I Am Losing My Mind Galactic Ascension Symptoms Alert 333

Number sequences that appear embedded in this channel are given to Shekina Rose by spirit to activate this transmission.

You are truly in an evolutionary moment of the New Earth as all is shifting at once. In these unprecedented times, no one knows for sure exactly how it will culminate. For there are many in the mix of speculators and players, the Gods, the watchers, the overseers, the ones in fighting, the controllers, inner earthlings, the many star angelic galactic realms and legions. Know within your being that YOU, the star beings, Ligthworkers, Blue Rays, Angelics, New Forerunner Code Carriers, will determine how it will be.

There is a higher Divine Plan even amongst what can appear at times to be chaos. You may not fully realize that you could have so much Sacred Power, as your Divine DNA Star Galactic Origins have been kept secret. 13 The influx of Divine interventions of ancient source, celestial alignments, the ascension realms with the Rose Ray in the violet flame of Creation are with you. Strengthening and awakening the forces of light within you and in the Divine Holy Matrix of the Unity of One!

Intense Emotional Cleansing Triggered By the Cosmos

This has been a year of emotional intensity triggers by the cosmos. As from decades past, many of the forerunner Lightbearers have been transforming and transmuting the mental bodies. This is so you could graduate and be in perfect celestial harmonics for balancing of the emotions for the crystalline divine body.22

Now, transformation and transcendence come quickly—in an instant; it is powerful, it moves through you and then you are on new ground and unfamiliar territory. And as you enter into this unfamiliar territory, a space is created for you to bring your Souls’ harmonics of Creation that creates the new body template. It takes each one of your soul signature frequencies of the Rays of Creation that you agreed upon prior to your incarnation to create the New Earth. 12:12:12

I Am Losing My Mind. Chaos, Confusion Frustration and Interference of 2013

As a being of ultra sensitivity you are empathically feeling at a planetary and magnetic matrix level the veils, layers and shields of density coming down. You may sense interference and projection of doubt and fear through the media and other means to try to steer you away from your center.This is how important and divinely powerful you are. If you were not, there would not be this counter force. 333

You were created in your full God Essence consciousness with truly remarkable capabilities and divine holy powers of the Masters. It is said that you were created in the image of God. You were created in the image of God in the Christ template, angelically and galactic star-seeded from the Cosmic harmonics in the Language of Light from the Source Codes of Creation. You have every divine power and sovereign right to be who you are and are fully equipped to go through these changes. 33

During these times where the intensity of emotions arise that are triggered by the cosmos, spirit is saying to you, use your divine alignment tools, stay in your own resonance field within the Divine holy matrix in your true heart center, and this shall pass. 333

This shows your true divine power of being, for you need to stay within your body spirit being and not leave. It is for you to draw upon cosmic source essence within your being, life, and Earth to be that new pathway in Supreme Divine Love.

Galactic Star Human Ascension Symptoms 333

It is suggested to consult a healthcare professional for symptoms as not every symptom is from ascension. And though it may be an ascension symptom, you still may need assistance with the process.

Some of you have just passed through this and others may experience at a later time.

Living Between Dimensions 5th-Dimensional Crystalline Body Shift

At first, going back and forth between dimensions can be unsettling and disorienting, and can cause increased fatigue. Know this is your true divine original blue print, as you are very capable of shifting between the dimensions and realms, integrating this innate star human ability through your physical body and collaborating with the Earth and Cosmic vibrational fields.

When will I get my mind back?

You may feel not quite right and off center at times, losing things and not knowing where you just placed something—it was just there a second ago and now you can’t even remember what you did with it. You may not remember what happened a week ago, a day ago and sometimes an hour ago. You will remember and your mind will fully come back with new neural pathways. This can be due to ascension, shifting between dimensions, and having so many circuitry upgrades and with the fluctuations of the magnetic fields. This can really take a toll on your biological and nervous systems of normal daily activities of life. Please be patient with yourself and others and know this is temporary. Know this is wonderful and a powerful sign of your ascension and New Earth.

There is importance in doing your best to be light, laugh and play. While the intense influxes of magnetic fields and solar comic waves are occurring will not be the best time to get projects and tasks done.

Physical Pain and Emotional Release

These can be multidimensional, deep cellular releases that seem to be coming from the tissues of the body and brain. Some of this pain has information, understanding and wisdom of the past and from the cosmos. Some of this is the deep cellular release, the Divine Blueprint wishing to come online with the Divine Holy Matrix, and there is struggle and conflict within the two energy systems and energy bodies.

Gut, Loose Bowels, Digestive Issues

You may not be able to hold certain foods down as they may go right through you. Gut is the primordial part of your God/gut physical beingness coming online in a greater capacity. You may have also developed a small Buddha belly or have constant bloating that may seem like pregnancy.

This can be viewed as a cleansing and realigning of your frequency. Know you have entered and crossed through the 11 11 and 12 12 gateways. You now reside in a new portal of interdimensional time space with your body, life and Source. ~13 ~ You are in unison with the transformation of the restructuring of the physical crystalline body. You require the harmonics and support of others, close supportive star family, with Gaia, the elements, devas, nature people and the Cosmos. Plant medicine, essential oils, crystals, sacred geometry, harmonic frequencies, ancient, sacred technologies arriving to the planet, vibrational balancing recalibrations of the language of light will all assist you through the New Earth transitions.

Attention!! Intense Emotional Dimensional Vortex Alert!

Emotional intensity, crying and deep core feeling—suddenly you can be in an intense emotional dimension vortex of emotional outpouring where you feel that this is all that exists at the time. Know that you just got hit by an energetic wave of an intense emotional vortex. You will come out it, released and healed; remember it is only a healing wave.

Rest assured that you are only passing through these ascension upgrade symptoms. What is vitally important is to rely on and be in the Divine flow of the higher plan, to go with the flow of the current of the divine, to rely on your intuition God/gut, to trust your empathic extra sensitive abilities as they are your true navigators of the New Earth. Remember, your true essence and vibration is Love and you are Loved. You have been on the path of fine tuning your extra sensitive empathic and multidimensional abilities just for this time.

Beloved Blue Ray and extra sensitive Lightbearers, we applaud you as you have been pushed in many ways, and to come out of your shyness. It will become easier; WE ARE WITH YOU. Look up to the sky and see us in the starships and light formations, and know we are the many teams, realms, legions of light, Devic, Solar Ray and nature supporters. Feel us; we are close by. We bring Peace, support, LOVE and are working together with you! 333


Peter fox 13th December 2013 5:22 am

Wow! Shekina Rose. What else can I say except thank you so much!

Christine 13th December 2013 7:05 am

Yes, right in the middle of this. Praying for some relief from this tsunami of craziness. I look forward to being on the safe shore looking back at it as just a healing wave.
Peace my fellow surfers.

Sandra Smyre 13th December 2013 8:25 am

WOW!! and double WOW!!! Thank you for this powerful message. I'm right there with all of you--hang on for the ride of our lives. Everything is okay even when it doesn't feel like it. Sending Love and Light to all :angel:

Tiff 13th December 2013 8:29 am

This couldn't have come at a better time. Infinite thanks Shekina Rose.

queens4freedom 13th December 2013 9:25 am

WOW! I HAVE WAITED A LONG TIME TO HEAR FROM YOU! you have been in my awareness this past 24 hours & voila! your message, NAMASTE & HAPPY FRIDAY 13th!

COBALT 13th December 2013 10:11 am

I wondered what was happening. Thank you.
Love and light. :smitten:

Tsiatko 13th December 2013 12:24 pm

WOW. I seldom if ever am moved to write comments but this fits my situation so perfectly, especially with the digestive issues I am going through! Thank you Shekina Rose for helping me to understand these changes and knowing that all will be okay! Just amazing....thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!! :)

Frank Klemm 13th December 2013 12:54 pm

I had a lot of craziness last summer. It got very intense at times. I'm still trying to make sense of it all, but I know I never will. I had visions, met spirit guides, saw a wonderful light ship, and even met a guy who claimed to be Jesus. I thought it was him too before he said anything. There were times I thought I was dying - leaving the body for good, but I'm still here. I wonder what's coming next. I am alienated from my earth family because of my experiences. I am ready to meet my star family now and move to the next step. At times this whole process feels extremely lonely. Its like being stuck in limbo and there are very few people who I can trust to understand. The normals think I'm crazy.

COBALT 13th December 2013 3:53 pm

You are doing well Frank. Thanks for sharing. I have had many similar occurrences which I keep to myself. Enjoy them!

DAT 14th December 2013 10:23 am

Oh, Wow! I'm very so happy to see your message, and your messages is right on! Thank you so much beloved Shekina Rose.

I've been suffering from the digestive issues since yesterday. I'd rather find is odd with the symptom. I could feel a big shift inside me, been suffering all night and is feel like some kind of fever. So, I decided to come here hoping for an answers.

I'm so joyful when I see your message and so very nice to see you again! Thank you!

Much Love,

DAT 14th December 2013 10:25 am

I know how you feel about the digestive issues..hehe

Christine 14th December 2013 10:14 pm

Frank, I wish I had some more concrete experiences like you have had to keep me from being so discouraged (am I making this all up???) --I hope you know that you are special and on this planet for a reason. Many want to leave at some point--I am right there with you. But I've got to hold on. Bless you, have strength my friend.

Peg D. 15th December 2013 9:39 am

All the visions are a part of each level of spiritual initiation. As your heart opens, is able to process higher frequencies of light, the visions and light pictograms are experienced. It was extremely helpful for me to know the chakras, sacred geometry and kundalini awakening.

When first seven chakras open they unify forming a torus. After open all 12, both brain hemispheres work simultaneously. A liquid light flows around head in toroidal sphere and smaller liquid light sphere sits on top of the larger.

Each of you will be seeing more ascended masters and having many out of body travels meeting many star family races. Much love, Peg

COBALT 16th December 2013 11:32 am

Hi Dawn,

I have felt like Alice and Dorothy! It can really be intense at times, so I think Pam's suggestions and insight are right on. Thanks Pam!

COBALT 16th December 2013 11:34 am

Gee, where did I get Pam? Sorry Peg. Thanks again!

Tsiatko 21st December 2013 10:44 am

I was not doing well when I first read this amazing channeled article by Shekina Rose. Reading it and absorbing it all was very helpful and relieved many symptoms by providing an understanding and knowing that I was not able to achieve before. But I needed something more, so I contacted Shekina Rose and we did an emergency session for me. All I can say is it was perhaps that most immediately powerful thing I've ever experienced in my life--and I can honestly write that I believe she saved my life. I have no idea how you did it, but I have infinite gratitude for your wisdom, caring and love. You saved my life--and I don't know how you could ever thank someone enough for that........ Though a deeply private person, and one fairly new and self-conscious about these things, I needed to let others know what a humongous Gift I received.

Shafin Karim 29th April 2014 6:33 pm

Oh my God...finally. Clear answers! Thank you :)

Shafin Karim


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