world you do not have the structure or support from the outside world, families or relations for this glorious process of ascension Light


Lost sacred knowledge

Your initiations are done right where you are in life, where most of you must perform in your daily activities. The current structure of the world where one experiences trials and tribulations can be a doorway to initiation. Here you are challenged in the deepest part of your spirit and soul to ascend to the light.

You have not always been given the full pictures of the various ways in which one ascends. This has lead some to stray from the path of light and to become frustrated and a lone. It is why we share this with you and other information that is not always spoken of for in your times lost sacred knowledge is being revealed.

Way of the Christ

The stages of Christ were hidden from you. You were given this amazing Master of Light and love without the road map of how ones gets there. Only that is it possible. You all wish to be is the Christed the transformed butterfly. In the void the keys are given to you where you become a new being, the new humanity of light where you are the place where heaven is made whole here on earth.55

Depending on your evolution and frequency shift that is appropriate to your souls purpose in this lifetime will determine the duration and intensity of your initiation. It is an encoded harmonic of the deepest part of you, orchestrated by a divine force with all life, the stars and your soul. You may experience a few initiations each one bringing you greater transcendence or one powerful shift.

Even though you may not be experiencing this now you may in the future and by having this information will assist you and others to the light. As you will know

You are have not lost your way, your light, divinity or higher purpose. 44

Why do I need to be in the void?

The void is sometimes a lull, where nothing is happening or moving forward and for others an accelerated transformational time of the souls evolution. The void serves as an out of the time space continuum where you are allowed a complete realignment and integration.

As your body and being become heightened in sensitivity, increasing your energy fields of light in magnetism and electricity. This space creates a place where you will not short circuit your new energy matrix and overwhelm your crystalline structure.

Here you are able to experience your true soul’s vibratory frequency with out interference. From this place you will be able to reboot in a higher vibration of your God Self and meet life in a new capacity. Knowing your vibratory frequency is a divine stance of the ascended masters giving you immense power of alchemy to direct creation for instant healing and divine alignment.13

Symptoms of the void

Not having outside spiritual guidance or hearing your guides

If you are a channel you are not inspired to channel.

Feeling cut off from your normal way of spirituality, people and places in your life.

Everything is minimal in your life and what you wish to do.

Revaluing your life purpose

Wishing to take a whole new direction.

Release of possessions and situations

Wanting to do nothing but just be

Needing more quiet, down time and peace

Intense Emotional releases


Lack of self-confidence a result of being in a new territory you are not familiar with. A renewed sense of empowerment from your core essence will emerge.

Your body is cleansing, clearing and purifying and you may go transitional periods of:

Your heart may skip beats or pound at times

Viruses, rashes, allergies, insomnia, changes in sleeping patterns,

Hyperactivity, irritable with bouts of fatigue and body aches,

Feeling shaky and nervous.

How do I get through the void?

Unconditional love of self with surrendering and trust to your I am Presence will transforms every allusion, sorrow and pain giving you everything you will need and require through your time of transcendence.

Your new light systems of higher resonances will not work on your old energy circuitry this is mirrored in your world of your fast paced upgrades that you need to work with your technology of global interconnectedness. You are becoming universally interconnected with higher communion with Source Creation.

We your universal sisters and brothers of light and love salute you, praise you, we sing you song across the heavens of your magnificence. We are one! 13


susan ireland 22nd February 2010 10:33 am

shekina rose
i have felt cut off for 12 years now - i lost my ability to channel ascended masters etc - lost my desire to do anything creative etc etc
i have spent the past 12 years trying to work out what is going on - i still feel energy but no contact from higher realms - its very lonely
doesnt 12 years sound too long to be like this
i would love to know what you think

live3arth 22nd April 2010 3:48 pm

I too have felt cut off for quite some time now. Maybe somewhere around 6-7 years. I feel like I have a great purpose for being here, yet little or no inspiration and guidance. I recognize though that I have been developing and acquiring wisdom over the course of this time, but it feels like I am worthless - as I have accomplished or acquired nothing in regards to conventional "western" life.

When I look at this period of time as an initiation, I wonder whether or not I have been successful. How does one know this? I suppose that by holding the understanding of an initiation as I move forward will strengthen my resolve and embolden my efforts. Because thus far, this one has felt just the frequency of failure and abandonment.

josmoking 28th August 2010 4:01 pm

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josmoking 28th August 2010 4:36 pm

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josmoking 28th August 2010 4:51 pm

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