Starseeds & Blue Rays, Ascension Shift Updates

JUNE 3, 2019, NEW MOON in Gemini: A brand new energy cycle 333. Portals of Transformation and Inner Alchemy. {These energies will be coming in till the Full Moon}

How to use this special magic of the New Moon Luminous Light Codes.

The Blue Ray Water Souls are sensitive empath starseeds who channel their creative force through the sacred divine feminine. You have an innate capacity to feel and connect with Mother Earth and Nature. This is one of your navigating treasures here on Mother Earth Terra, Goddess of the Earth. As sensitive empaths who align through the sacred divine feminine, this New Moon is a portal to the celestial heavens that will awaken Cosmic Conscious Awareness in you.

Blue Rays and Starseeds, empathic sensitives by virtue of the Christos/Sophia Goddess are heart-based, allowing you to experience the higher forces of Nature around you. Your gifts of intuition and emotion will be amplified during this New Moon time to experience unforeseen levels, sentient beings and dimensions through the divine rhythms of the Universal wisdom of Power.

This New Moon could be a very transforming gateway of emotional body energy that stimulates creations of evolution for many of the Blue Ray empaths. Even though you cannot see the New Moon, the energy is working through your psychic awareness as a powerful portal to your soul that can support your dreams and desires.

The New Moon is traditionally seen as a time for withdrawal and inward reflection though it will feel more expansive and engaging. The engaging may include the answers and directions that you implement throughout the summer season that have energy surge till the fall.

New Moon Ascension Energies

Opportunities for ideas and connections may come to you that until now have eluded you, which could change your life direction, a needed element that surfaces and is now available to you and enhancing everything you do.

Some of your goals and desires do not fit with where and who you are now. They may now be released effortlessly, which will expand more Universal energy to support and make a new way for you.

Increased awareness of emotional sensitivity that is uplifting and empowering the higher heart center of your whole being.

Be open for new ways of expressing yourself that you have not been before, Blue Ray, as you have had a tendency to hide. New awareness of being is expanding and it will be perfect alignment to match who you are and your vibration. That’s how you know it is right for you.

Increase in intuitive and psychic abilities and telepathy

The blue ray starseed sensitives will be compelled to speak your truth and to articulate your feelings in the Venusian way

Increase in spiritual confidence for new insights to launch new projects you didn’t think were possible

Invites from others, people you have not seen for a while may spring out of nowhere and bring good energies, surprises and opportunities

Communicating and writing

Events happening at rapid speed

Downloads of expanded ideas, psychic insights, spiritual insights will reach you from the ethereal realm

As many new insights, energies and opportunities will be, at times, coming through all at once, make sure to honor your sensitive nature and emotional bodies. Take time to meditate, sacred solitary time for yourself to balance the energies and to know what is real and true from what is not.

The key is gratitude, thanking all the blessings and opportunities that come, and then let go and see which ones will have more energy empowerment that truly resonates with your soul’s heart, bringing joy, peace and alignment.

Know your empathic sensitive heart is treasured by the Universe. You are beloved. We Love you! I Love you!


Always 10th June 2019 10:14 am

Exciting times! Thank you for providing the wonderful and resourceful information with regular updates. I myself appreciate it a tonne. Great to see so many people who resonate and are like me.


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