Spring Equinox Erratic Ups and Downs: How to Use this Energy

This Spring Equinox will be a very sacred week where the Rose Ray Star gateway will bring the new Earth divine original blueprint harmonic codes of the Cosmic Mother Matrix. This is the first year anniversary of the Rose Ray of Creation anchored back on the planet, which occurred in Sedona, Arizona, U.S.A. at Cathedral Rock Goddess Temple Vortex in 2012. The Rose Ray apparitions appeared through the Mother Mary Shekinah manifestations as proof of her transmissions. 13

You have a grand opportunity during the Spring Equinox 2013 with three planets still in Pisces this month that open the dimension doorways to higher spiritual consciousness. This can bring the depth of emotions of sadness that transmutes to joy as you allow for that space of true essence. Relationships that have not been fully healed, unresolved issues, will surface so that the divine flow of harmony can resume. The Rose Ray of Supreme Divine Love will activate the higher heart to soften the intensity, transforming and transcending all blocks, suffering and resistance. Feel the Rose Ray of the Shekinah harmonic codes of the language of light, assisting the manu of the divine presence to manifesting your essence in form. 333

Many of you will be attuned and awakened to the Language of Light through the Rose Ray Star gate as you will be the bridge builders of the harmonic frequency codes of heaven. The language of light carries the angelic vibratory codes of the higher celestial light realms that you are being awakened to. That is why you are having ringing in your ears at a higher frequency pitch; your cells are aligning and attuning to the vibratory matrix of the sound codes of the language of light.

Transformative Power of the Rose Ray

When you feel intense emotions arise or conflict from others releasing, you can go to your higher heart and say: Rose Ray of my sacred heart, transform this now to supreme divine love that I am.

The Rose Ray is very significant at this time of the great shift of the ages, being integrity, protection, transcendence in restoring the divine matrix of love deep within your ancient cellular cosmic template of light.

How to use the amazing gateways of the Rose Ray Spring Equinox

Allow song, sound of the higher realms to move through you, through movement, listening to divine music, gathering in groups to tone, speak, and sing, and ask for the Rose Ray of creation to empower you. The Rose Ray is a path that aligns you to your higher self through the sacred divine feminine of the Mother Mary Shekinah essence of supreme Holy Love.

Take time sitting in your heart, feeling and allowing the waves of the Rose Ray gateway to bless you. And let go.

Use the Rose Ray Invocation 33

I invoke the Rose Ray of my sacred heart, the love of Creation is within me, restoring grace and wholeness that I am.

All is forgiven, all is set free not of God’s desire to the all consuming sacred fire of unconditional love.

I am free and I am the illumination of Supreme Divine love of the Holy Mother’s Heart, the Holy Spirit, within every cell of my being, creating harmony and balance.

May humanity and all life be united in the love of the Creator’s Heart that is truth within every being.

May the Rose Ray in Supreme Divine Love bring peace, joy and light to reign on Earth,

As in me it shall be done!

By the full moon there can be some dramatic energy of endings and beginnings that could bring some erratic emotions or behavior.

  1. Message from Mother, staying in your core center:
  2. Smile; take a deep breath in and make yourself say ha ha ha 3 times, you can say all is divine order.
  3. Take note of your dreams as they will become more real, tangible and give you invaluable insight, direction and healing.
  4. Do a ceremony ritual
  5. Get rose, white and green candles or ribbons and bring in gold
  6. Rose for the Rose Ray: Sweet divine love partnerships transcend all hardship to love
  7. White to purify all energies: Holy Spirit Shekinah, please purify my spirit
  8. Green for the new Earth: Renewal of your true essence, opportunity, abundance
  9. Gold for happiness, Christ self, ascension of all beings, riches and joy of life

These are truly the times of spiritual awakening, meeting your star family, and creating the life of your heart’s desire. Enjoy your humanity; every breath is a gift to life, it is the breath of Creation, the greatest love and the greatest love story ever, and you are it! 444

Condensed story of the Rose Ray* (For more information and to see the Rose Ray Mother Mary transmissions click here)

*A very significant event has occurred for humanity-The Rose Ray of Creation has now been allowed back onto the planet and anchored in Sedona, AZ in 2012.

*This specific and powerful frequency of Supreme Divine love heals the separation and soul-spirit split, the shadow earth; adjusts the harmonics resonance of the planet to bring balance and harmony for the new earth. 13

*This major event -restoring the Rose Ray, began on Christmas Eve of 2011, with the profound and miraculous visitations of Mother Mary at Cathedral Rock Goddess Temple vortex, here in Sedona. Mother Mary continued to make appearances until one day she asked to take pictures where the Rose Ray water had been placed everyday at Cathedral Rock in various sacred locations. This had been done to help purify the hearts of humanity and prepare for the coming of the Rose Ray. Mother Mary said this would be her transmission of the Rose Ray for the people.

*In 1531 when the Mother Mary apparition appeared as the lady of Guadeloupe to Juan Diego, she requested that he tell the bishop to build a church at that location in her honor so the people might know of her love and compassion. The bishop wanted proof that the lady had appeared and Mary miraculously manifested roses.

*Now in our times Mother Mary says- “I am not just manifesting roses so you will know of my presence; I give to you the Rose Ray of Creation for the ascension and New Earth to end suffering and separation.” 333


eeliza 20th March 2013 11:36 am

Thank you so much. The Goddess Mother Mary has always been very dear to my Heart and I have called on and thanked her for assistance many times when my own "mother heart" needed guidance or healing. I was in Sedona for the first time at the end of Dec 10 through the New Year Jan 2011. Hiked all the beautiful local rocks and my favorite was Cathedral Rock...so much power and beauty there.. it was deeply moving to my soul.
One question about the ritual suggestion with the ribbons, candles, colors and music..was that suggested as ritual for the Equinox (Spring where I am today) or for the full Moon this month?

Blessings to you Beautiful One,

COBALT 21st March 2013 10:21 am



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