The Empath's High Alert Mercury Retrograde & Solstice

High Potential, Miscommunications, Rebirth, Abundance & Big Letting GO

The winter solstice in the Northern Hemisphere heralds in a time with the least amount of daylight whereas in the Southern Hemisphere the summer solstice offers up the opposite with the longest daylight hours. Your ancient cultures honored the Earth's rhythms of seasons. This part of you is awakening as the influx of ascension energy from the Galactic center is taking place. The empathic senses of the Blue Rays and Star Seeds who experience Gaia’s heart, rhythm and song are very important to the future of humanity and the New Earth. It is a divine power and part of your natural purpose. Expanded wisdom, physical sensory shapeshifting and communications with the other beings and realms on Gaia will be activated in many of you for enhanced missions.

The supermoon and new moon are still creating cosmic energies of convergence for the planet. A supermoon happens when the full moon coincides with the moon's closest approach to Earth in its orbit. You are still feeling the effects through the moon phases. A lot of energies may be occurring for you in many directions as the super cosmic waves are awakening you on many levels, realms, dimensions and physicality.

The Mercury retrograde can bring great potential in showing you the hidden treasure of the resolution of past issues that are popping up that need clearing. This high potential Mercury retrograde is giving you the opportunity to not bring any backward energy into the New Year and into your future. The celestial messenger is giving you a gift of a rebirth that is from the Galactic center of Divine Source.

It does not matter where you are on your journey and where you think you need to be. Your being has set you up in precise timing of right now to receive a new higher expression of yourself and timeline. Be open to receive and know it is why these situations have occurred; how it feels in the body is your course of direction.

The deep sensitive souls of the empath and Blue Ray may struggle to discern their own emotions and energy from those of others as you are very compassionate, considerate and understanding and are natural transformers that increase the light quotient on the planet. This empathic sensory awareness is a gift you have learned how to use to be in your true essence of Divine power and expression.

The Deep Heart of the Sensitive Empath Soul Letting Go

Letting go for the beloved sensitive empath and Blue Ray soul is not always easy. You like to transform all to a higher place. Your spirit of soul runs deep as you like to keep all safe in your heart.

Any painful past memories cannot go into the future; it’s time to restructure, reconfigure transcend the energies. Carrying others who do not need to be carried any longer will rob or diminish your light, strength and purpose now. You have been a guide and way shower by being who you are and seeing them in the highest light of their true soul essence. Time to let go, says the cosmic light of Creation. You have worked to uplift situations, persons and places as much as you could; hold on no longer to people, places, situations, beliefs, opinions, and all other concretized ‘matter’ in order to receive the abundance and joy of your own essence, your full birthright, twin flame and higher self.

The gateway convergence is here and time for you to restructure, reconfigure and transcend the energies. How? By being higher love—compassionate, nonjudgmental and grateful. Ride the crest of the wave of neutrality, of balance. Be grateful as you release all persons, thanking them for the shared lessons, whilst releasing any soul contracts, soul parts, fragments, cords. Know and see them as whole, divine and perfect; detach from how and why and know that their true essence is in perfect harmony and balance and so is yours. And that the highest place of your soul agreements has come to complete resolution, peace and love.

Whatever you are holding onto that no longer serves will be deliberately felt as discomfort and, if not released, as pain, to let you know it is TIME TO LET GO. (The discomfort, which will grow into pain if not acknowledged, is merely there as a “teacher” to let you know there is something you need to RELEASE.)

This disencumbering of all things no longer serving will fuel your new beginning and empower all your endeavors in ways you could not have imagined. It’s our promise to you from the Light of Source and your future higher selves. Be open to receive the Love of Creator on your new cosmic journey of awakening as creator beings; Love, joy, freedom, magic and miracles await you now. You are beloved. We Love you! I love you!


Toni 22nd December 2017 5:33 pm

Love, joy, freedom, magic and miracles await you now.

Haha sounds like the christmas cards I just wrote, I just needed to add freedom.

To everyone reading & back atcha Shekina...

Have an awesome christmas & maya your new year be filled with Love, Joy, Freedom, Magic and Miracles...

...purrfect. :thumbs:


TracieLouise 24th December 2017 4:28 pm

I seriously have no idea how to let go. It’s a concept I have struggled with my entire life (now almost 52). This year I have gone through things that will destroy me if I can’t find a way to move passed. So far the best I have managed is suppression but it’s coming out in physical pain now. I just don’t know how to let go. I only discovered I’m a blue ray yesterday.

Cheri 28th December 2017 12:57 pm

Hi Tracie, I am no expert except with my own experience. What my inner voice kept repeating was flow, flow, flow. Which to me meant letting these emotions move through me and not attach to them. This evolutionary lifetime is about clearing ancient memories, ancestral grief, emotions and trauma stored in our cellular memories from the beginning. As well as those collective patterns of grief and pain stored within the earth's energy that are being brought to us as light beings to heal. They are only personal if we translate them this way.

It is like moving through the time periods where these were stored, letting them wash over us. We must feel them (don't surpress) to release the pain without really trying to figure it out or find some meaning in why this is happening. They are overwhelming in some cases for me it was manifesting as anxiety and panic attacks. But once it is felt and witnessed by you with so much love and deep compassion for the pain, it is released within your cellular memories and cleared forever. Crying is a huge release and the body's natural catharsis.

Cheri 28th December 2017 1:10 pm

I am a blue ray empath as well and we are definately here to heal our genetics and dysfunctional behavior patterns within our families here now as well as our ancestors and soul family.

It is very scary to let these feelings wash over you but you must know you will survive, trust your soul and know you are strong enough to do this and let it flow. My suppression was causing me physical symptoms and severe panic attacks where I could not breathe and felt I would perish for sure!!

This lifetime has an evolutionary mandate so there is no amount of burying that will work. So just cry through it and know they are only emotions and cannot hurt you except briefly through the pain of fully feeling them to release them. There is a huge amount of emotional pain throughout history that we all experienced since separation from our source.

I hope this helps. I share it with you in love and deep compassion of having been there. Just know we are clearing this once and for all to find our way home. Your ancestors are so appreciative that you are here now to do this for them all. :smitten:

Cheri 28th December 2017 1:35 pm

Ps: If you ever need someone just to talk to, feel free to email me at

Warm Regards, :smitten:


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